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Race Baiting and Lies in America

image015-1000Bill Whittle at PJ TV gave an honest account, pointing to the terrible job by most media sources, for instance by constantly juxtaposing the boyhood images of Martin with the rough image of Zimmerman.

In modern times, racist blacks often use the word cracker in the way that racist whites use the “N-word,” and so calling someone a “creepy assed cracka” is like saying “creepy assed spic.”

image017-1000Mr. Martin’s close friend Rachel Jeantel was on the phone with Martin. She testified that Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy assed cracka” minutes before the fight.

Again, this is my base culture and dialect.  There are no two ways to cut what “creepy assed cracka” means in context to the way Martin’s close friend Rachel Jeantel said he used it in relation to Zimmerman.

It was a racial slur.

Mr. Martin may have been in engaging in a hate crime when he was shot. Rachel Jeantel also testified that Martin called Zimmerman a “nigga.”

image019-1000Mr. Martin.

Martin was suspended from school several times.  Journalists mostly ignored the facts and images as he got older.  They typically stuck to idyllic images that remind many of us of our childhood pals.  Zimmerman probably also has photo albums full of fishing pictures and puppies but those were not trotted out.

image020-1000The Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail Martin was carrying were used as advertisements of his innocence, when it fact Mr. Martin’s own texts show his interest in making the narcotic drink known as “Lean.” Most of the media ignored this. PJTV and Bill Whittle did not blink.

At the time of his death, Mr. Martin was a powerfully built, military aged male and drug user who referred to himself as a “gangsta,” and used racial slurs to describe Zimmerman.  He was old enough to join the Marines if he could pass the tests but with his drug use behavioral issues they would not want him.

His own texts show his interest in using Lean.


It is the purest form of yellow journalism to trot out childhood pictures of a smiling baby as evidence of innocence when there are plenty of images that were taken closer to his death, which are more accurate.  If any pictures are going to be presented, all should be open.  Truth should not be feared.

image024-1000President Obama said, “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

And now, again, anger will come my way because the President said, “You, know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”  Racists will yet again call me a racist, despite that my wife is darker than many American “blacks.”

image026-1000After the verdict, President Obama said, "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

Too many media members have so flagrantly violated our trust that this itself borders on criminal.  Too many have helped whip the nation into a frenzy, as if the evil white man Zimmerman -- who is as white as President Obama is -- has executed a mere child, defenseless and innocent.  This frenzy has lead to violence and probably death, and it is picking up steam as President Obama fans the flames with his rhetoric.

Foreign readers who have not noticed should realize that the American President is a racist who is dividing our country.

President Obama, a professional victim, apparently has forgotten that he was a Senator, and twice was elected as President of the United States.  Were these elections evidence of severe racism from whites?  He would not be in the White House without white voters, yet Obama wearing a race card on his forehead has done every thing in this case short of calling for riots in the streets.

Separately, this corrupt President has openly tried to influence military justice in sexual assault cases.  Navy Judge Commander Marcus Fulton ruled that Obama’s public words about sexual assault cases amount to “unlawful command influence.”

Defendants already are successfully using this unlawful command influence as defense in their trials.  In fact, real rapists may now get off the hook or receive lighter sentences due to President Obama’s unlawful attempt to influence military courts.  He tried the same with the Zimmerman trial.

This is sad for everyone, especially for the parents of Trayvon Martin who lost their son, and Zimmerman and his family who have been lynched and no doubt remain in mortal danger.



+19 # jejmwitts@comcast.netJoanne 2013-07-21 15:56
Thanks for speaking the truth.
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+13 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaLawrence 2013-07-21 16:15
Good writing, Michael. You present issues that should be brought to light in a concise, thoughtful manner.
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+15 # Wow.Steve M 2013-07-21 16:22
If nothing else, I've learned that you don't waver from your honest feelings and beliefs, regardless of where it may lead. Whether I agree or disagree, I always sense you are giving me the blunt truth....much appreciated.
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+17 # about timeMark T 2013-07-21 16:23
It's about time someone spoke the truth in this case. I'm getting tired of all of the misinformation and lies. everyone seems to be forgetting the truth of the matter. the whole part about the pictures has been annoying me from day one.
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+11 # And the Truth shall set you free!Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 16:37
As usual Michael you have more self restraint than me when it come to these issues!

I am so sick and tired of all the minority pandering of the moron media and it's ethnic extremists whining, yelling, and hollering about something that only exists in their shallow brainwashed minds :sad:

These assholes need to listen to people coming here from Africa, and other places, who cannot understand what all these whining Negroes are complaining about, when said immigrants came here from real shitholes and are very grateful and happy to be here ;-)

The the black and minority community need to tell ethnic extremists who are trying to stir up a war between the descendants of the original immigrants to this country and the alleged descendants of slaves who where brought here during the years leading up to the civll war to STFU and told to go away and never come back!

These ethnic extremists are the haters, they are the malcontents and the ethnic baiters, NOT THE REST OF AMERICA!!

BTW as you notice I do not use the word RACE in any discussions regarding human ethnicity because it is ignorant to do so and asinine,

There is only ONE RACE regarding humans and that is the HUMAN RACE period!!!

Every other difference is ethnic and cultural period!!
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-4 # Unfortunately,Rob 2013-07-21 16:42
if the "Great Divider" et al have their way you may find yourself covering such events.
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+17 # Thank you Jon for writing the truthRoland 2013-07-21 16:45
After the verdict, President Obama said, "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

Lucianne Goldberg wondered how hard life was in Hawaii private schools in the 1980's?
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# Very good observation...Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 18:58
I would also remind you that the Obomination has NEVER spent one day in the black community other than buying drugs and later pandering to that same ignorant community to get elected,

The world community needs to know that this lying scumbag was raised by WHITE Communists, mentored while in Hawaii by the head of CPUSA, and later mentored and supported by WHITE convicted terrorists, Bernadine Dorn and her murdering husband Bill Ayers :sad:

The Obomination is a fraud and the Puppet Lao of the Wall Street bankers who knew they would get a leg up by supporting this jackanapes and who, have you noticed, have NOT been touched by his administration for all the government backed largess in their minority housing loan programs that failed miserably and caused the present economic depression :sad:

The Obomination has sealed the fate of America by finally splitting the country into two sections: the ones that want capitalism and are willing to fight the good fight to achieve financial and social success, AND the ones who want to sit back and for whatever reason receive a government check. (You know who I am talking about :-* )

Trouble with this system is like Margaret Thatcher once prophetically declared, "Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money" :-?

Our great country will survive this Wall Street financed Military Industrial Complex porch monkey parading as a liberal louse, but not before he does more damage as he uses his position, which he has defiled and does not deserve, to further drive a wedge through the American public and create more division instead of national cohesion.

