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Soldiers and Sinise

20 March 2009

A soldier emailed me with a surprise.  I did not know that Gary Sinise was involved with a film about soldiers, but you know if Gary is involved, the movie will be top-quality and accurate.

Benning soldiers dub Sinise's Iraq war documentary honest, realistic.



# C.F. 2009-03-20 20:43
Thanks Michael for the heads up. I like to stay tuned into the situation and hear what others have to say beyond the biased 10 second news blip.
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# Former Ft.Benning Trainee 2009-03-21 02:33
Sir Thanks again for you hard work keeping us informed.Plan on seeing the movie and thanks for the advace notice.Hand Salute..
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# Tim Sumner 2009-03-21 08:36
On his talk-radio show last night, Mark Levin interviewed 'Brothers at War' executive producer Gary Sinise and filmmaker Jake Rademacher. I contribute on Mark's fansite and have posted the audio of the interview there, as well as addtional links. Here is the URL: http://marklevinfan.com/?p=4427
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# cor van der Linden 2009-03-21 15:10
This movie will not be shown in Europe I suppose. Europeans will not accept positve reporting about the war.
I cannot wait till the movie is released on DVD. Hope the movie is a big succes in the USA
Good luck to you Michael
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# Gismo Fly 2009-03-22 09:37
Oh, yeah! I'm going to see this picture come hell or highwater. From the trailer it looks like a golden jubilee version of Ross Kemp's War In Afghanistan covering the British forces. Brothers At War has all the makings of a smash hit. Thank you Gary Sinise. I think I love you.
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# samra 2009-03-24 12:03
[hyperlink removed by webmaster]
I am from Algeria
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