The blood-stained realism of this piece is to be commended: Those Westerners who are overly interested in preserving what is, after all, a nomadic culture of questionable value to the "march of progress" ought take a good hard look at exactly what their soldiers are up against. At the risk of sounding too much like a Neanderthal myself, I must ask exactly what's wrong with the expert, controlled use of biochemical agents against mountain-entrenched Afghani terrorists. Might we not save much by way of time, money, and our own soldiers lives simply by fumigating hard-to-reach enemy enclaves (duly evacuated of innocent civilians)? Is a whiff of nerve-gas or dose of bacteria any more or less "beyond the pale" than a pallet of 800 pounders loosed from the belly of a B-52? Essentially uglier than a blast of the Mini-Gun, the detonation of a Tomahawk? I know, I know. "The Geneva Convention says..." Strange thing the Geneva Convention doesn't also say something about ramming hijacked civilian airliners into skyscrapers! As Mr. Bumble might say...

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