One more thing, be mindful of what these communists and socialists mean when they say "No Justice, No Peace" What they mean is, YOU are NOT going to have any PEACE, unless THEY get what they define as JUSTICE"

This a threat and a call to violence and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

LOCK and LOAD if you gottem 8)
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+12 # A Lost ArtDaniel Ward 2013-07-21 17:05
It seems more and more that thinking through things and arriving at common sense conclusions is becoming a lost art. The consequence? More and more stupid fighting (first verbal, then physical).
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-6 # ms.Dolores Plum 2013-07-21 17:26
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+12 # No All Caps PleaseSun Tzu 2013-07-21 19:36
Dolores darlin,

Please learn how to use the "Shift Key". It's not very painful and all contributors will thank you for NOT YELLING AT US :P

Note to site admin: Please give us editing capability after we post. PLEASE???
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+9 # Thank you for the truthColin 2013-07-21 17:26
Excellent analysis Michael. Thanks for pointing out the true facts about this case, and the race-baiters who profit from this lynching. Shame on them!
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+1 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaAaron Dewar 2013-07-21 17:37
Mr. Yon, I agree and understand-and in the narrow view of the physical altercation, I agree with the verdict especially in light of local law.

But where is the discussion on Mr. Martin's right to stand his ground? He had every right to be where he was, and was being followed by an unidentified individual in a car.

I have a hard time understanding how the law can be consistently interpreted in this case.
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-7 # RE Stand Your GroundJim Campbell 2013-07-21 17:47
It was not relevant in this case. Trayvon wasn't the one with the gun, Zimmerman was.
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+6 # RE: RE Stand Your GroundAaron Dewar 2013-07-21 18:49
I'm not familiar with the Florida law. Does "stand your ground" only apply to someone carrying a gun?

Is an unarmed citizen required to flee?
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-4 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaMichael Yawn 2013-07-21 17:54
He was not being followed in a car. When T.M. disappeared for four minutes G.Z. endeavored to locate him per the dispatchers query.
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+1 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaAaron Dewar 2013-07-21 18:52
Somehow that wouldn't make me feel better about being followed.
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+1 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americaharp1034 2013-07-21 19:18
If you are being followed and it gives you the creeps then then do everything you can to get away. You know nothing about the person following you. Do they have a weapon? What kind of weapon or weapons? How good is that person with weapons? How good can they fight? You don't know. I will beat it even though I am mostly armed.
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-2 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaAaron Dewar 2013-07-21 20:32
Yes, you are right, that is the prudent course, and what I practice when armed, especially. Common sense.

But common sense on both parts would have prevented the confrontation, so we depend on the law.

At the point of being beaten, Mr.Zimmerman certainly had a right to defend his life. But if he were, for example, an intruder in a home, and was being beaten by the homeowner, he would have certainly been found guilty of at least, manslaughter.

So my question remains, did Mr. Martin have a right to stand his ground, or is that right reserved to armed individuals in Florida? And if he had the right to stand his ground, doesn't anyone here feel there is a problem with either the law, or the interpretation of the law, or the way the prosecution tried the case?
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+3 # You really have no clueironargonaut 2013-07-22 01:43
Mr. Martin had the same rights as Mr. Zimmerman. To stand his ground, to walk on the sidewalks, to speak his mind freely, to follow any on he thought was acting strange, until he through the punch and/or threatened Mr. Zimmerman there is no evidence either broke the law. (drug use excepting)
If you are trying to imply the stand your ground law has anything to do with this case you are mistaken. In their most basic form they allow a citizen to detain a criminal if caught in the act. Before stand your ground laws if anyone who was armed witnessed any crime that besides those that put another human in risk of serious physical harm or death, all they could do was walk away and call the cops. If the criminal approached them and they did not flee if able, and if they then used their weapon in self defense or not, they were guilty, even if they didn't fire. However, if an unarmed person witnessed the same crime and depending on state law were allowed to perform a citizens arrest they could using physical force if necessary. An armed citizen could not. All the stand your ground laws do is not require an armed citizen to flee in the face of criminal activity. Why any particular community has issues with this I will leave you to ponder.
So, to answer your question, no, the stand your ground laws do not apply during the commission of a crime. The only crime in this situation was Mr. Martin striking Mr. Zimmerman, and at the point he banged Mr. Zimmerman's head against the ground lethal self defense was justified by the U.S. Constitution. So, for all those that don't like the outcome of this case unless you remove the right to self defense from the Constitution nothing changes.
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-3 # RE: You really have no cluewoodNfish 2013-07-22 15:47
Yuor right to self defense is a God-given right and cannot be taken away. It is not granted by the constitution or the bill of rights. It is inalienable.
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-2 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americaamerican taxpayer 2013-07-22 12:06
Martin didn't "stand your ground". He attacked GZ, with intent to kill him. Even if it were not verbalized, bashing someone's head on a concrete sidewalk is clear evidence of an imminent thread of serious injury or death. GZ did not "stand your ground" since he was already being attacked. It was a clear case of self defense. Stand your ground has NOTHING to do with this case. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. Stand your ground merely states that an individual no longer has to prove they attempted to flee a conflict before employing deadly force. Would you like if you were being attacked that you had to think about "well the law says I have to try to flee before I can defend myself, or I'll be prosecuted". Martin's autopsy has already shown to be laced with narcotics and that DIY drug Lean(m?), and the "candy" were ingredients in said drug. The drug also leads to extreme violent behavior and paranoia. RACE has nothing to do with this case either. If anything, GZ was not even on the same planet if trying to associate race with the incident. On the other hand, Martin on frequent occasions mouthed off racial slurs.

GZ was the neighborhood watchman at the time. It was his job to report on suspicious activity. If he were just some guy, then perhaps avoiding it would have been prudent; but his job at the time was to perform the duties of a neighborhood watchman since there was a rash of black individuals commiting thefts in the very same community. I say black individuals only because it was fact, not to thrown out such an identifyer.
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# jburkega@bellsouth.netJames Burke 2013-07-22 15:30
Trayvon had every right to, call the police, call his parents, stop and talk to Zimmerman, explain his reason for being there! He did not have a right to walk up to an adult and break his nose, pound his head into the concrete! At that point he became the aggressor!
Didn't you read Yon's article? He on his own decided to be a punk! Where did he get this attitude? Look to his parents, they should do some soul searching! His attitude cost him his life!
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-2 # Where do you get your information??Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 19:20
The Jon Stewrat Show? Communist News Network? Micro-Sucks Negro Broadcasting Company? Communist Broadcasting System? Asinine Buttheads & Creatins? WHO?

