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Report of Investigation: Gen William Ward




# One word: WowJohn-Capt in ANG 2012-08-20 18:58
Youre the COCOM of our next large area of operation (in my opinion) and you're outside your theater for that long, that often? You're delivering speeches on how to be a team,but a strong individual?

I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I know skeletons do a great dance out of the closet for any officer at O-7 or higher (or O-6 selected for 7) but I stopped reading on page 49. I've spent way too long in uniform to drink the KoolAid he's serving the IG. No government card? Extending trips with no official business without leave? Those are huge flags alone. My all time personal favorite was requesting the SecDef allow unofficial travel, and then calling the SecDef's Exec back to say, "Don't worry, we found an official event."

This will add to the volumes of case studies junior officers are shown where you just shake your head and think, "what in the world was going through your mind?".

Sorta like doing a Rolling Stone interview in France with your Junior Officers drinking at a night club while leading a war.
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+1 # RE: One word: WowDr. T 2012-08-24 02:15
You really should read the rest. Especially as it seems is Ex Officer had an ax to grind for being relieved. Only missing docs happened when this person served. 40 yrs of stellar service to only screw up in the last year. They searched... Nothing found but this... Something's fishy.
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