RUBs: 13-Feb-2008 Today in Iraq

[Note: Dispatches this month will be in the RUBs condition: Raw Unedited and Barely Spellchecked before publishing. These dispatches are being written on the fly because I am on the ground, always on the move, gathering raw material and finishing Moment of Truth in Iraq.]

13 February 2008

Today in Iraq

Last night’s National Public Radio interview is posted here:

Today brought interesting and frankly discouraging experiences with the Iraqi “judicial system.” More on that later.

This interesting article is worth reading.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to arrive in Mosul where al Qaeda is reportedly being blistered in the remaining pockets. The Battle for Mosul 2008 will be critical. I’ll be there.

[Update: at the last minute before publishing this, the PAO emailed that my trip to Mosul is a no-go at this time. I reported earlier that there is a bad vibe coming out of Mosul.]


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