Obviously NO ONE who tells the WHOLE truth and states ALL THE FACTS or you would not asking such uninformed asinine questions, YO!
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+1 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaM Keene 2013-07-21 23:51
Aaron, both had the right to exist where they were. Trayvon on his way home and Zimmerman on the way to shop. Either had the "right" to follow the other if they chose. Confrontation and verbal challenges occurred. Either could have retreated or backed away. Witness testimony had Trayvon on top (girlfriend says he struck Zimmerman first) beating Zimmerman and threatening to kill him. No chance for Zimmerman to flee. Now, he is in the "self defense" mode and screaming for help! He is then authorized to stop his attacker from killing him using lethal force and he did that.
Lots and lots of poor judgement to go around. One life lost and others ruined.

"I'ma do what I want, when I want, where I want, to whomever!" collided with "Oh hell no you ain't! Not here! Not now and not to me you ain't!" No winners.

"Stand your ground" does not require you to flee in the face of a perceived imminent threat to your life and you can legally defend yourself with means up to and including lethal force if necessary.

Are you at all familiar with the "Knockout Game"?
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# RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaRaine Walker 2013-07-22 00:07
Mr. Martin had no right to stand his ground because he was not attacked. He was the attacker.
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+3 # Race BaitingFrank 2013-07-21 17:56
As usual a very well written article. I recall reading your unfortunate incident in "Danger Close." I would like to know why Joshua Chellew, Mableton GA has not made main street news like this case has? Where is my President on this tragedy? As for our President, he would be wise to keep his mouth shut on racial issues in this country before we end up with another Rodney King episode, If we do, the deaths of people caught up in these riots will be on the President. Since when does anyone incite riots that are in a public office. We do not live in a third world country. Hmmm! maybe we do.
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# InterestingJohn Baggs 2013-07-21 18:04
I find it interesting that even the media repeatedly showed pictures of 11-12 year-old Trayvon whenever talking about the case.

Why is it they never showed the real Travyon with his blood shot eyes and gold teeth?

Answer: because no would have felt sympathy for a wanna-be thug. The media's racial-war would have been blown out of the water.

Oh, and where is the Latino community sticking up Zimmerman? After all, he's 1/2 Peruvian.
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+3 # Great Story, good pointsNathan Leach 2013-07-21 18:37
I was raised by my adopted Native American mother. I've always tried to give respect to people, until I am disrespected. I admit, I do not know what town it happened in, sorry. But I do agree with Michael, that hands can be a deadly weapon, and you can use any item or substance as a weapon. There are 7 items close to wear I am typing. I do not consider myself a racist, but I do also agree with Michael, that Obama is dividing this country, with racism, and in Obama's own words during his first campaign, "I will bring the country together". And Michael great point about the age thing, it didn't even dawn on me. My First step father had lied about his age so he could join the Marines and he fraught in Korea, and received shrapnel wounds, and a Purple Heart, he was a Good Man. I wish more kids would join the service, I was told that for every 1 fighting man there are 3, that are needed in support roles. So you don't have to fight in battle. But our country would be better off if more kids joined. I should have joined my self. God Bless America...
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-5 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americachiggin1 2013-07-21 19:02
Thanks for the article. The press ignored a lot about the character of both participants. Zimmerman has a history of run-ins with law enforcement and violence. Yet I've not seen much attention focused on this part of him. I've not seen any evidence that Martin initiated the violence. I have heard the evidence where Zimmerman was instructed to not to get out of his truck and make contact with Martin. The bottom line is that a jury heard this. They reached a verdict. I bet Zimmerman wishes he had not gotten out of his truck. He pretty much screwed up two lives when he made the decision to leave his truck and initiate contact with Martin. Martin was 1 17 year old. The guy you are talking about were 17 year olds (or younger) with military training. This training includes quite a bit of discipline. I know very few 17 year olds with the discipline received in Military rtraining. My son observed this after college as he was getting his branch training shortly after being commissioned. He compared the young enlisted men he worked with in the Army with the young men we graduated high with from high school. His friends who did not go to college and did not go into the military lacked maturity. His observation was that all is old friends would benefit from the discipline learned in the military.

I wish more journalists were willing to lay out the facts as they see them just as you have in this article. I think a reasoned discussion is desperately needed here. There is a message here for all of us. For the Zimmermans, we need to learn discipline. He could have driven up. smiled, said high..'looks like you might be lost and the weather is abysmal...can I drive you to your destination' He chose another route. To the Trayvon Martins. Understand people in certain communities are afraid of people that look like you. Perhaps they should not be afraid, but they are. The parts of American culture that glorify gangster appearances frighten a lot of people. This is why a large group of demonstrators in Oakland made an effort to overcome the preconceived opinions by showing up dressed in suits and ties. This should not be a dividing moment, It can and should be a unifying moment. We are America. We are better than this.
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+3 # Speaking of Lies...Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 20:33
Lie No. 1 - "Zimmerman has a history of run-ins with law enforcement and violence. Yet I've not seen much attention focused on this part of him."
George Zimmerman had NO history of violence or that would have been brought out by the prosecution which they did NOT as I watched every second on that trail LIVE. For everyones information George Zimmerman was actually VERY sensitive to ethnic issues as he was mentoring two black children whose father was serving a long sentence in a Florida prison and on top that he took a black girl from Barbados to his HS graduation. Where is George's "ethnic hatred" again, please show me?

Lie No. 2 - "I have heard the evidence where Zimmerman was instructed to not to get out of his truck and make contact with Martin"
He was NOT INSTRUCTED by anyone, the non-emergency and 911 operators CANNOT give INSTRUCTIONS, only SUGGESTIONS YO! (They NOT legal orders, that was brought was brought out in the trial testimony by the non-emergency operator who actually talked with George! YO!)

Lie No. 3 "I've not seen any evidence that Martin initiated the violence"
Oh no, Where in the hell where you during the trail? Listening to Jon Stewrat and MTV? Excuse me, but did you not just read where Michael has laid out the fact this was a criminal thug George was trying to get a line on and report his whereabouts to the Police! A criminal thug with a REAL history of drugs and violence and street gang activity, expelled from school in South FLorida for drugs and violence, how much more do you need to hear before you wise up? Did You also know that Trayvon "Gansta" Martin was KNWON to the Miami Street Crimes Unit, He was on their list YO! (The Obomination now claims HE is Trayvon "Gansta" Martin, what does say :-? )

George Zimmerman is the REAL victim here!

The real criminals here are the media, the Florida District Attorneys office, the Dept of In-Justice and the Obomination, who collectively displayed the disgusting and typical mentally of Polit Bureau leftist lawyers and journalists, and the Communist backed ethnic extremists in this country who went on a witch hunt against a man trying desperately to protect his GATED community from more crimes that had already been committed by BLACK criminals!!

