Senate Investigation - Pat Tillman

12 March 2013




+2 # RE: Senate Investigation - Pat TillmanGuest 2013-03-12 15:58
Michael, When going to this page I Norton said it blocked a virus called :Red Exploit Kit Websie 3." I thought you should know. Best Regards,
Michael White,
Tucson, AZ
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# ricochetGuest 2013-03-12 18:17
I also got an attack from accidentlawyerm aryland.url, Norton took care of it. Hey Mike, do you have jerks in Maryland wanting to hurt your follower's?
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+2 # Fratricide?Guest 2013-03-12 17:46
I sympathize with a father who has lost his son. But Pat Tillman Sr seems determined to make his son's death into an intentional homicide by a fellow soldier - a fratricide. While he presents a compelling case in these letters for an incompetent military investigation and as well as an attempt to cover up the death of a hero by friendly fire, nowhere does he even hint at a motive for fratricide. Does he present evidence of arguments between the soldiers, or personality conflicts? No. None. And yet he seems determined to believe this Sgt. Baker is a murderer. By Tillman Sr.'s own words, 14 people witnessed the "fratricide." And not one of them would testify to there being hard feelings or hatred between Pat Tillman and Sgt. Baker? Was Pat Tillman so hated by his fellow Rangers that they were all willing to coverup his intentional murder?

Certainly, an intentional military coverup of any aspect of how Tillman died is shameful, and there should be appropriate punishment for those involved. But no evidence has been presented (at least not in these letters) that points to the intentional murder of one soldier by another.
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+1 # Military Cover-Up? If it looks like a duck...Guest 2013-03-12 19:17
Mr Tillman as a lawyer is looking at this as a cover-up becuase as an experienced lawyer he can spot bullshit a mile away and the chicken-shit filled report issued by the military is just that, "total bullshit"! Things just don't add up as Mr Tillman so skillfully pointed out :sad:

Whether Mr Tillmans's conclusion are well founded or not, the credibility of the military is in question via this despicable report which is tantamount to "perjury on the witness stand" to a lawyer like Mr. Tillman and therefore calls to question the reliability of the witness or witnesses :-?

Everyone in the process becomes suspect when reading a travesty like the "report" Mr. Tillman so skillfully quoted :eek:
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+1 # Re: Military Cover-Up?Guest 2013-03-12 19:26
I certainly haven't seen the 2000 page report they gave Tillman Sr. or the 60+ page Powerpoint presentation. They may well be "total bullshit," as you say. But there's no evidence presented in these two letters that points to intentional fratricide.
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-1 # Military Cover-Up? UBETCHA!Guest 2013-03-12 19:45
Quoting Guest:
But there's no evidence presented in these two letters that points to intentional fratricide.

Point taken, but THE MOST important point and apparently that of Mr. TIllman, is that the military's credibility is highly suspect here and there is no denying that fact.

Your ardent defense of the CYA Army leadership via this damning evidence seems rather suspect also, are U from the DOD by chance?
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+2 # Ardent defense!?Guest 2013-03-12 20:05
I've not defended anyone, certainly not the Army leadership. All I've done is point out that Tillman Sr. has presented no evidence in these two letters for fratricide - the intentional murder of his son by one of his son's fellow soldiers.

And, no, I'm not associated with the DOD in any way. I'm a technical writer for a west coast software firm and a long admirer of Michael Yon's reporting.

It's interesting to me that you say "Point taken," then you try to discredit me by "suspecting" that I'm associated with people who've been involved in a coverup.
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# Bob KausenGuest 2013-03-13 00:43
I just had Norton block Red Exploit Kit Websie 3
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# USS LibertyGuest 2013-03-14 12:48
Speaking of coverups
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