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Rumor in Afghanistan: President Sucking Assets Away


15 October 2012

Rumor Control is practically an industry within the military.  Some rumors are bad for morale and completely untrue, while others are bad for morale and are completely true.  (Why do most rumors seem to be bad for morale?)

Here is the latest rumor to hit my inbox, from a military email address in Afghanistan.  I have no idea if it is true.

The White House or Pentagon is welcome to confirm or deny:

Hi Michael,

I love reading your work. I also try to encourage as many soldiers and citizens to do the same every chance I get. It’s disappointing that even my fellow soldiers and airmen here at Bastion suffer from Afghanistan news burn-out or news apathy in general. I guess everyone is tired of fighting the longest war in U.S. history.

I’ve been in country since May, 2012. This won’t sound like a long tour for most but this was scheduled to be a quick in-out mission. The bottom line is I’m ready to go back stateside. We were scheduled to leave at the end of September but still have no travel date due to there being a lack of Strat airlift available. This is often the case but I got it on good word today that it’s not the world political climate, hostility all over the region especially Africa that’s holding up the show. It is the presidential election.

Apparently a huge percentage of our C17’s are being pulled for ‘Presidential Duty’ meaning instead of working to airlift troops and equipment in and out of Afghanistan and cover the other global logistics they are hauling the POTUS gear around on the campaign trail. If this is true I’d love someone to bring it to light. I lack the connections to check it out myself especially from here. I hope do hope this is pure rumor. It couldn’t possibly be legal even for the POTUS.  Fraud Waste & Abuse hotline anyone?

I’d think with the Obama campaign raising a record 181M in September they could afford to charter their own cargo planes and leave the military to do what it’s supposed to be doing.

Thanks in advance, love reading your work, especially the one about the recent attack at Bastion Air Base.

Bastion AFG

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