In regards to your last statement "This should not be a dividing moment, It can and should be a unifying moment. We are America. We are better than this"

We are never going be "better" as a nation as long folks like you continue to listen to the LIES and DISTORTIONS of the media and continue to regurgitate them as if they are FACTS. WAKE UP!
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# chris@higginsfamily.netchiggin1 2013-07-22 01:25
Sorry the facts do not seem to align with your world view. I get my information from a sources across the political spectrum. You apparently missed the facts concerning Zimmerman's history of violence and confrontations with the law. They were deemed inadmissible in court just as Much of Martins background was excluded.

btw did you know that there is a street gangsta named Tavon Martin who is alive and well today. he is from Georgia and a lot of the screen shots from social media I've seen posted are from that Trayvon's account.

Again Zimmerman took it upon himself to chase down someone who belonged in the gated community. He initiated the confrontation by ignoring the 'advice' he received from the dispatcher. Zimmerman has been fortunate that his father the retired judge has been able to intervene on his behalf on more than a few occasions. Zimmerman was a self-appointed neighborhood watch guy. No necessarily a bad thing, but in my neck of the woods people who volunteer for neighborhood watch NEVER go out armed and never go out alone. The sheriff offers a marvelous free training class. They even spend a lot of time helping volunteers understand how to gracefully extricate themselves from difficult situations and better yet how to avoid them.

Gratuitous assaults on others ideas and opinions will never bring our nation together. People working together to solve common problems will bring us together.

Again go back and parse through the news reports on both sides of the political spectrum. It is sad to see so many folks who are unwilling to stop and take another look.

Again we can take this moment to learn and try to work together or we can pick at the wound and allow it to keep festering. America historically has worked to learn from it.
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-4 # RE: chris@higginsfamily.netwoodNfish 2013-07-22 15:59
Zimmerman didn't initiate anything. He was returning to his vehicle when Martin, who had circled back, attacked him.
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-3 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaM Keene 2013-07-22 00:02
"Understand people in certain communities are afraid of people that look like you."
You folks looking for the "high ground" can't resist it.
"It ain't what you look like when your doing what you're doing. It's what you're doing when you look like you're doing what you're doing."
According to Zimmerman, the young man was cutting across yards and walking down alongside houses.He was "acting" suspicious according to reenactment video testimony of Zimmerman.

Write fiction if you would "embellish" and skulking is a word
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-4 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaJames Burke 2013-07-22 15:36
No evidence? We're you in court? How did Zimmerman get a broken nose and numerous lacerations on the head?
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-3 # You would not do well on a juryBob T Guy 2013-07-23 02:37
The point of law is, that once a confrontation takes place, no matter the catalyst for the confrontation, that if one party attacks the other, the attacked party has the right to defend himself. No Matter What Transpired beforehand. Your logic, which falls in line with the addlepated, riotous, racists in the Obama administration, declares that you would be just fine with allowing Trayvon to repeatedly bash your head into the pavement, just because you might have been following him and talking to the cops about him. Right?
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+9 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americaharp1034 2013-07-21 19:08
I joined the Army when I was 17. At 18 I was sent to Viet Nam. I was not a child nor was I treated like one. I was expected to perform my duties in a professional military matter.
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+5 # Mr.Leland 2013-07-21 19:29

Speak the truth and speak it often.

Sobering and ethical as always.

Well done
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+10 # Half White, Half Hispanic, Half Black?Nancy in Virginia 2013-07-21 19:32
What has been interesting to me is that Zimmerman's Hispanic blood has been totally ignored by the Black community. They identify him as White when they complain about this racial issue (as they claim it is). Yet, they fully embrace Obama's Black blood with no regard to his White mother. How convenient to have such a flexible view of ancestry! As for me, I have a strong aversion to Obama, including his White half.
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-4 # It's all bad Nancy...Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 21:38
The Obominations White Half is ALL bad Nancy. He mother was a Red Diaper baby and from all accounts somewhat promiscuous especially when it came to black men.

His white grand-parents (that where supposed to so fearful blacks) where card carrying members of the Communist Party USA.

It is my firm belief that the Obomination's mother was encouraged by her parents to get pregnant by a black Communist radical so they could use that baby to create the monster we have in power today!

Just look at his true lineage, who has mentored him and supported him financially until they got him elected in a rigged Senatorial election that he was not even qualified to be in the first place!

Who has the Obomination aligned himself with over the years he has been in the office which he has defiled?

America haters, black & white Communist/socia list radicals, Islamic/Muslim terrorists, a Black Liberation Theology (read Communist) preacher who calls for "God to DAMN America", these are the Obominations friends and supporters, yet the moron media and most of the American sheep seem alright with this stupidity!

God help us all!!
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+3 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaMatt 2013-07-21 19:43
This article refers to the president as a racist a half dozen times, yet presents one quote in support. One quote that I can't see to be inflammatory. It's an article rightly accusing the media of fanning the flames of racial tensions, yet was written to do just that.
This doesn't live up to the high standards I usually see from this site.
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-6 # Just what I have been talking about...Sun Tzu 2013-07-22 00:56
Well Matt here is a novel concept: "ACTIONS speak LOUDER and more TRUTHFUL and than WORDS" :-?

Are you really gonna try and tell us all, the ACTIONS and the tele-prompted WORDS of the Obomination in situations like this during his tyranny are not ethnically biased and hateful, REALLY!

And far as standards go, I let the readers judge that and comment for themselves, but me, this is one the best yet! 8)
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+4 # AgreeDismay 2013-07-22 19:42
I agree Matt. "Trayvon was me 35 years ago" is hardly racist.
"All Americans should respect the verdict" is hardly racist, and the opposite of inflammatory. I searched the other dispatches to see if there was some base of evidence building up. I don't find it.

