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SOF: Targeting Prince Harry

15 October 2012





# Bastion and Prince HarryBarry Sheridan 2012-10-15 16:26
Well Michael, if the Taliban had not considered all the options you have certainly provided them with plenty of ideas here. I am not sure doing so is all that wise, although hopefully someone within ISAF has already considered such possiblities.
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# RE: SOF: Targeting Prince HarryPopsiq 2012-10-31 02:12
If anybody can 'sneak up on Bastion 'undetected' its the Taliban. They've been doing that stuff for years. Think somebody would have noticed by now.

Thinking they can't and finding they can has been a subscript of the great Afghan adventure.

They wear sneakers and dress shoes to a war, they invented 'khaki'. That should tell you something about assymetry.

PS: I'd doubt they were 'after' the Prince. They'd have got him instead of the Marine squadron CO.
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