I loved Michael's reporting in theater. I'm dismayed by these writings today.
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+5 # RE: AgreePeter Kennedy 2013-07-23 04:49
I'm also dismayed by these incoherent musings. Michael is a good war reporter and should stick to his knitting!
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-3 # RE: AgreeBotsford 2013-07-24 16:46
Your reply should have been: "While Michael is a good war reporter, I shall stick to MY knitting".
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+3 # RE: AgreePeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 03:53
LOL. I'm told knitting is a very relaxing hobby, you might like to consider it to help you feel more relaxed!
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-3 # RE: AgreeBotsford 2013-07-25 04:11
Thank you for your kind consideration for my relaxation. But I find a lot of relaxation at the gun range firing and cleaning my multiple weapons. I shall leave the knitting to the fairer sex and those with the proclivities to knit.
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+3 # RE: AgreePeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 11:49
While on the subject of guns. I have managed to acquire the greatest kick ass hand gun in the world, the Arsenal Firearms double barreled Col 45 1911 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM-DGaNmtA0. Not a great CQB weapon, (not hugely accurate!) but for "spraying and praying" and sheer fun....incredib le!
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+4 # Race Baiting & Lies in AmericaSnakeyTrickerCharlie 2013-07-21 20:15
I don't believe you would be a welcome commentator on MSNBC or CNN !! They don't want this story to go away, and so they push for a federal indictment of an innocent man, led by the likes of Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton. A "Reverend" my ass.
Keep speaking the truth. People need some counter balance to the race baiting drivel that gushes from the mouth of our President.
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-6 # Another viewTechnocrat 2013-07-21 20:24
Zimmerman thought the situation serious enough to call 911. The dispatcher told him not to pursue. He did so anyway and let himself get into a situation from which he could not extricate himself without use of deadly force. Martin's death was avoidable and wasteful. There is no comparison between what you did in the close confines of a crowded bar and what Zimmerman did.
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+3 # More lies and untruths...Sun Tzu 2013-07-21 21:12
Biggest lie ever told about this whole incident and keeps on being regurgitated by the ignorant and uninformed, i.e. "The dispatcher told him not to pursue"

FYI The dispatcher asked him to let him know what the "thug" was doing and where the "thug" was going, How is he going to accomplish that sitting in his truck when the "thug" has disappeared behind the buildings? The dispatcher also TESTIFIED' that they CANNOT give ORDERS to ANYONE YO! So George Zimmerman was NOT TOLD to do anything!! Where were you during this testimony??

"Martin's death was avoidable and wasteful" That is the biggest line of BS I have heard yet on this forum"

This "thug" was destined to be shot by someone, either the Police, one of the other gang banging thugs in South Florida, or God forbid, a homeowner trying to protect his or her family.

Trayvon "Gansta" Martin was a "CRIMINAL" not a choir boy like the moron media and their puppets like you, who regurgitate every thing they say like it was gospel, want everyone to believe.

I said Trayvon "Gansta" Martin was a criminal from day one and I have been backed up by the FACTS!

I do not rejoice in saying this, as my own son seemed to be headed down the same path that Trayvon "Gansta" Martin ended up on, but fortunately one instructional visit to a Federal Penitentiary where I was working at the time, straightened his young ass right up 8)
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-1 # thx sun tzuMark T 2013-07-21 21:18
I wanted to bring up those points myself, you beat me to it. Its amazing that people still have no problem spreading lies that were proven false already during the court case.
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-6 # U R Welcome SirSun Tzu 2013-07-21 22:55
No problemo Mark.

I used to run a political blog so I am quite well informed and up to the task of taking on the travesties against our Federated Republic under law and the Constitution, perpetrated by whomever and whenever 8)
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+5 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americabrad ervin 2013-07-21 22:46
Every article on this subject misses the point. It's not about Zimmerman or Martin. They are props in the latest incarnation of Kristallnacht. Of course the media gets the facts wrong as the facts cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the issue. Martin's innocence vis-a-vis his activities are irrelevant; Stand Your Ground is irrelevant; Zimmerman's activities are irrelevant. The only relevant point is whether Zimmerman was justified in shooting a person that was hammering his head into the concrete but this is the only irrelevant point to the Left.

Zimmerman & Martin have been remade into caricatures of their real selves for the sake of public drama. Martin will forever be the sainted child lost at the hands of profiler, white guy Zimmerman. The media band will play this tune till you'll have to get a resume and three references before you can draw a legal gun on a perp that wants to kill you.

Whatever the facts are is secondary to the needs of the political ends. But the facts will be damned as the incident is repackaged, relabeled and sold as undeniable proof that our legal system & society are both unjust and racist. It will be the Kristallnacht in the Left's move to neuter American self defense rights. It was American society that was on trial, and the jury found it wanting.
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-6 # Kristallnacht, NOT!Sun Tzu 2013-07-22 00:35
Kristall WHO :o

A little over the top but you'd make a good copy writer for some politician or other political hack, if your not one already 8)

Your assertions are korrect, but your implications are off the mark :-?

This is the last gasp of Socialism on the planet, the fallacious Kumbyah crowd's last hope of gaining some relevance before their final doom befalls them :P

We need this up close demonstration of what "communism and socialism" really means at the personal level to wake everyone up to the realities of an ideology that has been a total failure everywhere it has been implemented and a bane to human existence in the most insidious form of enslavement since Roman times, i.e. Politikal Korrectness :sad:

There is a growing backlash against the present absurdities and it's coming from the folks who are being negatively affected the most by the Obomination and his ilk, the current working thirty something crowd who are now looking around after years of partying and believing in all the hopeless change, going W T F!

Most Americans by in large are fair minded people, if not, many people of certain ethnicities would still be second class citizens like they are in many other parts of the world today :sad:

But our Commuinst/Socia list inculcated education system and media outlets have tried and are still trying, to redefine just what should and should not be deemed as fair minded rather than the Judeo-Christian principles on which this country was so aptly and correctly founded 8)

The followers of the "communist/soci alist" lie would have everyone believe that it was Judeo-Christian principles which invoked and perpetrated slavery along with all the other nasty transgressions committed in our nation leftists like to regurgitate along with their hateful rehtoric, but I would say to you that all those transgressions are in fact violations of those very Judeo-Christian principles and of the core tenets of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution :-?

Are we going throw out those principles because men and women decide to transgress against said principles in their own best interest at the expense of others. No the answer is to be mindful of those points of light and shun the darkness of those that would deny the truth of those sacred principles which have freed more humans across the planet from real oppression, needless starvation, death and fear than any other set of principles known to man.

While the ideology of the Communists and socialists everywhere they are setup across the planet have brought about nothing but brutal enslavement, starvation, deprivation,and human rights violations to numerous to list here, :sad:
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-3 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericawoodNfish 2013-07-22 16:12
"...the media gets the facts wrong as the facts cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the issue. "

No, the media didn't get the facts wrong, they chose to ignore them in order to stir up racial tensions. Their actions have been criminal and they should be charged with inciting the riots and violence taking place across the country.
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+7 # Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-22 01:10
Some of these posts are scary in that they contain levels of vituperation that do not belong in a written discourse. I guess the anonymity of the Internet allows people to express themselves without fear of the normal constraints they would be subject to if they were face to face. Under the laws of the state of Florida, Zimmerman was considered to have acted in self defense. In the laws of all the other developed industrial economies, he would have gone to jail. and as the US is so heavily armed, "drawing first" is decidedly advantageous. As an observer of the US over many years and having lived there for 13 years, it astounds me that these days the level of debate and the levels of knowledge are so piss poor.
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-15 # RE: Mr.Michael Yawn 2013-07-22 01:19
Since you are so disdainful of our laws and customs why don'y you haul your butt back to wherever you came from? Or did they run you out and tell you to never, ever return?
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+7 # pbkenne@pbkenne.comPeter Kennedy 2013-07-22 01:37
Thank you for your anonymous comment. You epitomize exactly the low level of courtesy and comment to which I was referring! And I aologize for using the term "piss poor" I am far from disdainful of US law. My son served as a Cavalry officer in the US Army, I have a home in the US and many friends there. It is however a tragedy that the whole body of laws around weapons and self defence is not working. I am ex UKSF, I know weapons. I know that 99% of those with handguns could not hit a barn door from more than 10 feet and that more people are killed by accidents than by self defence.
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# RE: pbkenne@pbkenne.comBotsford 2013-07-25 03:11
How am I an "anonymous" commentator? I used my legal name. I am now using another to avoid being confused with our author, Michael Yon. Is that clear enough for you or shall I supply more edification?
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# RE: pbkenne@pbkenne.comPeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 04:31
I wasn't talking about you! Duh!
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: pbkenne@pbkenne.comBotsford 2013-07-25 04:46
Then I owe you an apology which I humbly acknowledge and give.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: pbkenne@pbkenne.comPeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 04:50
Humbly acknowledged and received!
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-4 # FloridianKevin Kulow 2013-07-22 12:18
I am a Florida resident, Mr. Kennedy. Were we nose-to-nose, I wouldn't shy away from saying anything I'll write here. Were you implying I should not? Should I take that as a veiled threat of violence?

You're a guest in this country, and presumably didn't grow up here. We are a country with a long, proud, and legal tradition of private firearms ownership. I realize you lack the same tradition in the UK, but that hardly puts you in a position to judge our laws.

As a former SOF troop, you should be well aware of how easily a man can be killed with nothing but bare hands. Expertise/train ing makes it faster/cleaner, but even an untrained man can injure or kill. Would you allow yourself to be maimed or beaten-to-death before responding to an assailant? Of course not, and neither would I. In the same vein, I don't think anything different can reasonably be expected of Mr Zimmerman. The verdict was the correct one.

We Floridians like our laws. We advocated and voted for them, in the finest Western tradition of representative government and civil process. If you find them so objectionable, there are other places you could choose to live.

Certainly SOMETHING brought you to the United States... what was it?
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+4 # RE: FloridianPeter Kennedy 2013-07-22 15:50
Mr. Kulow, how nice to know you are a real person! And no, I was not insinuating that you you should not air your opinion, I was making the point that you chose to do so anonymously. And where you get "a veiled threat of violence" from anything I wrote is frankly bizarre. I can have any position I like on US law, UK law, Russian law or any other law....there's no law against it! And yes I agree that any man can be killed by "bare hands" and of course I would not let myself be beaten to death if I could possibly avoid it. But the issue is whether the threat from Mr. Martin was such that he should be shot dead. The jury decided there was, which is again an outcome which is based on the legal structure in the state of Florida, a state I have been to many times and much enjoy. My point is that the laws are too skewed in favor of self defence and there is very little burden of proof on the shooter to show he was really in fear of his life. Why is that opinion so objectionable and why the insulting, "certainly SOMETHING brought you to the United States...what was it?" My son is a serving officer with 6th Cav at Fort Stewart, my wife is American, but according to you I should get my butt to where I came from because I disagree with you. How very UNAMERICAN, Mr. Kulow!
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-2 # NonsenseKevin Kulow 2013-07-22 16:56
I'm sorry, but it appeared you were implying that those who choose to speak on this issue without using their real names are nothing but anonymous cowards. It's a risible assertion, and one I freely challenge.

You touted your own freedom to speak, but felt free to cast aspersions on the speech of others. Some opt to post anonymously, and the reason should be abundantly clear: the anonymous writers didn't feel like being branded racists and bigots; epithets that have flown fast-and-furiou s during the run up to this verdict.

As for the legal process being "skewed" towards self-defense, I disagree. I find your opinion to be objectionable because a foundational concept in American law is that the accused is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. The burden of proof is on the STATE (certain affirmative defenses excepted), and in this case, the State HAD no case. The State has massive power and resources compared to a single working-class individual. You cannot reasonably expect Mr. Zimmerman's resources to even BEGIN to match those of the Federal DOJ, or the President, or the State of Florida, or even the municipality of Sanford. If anything, the normal legal process was circumvented to railroad Mr. Zimmerman.

The politics of this case are poisonous, and it was only political pressure that caused charges to be brought in the first place. The police knew there was no case. The DA knew there was no case. A Grand Jury (should one have been empaneled) would likely have recognized that there was no case. The jury saw through the smoke, and realized that there was no case.

The evidence was very clear, and the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is the very bedrock of our justice system. That you would advocate for that to change is anathema to most Americans... particularly Americans who view this fiasco as race-baiting and political pressure run amok.

The fact that you neither grew up here, nor appreciate our view on firearms ownership merely gives me something else to gig you about (j/k).

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+5 # RE: NonsensePeter Kennedy 2013-07-22 17:16
What would you call anonymous and venomous diatribes anything else other than a form of cowardice? Do we not all hate rumor mongering because they are so often anonymous? Anonymity is used to to cloak vile opinions. And where did I cast aspersions on your or others right to speak? And it has nothing to do with being branded a racist. That's rubbish, particularly on this forum! And nowhere did I question anywhere in my writing the fundamental presumption of innocence for the accused. These are all your attempts to words in my mouth. Stick to facts, Mr Kulow. Cheers!
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-1 # ClarificationKevin Kulow 2013-07-22 17:28
"My point is that the laws are too skewed in favor of self defence and there is very little burden of proof on the shooter to show he was really in fear of his life. Why is that opinion so objectionable"

Your words, sir.

What, pray tell, should I have taken from your statement, if not the assertion that the burden of proof should be shifted? You also asked why that would be so objectionable.

Asked and answered.

Cheers! :)
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-4 # RE: Mr.woodNfish 2013-07-22 16:18
Peter, Zimmerman DID act in self defense. He never pulled his gun on Martin - Martin tried to get Zimmerman's gun out of his holster when they were on the ground and Zimmerman had to fight for control with a much stronger 17 year old kid or Martin probably would have shot him! What part of that do you have trouble understanding? Or are you intentionally ignoring the facts just like the ass-wipes in the media?
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+4 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-22 16:54
"WoodNfish", it is my understanding that no one saw the fight that took place between Martin and Zimmerman, or am i wrong here? And I must say that Zimmerman does not look frail. Looks quite a big lad in fact. Anyway, the "facts" of this case have never been my point. My point is whether these "stand your ground laws" are good laws and serve the all the citizens fairly, and there I think the jury is out on that one. That is if I'm allowed a contrary opinion on this forum without being called an "ass-wipe!"
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-6 # RE: Mr.woodNfish 2013-07-22 17:09
Peter, I did not call you an ass-wipe. I called the dirtbags in the media ass-wipes, and I was being kind.

"Stand your ground" only refers to a person who is on the defensive, but has every right to be where he is. Even so, that defense was not used in the Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman defended himself on the grounds that Martin attacked him, and his being killed was an act of self defense. The jury agreed with him.

Stand your ground laws give people who otherwise would be defenseless victims the right to forcefully defend themselves if they are in a place they have every legal right to be. There is no requirement to retreat and there shouldn't be.

Personally, I don't think thee laws are needed as any law that takes away your God-given right to defend yourself with force anywhere, anytime is an illegal law that violates the basic human right of self defense. But that would be common sense in a free country. Amerika has not been a free country for well over 100 years. But that is waht you get when you have a criminal government. (And no, the "k" in Amerika is not a typo.)
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-1 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-22 17:29
"Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit?"
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # RE: Mr.Michael Y 2013-07-22 17:49
Sorry, we don't speak Gaelic, only American English.
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+1 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-23 04:58
Indeed i think the burden of proof should be on the shooter to show that he was genuinely acting in self defence, (which may indeed have been the case here), and not on the poor bugger who is shot dead! That's my point, and it's a very fair point.
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # RE: Mr.woodNfish 2013-07-23 12:30
No, it is innocent until proven guilty. That is why Zimmerman didn't get on the stand. The prosecution never proved their case and the jury decided correctly.

I hope you are never put in a situation where you have to violently defend yourself Peter. I think you'd be S.O.L.
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+2 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-23 13:38
you miss my point....again! I'm saying that the burden of proof should be on the person who shoots and kills an unarmed man to show he was truly defending himself. Why is that so difficult to understand? And I have been on the other end of the system when I caught a an 17 year old burglar in London climbing out of a ground floor apartment. He pulled a 9 inch sharpened screwdriver on me and i took him down. At the trial I was viciously cross examined by the defence for "attacking" this kid and my military affiliation in UKSF was brought into court and that I had acted with unnecessary force. So I know personally what this debate is about. I had to show that i had acted properly and appropriately, which i had, and that was the end of it. The Accused asked for 27 other offences to be taken into consideration and he got 6 months with 18 months probation. i was stunned! In the US he would have gotten 20 years probably, but that's another debate. If you kill an unarmed man in self defence, the burden of proof has to be on the shooter, particularly if the "shootee" is dead!
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # RE: Mr.woodNfish 2013-07-23 14:48
I didn't misunderstand you at all Peter, you just can't understand the idea that you are wrong. It is always up to the prosecution to find the defendant guilty unless the defendant pleads guilty. That is the way our founders decided it should be and they were right. Your F'd up British law is the main reason they wrote it that way. They knew how an overly powerful state could screw an innocent person who has only his individual resources to defend himself.
Reply | Report to administrator
+3 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-23 15:09
Why won't you answer the question? Answer, "yes" or "no". If an unarmed man is killed in "self defence" should the person who pulled the trigger be under a greater burden of proof to show he did the right thing than the person he shot dead (who cant testify anyway because he is dead!) It has nothing to do with "your F'd up British law" or the "overly powerful state" or anything else in your post, which is simply an attempt (rather weak in my view) to avoid answering my question. Answer my question or you could simply say, "I don't know, which would be a far more honest answer than what you have written. And the doctrine of "burden of proof" is enshrined in the Common Law upon which both the US and UK system of laws is based and has nothing to do with the presumption of innocence which seems to be confusing you!
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # RE: Mr.woodNfish 2013-07-23 16:15
You're just being obtuse and I think you are a troll. There - now I did call you a name. This discussion is ended.
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+1 # @KennedyMark T 2013-07-24 16:19
The question was answered, you just dont like the answer. If you kill someone in self defense THERE IS NO PROVING. The idea of self defense is that you are not supposed to be charged. You clearly dont get that. If the prosecution thinks you didnt do it in self defense the burden is ON THE PROSECUTOR to prove it.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: @KennedyPeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 04:38
i was speaking of your son as an example, (metaphorically ) not about him specifically. Wasn't that obvious? Please see if you can answer my point, which is.....roll of drums.... do you think that a person who shoots dead an unarmed person because he merely thinks he has been threatened should be all that is needed in law for this person to walk free? Quite a simple question actually.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: @KennedyRaine Walker 2013-07-25 19:03
You ask: "do you think that a person who shoots dead an unarmed person because he merely thinks he has been threatened should be all that is needed in law for this person to walk free?"

My answer: No, of course not. But that is not what happened in this case, so why are you even asking that question?
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+1 # RE: @KennedyPeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 04:42
Mark: I'm not talking about a bona fide killing in self defence, I'm talking about whether the law allows someone to claim self defence in killing someone because he feels threatened by another person? Is that so difficult to understand?
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # @kennedyMark T 2013-07-25 07:02
We are discussing zimmerman vs martin here kennedy. Therefore its NOT fear of harm, its actual assault occuring. Im guessing you didn't watch the same court case as me
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-2 # RE: Mr.Raine Walker 2013-07-24 06:54
Peter Kennedy - Try some perspective. The UK is not the USA. The total area of the UK is 94,060 sq mi. The total area of Texas, alone, is 268,581 sq mi. That's just one state. In Texas, it is legal to use lethal force on anyone who is threatening your property. In other words, it's legal to shoot someone for trying to steal your horse. People are fairly polite in Texas!
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-24 07:43
you guys never give up, I'll give you that. Raine, the size of the UK versus the state of Texas is entirely irrelevant to this discussion. Ok, so let's try this. A young man steps across the property line in Texas and feeds an apple to a horse in a paddock. The rancher thinks he is stealing his horse and shoots him dead. Should the rancher get off scot free? Oh, and the boy is your son.
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # RE: Mr.Raine Walker 2013-07-24 10:40
Now you're just being silly. My son would never be in Texas feeding horses.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-25 03:01
LOL! Is that because he might be shot dead?
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # RE: Mr.Raine Walker 2013-07-25 03:54
You seem so naive! No, it's because he's in the Army and not stationed in TX. And he doesn't walk around carrying apples. Not many 25 yr-olds do, that I'm aware of. He does conceal carry his pistol, though, which he has a permit for. You are way off track, Peter, this country is nothing like yours. You should just accept that.
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # @kennedyMark T 2013-07-24 15:32
If your son was on the property fedding the horse and when I approached he punched me in the nose and started beating my head into a hard surface, then yes, I should be allowed to defend myself with lethal force if necessary. Dont compare apples to oranges
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: @kennedyPeter Kennedy 2013-07-25 03:04
FAIL! You missed my point! Of course you are entitled to defend yourself if attacked. Duh! But are you allowed to kill someone because you think you might be attacked?
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # RE: @kennedyBotsford 2013-07-25 03:30
Zimmerman didn't "think" he was being attached, he was being attacked. Can you comprehend that truism?
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # re:killing attackermark t 2013-07-26 01:58
@kennedy... I'm confused, where did any of us say you can just kill someone cuz your scared and not be charged. You dont seem to understand the law. If you just kill someone for no reason you are charged. That is not at all what we have been discussing. You are using the same strawman over and over, that we are discussing an unwarranted killing. We arent, so your question is pure and simple trolling.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: re:killing attackerPeter Kennedy 2013-07-26 04:01
Jeez, Mark, I'm sorry you could not seem to follow the thread of the discussion. In the context of the Zimmerman case, i raised the issue of whether the current laws were too biased in favor of those claiming self defence. In a number of US states, let alone other countries in Europe, the law would have probably made his acquittal far more difficult. Is that trolling? And in the case of Zimmerman, the facts are FAR from clear as to what actually happened as NO ONE saw anything. Now do you get my point?
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # re: killing attackermark t 2013-07-26 06:53
O thats rich kennedy, because you refuse to ignore the facts as presented in the court, I'm not following the thread of discussion? The only people who believe the facts are far from clear are those people who just straight dont like the outcome. You and your ilk seem to think that zimmerman having his skull bashed into a pulp by the actual aggressor would have been preferable. I said earlier that if someone turned and punched me in the face and beat my skull into the ground it would be self defense, and you said
"FAIL! You missed my point! Of course you are entitled to defend yourself if attacked. Duh! But are you allowed to kill someone because you think you might be attacked?"
You see kennedy, you are consistently twisting what is known of the incident because you just straight dont like the facts. Even Trayvons friend said he turned back and challenged Zimmerman and she heard whqt sounded like someone being punched. The only one of the two with a broken nose and injuries to the skull was Zimmerman, but that doesnt suit your agenda does it.
Im done dealing with a troll, good day, and i wont be responding to any more of your preposterous strawmen
Reply | Report to administrator
# typo correctionmark t 2013-07-26 07:16
The first line of my last post should have said "refuse to accept the facts"
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-23 05:01
Actually, it's latin, and it means essentially, "that this too shall pass". In a few months, this case will be forgotten except by a die hard group on both sides of the debate who will want to keep it going. Is that you, Sir?
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Botsford 2013-07-24 16:33
It doesn't relate to any Latin to which I am aware.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-25 03:08
Clearly you do not know, or are not familiar with any latin! I was quoting Virgil's Aeneid.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Botsford 2013-07-25 03:35
What part? Was it spoken by Aeneas, Dido, Latinus, his
wife Amata, his daughter Lavinia or whom, and why?
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-25 04:47
And suddenly you do know latin! Well done! It's Aeneas speaking to his followers after being shipwrecked in the Aeneid Book 1.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Botsford 2013-07-25 05:01
I believe he was shipwrecked on the north coast of Africa. Es Verdad? Ist richtig? Is that correct? Or am I again in error?
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Peter Kennedy 2013-07-25 11:34
Correct! He was shipwrecked on the coast of Carthage and taken in by Queen Dido. Did not think I would find a classicist on this forum! My respect!
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Mr.Botsford 2013-07-26 01:05
And she fell in love with him. Alas, he left and went Italy where King Latinus try's to pawn his daughter off on him as it was prophesied she should marry a foreigner.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # AuthorMichael Yon author 2013-07-23 12:45
Michael Y and Michael Yawn are not me. Ya'll fellas need to say that or use your real or a different name. I do not want any confusion about who said what.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: AuthorMichael Yawn 2013-07-23 16:37
Michael Yon...I am sorry for the mix-up. I was/am unaware of the confusion. Thanks for the edification. I too am originally from Florida, down Sarasota way. I thoroughly enjoy your articles and save each one for further reference
Have a great week---forever. .
Reply | Report to administrator
# Thank you, SirMichael Yon author 2013-07-23 16:41
Much appreciated.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: AuthorBotsford 2013-07-23 16:43
I shall endeavor to use another name. I will see if this goes through. And by the way, Michael Yawn is my lawful and legal name.
Reply | Report to administrator
# Please go for it, thenMichael Yon author 2013-07-23 16:56
If that is your real, please use it, but best to make a note (my real name) because Milkooks such as Blackfive use "Michael Yon" as invective. In fact I got a message that a Milkook was back, but I read your comments and they were not kooky but grounded.
Reply | Report to administrator
# HUMANtruthhurts 2013-07-22 01:22
Stand your ground applies to the defender, not the aggressor. T. Martin was the attacker and therefor stand your ground does not apply. Has nothing to do with race. Obama should be ashamed of himself for being a racist by provoking division in this country. He is a bad example for the black community.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in Americapatrick k 2013-07-22 01:38
Great picture of you and your brother. I'm a little concerned however, your brother looks like a young "Dexter"! ;~))
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+6 # 17-year-old soldiersJohn Seaman 2013-07-22 02:11
Michael, for your information 17 year olds were not sent to South Vietnam. They would remain in Germany or CONUS until their 18th birthday, when they got their orders for the ""Big Green Latrine". And yes, combat troops of all races stuck together. We were brothers. Unfortunately, I did not see this among REMF units in rear areas.
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+4 # RE: 17-year-old soldierschiggin1 2013-07-22 16:03
I seem to remember they waited until one's 19th birthday to ship you there...but that was a long time ago and my memory may not be correct.
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+3 # RE: 17-year-old soldiersRaine Walker 2013-07-23 01:19
Look around for the stats and you'll find some that say twelve 17 year-olds died in the Vietnam War, along with five 16 year-olds.
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+2 # RE: 17-year-old soldiersBotsford 2013-07-23 18:07
John, I can't comment on V.N. as it was after my stint in the Corps. However, that being said, there were a number of Marines with me in Korea that were a bit under 18 yrs of age . In fact, I was barely 18 when I was deployed in 1952. Apropos of nothing else, I say this because I do not disbelieve you at all.
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+1 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaJeff C 2013-07-22 02:31
Trayvon had every right to "stand his ground" as we all do. What he does not have the right to do is to punch someone in the nose and bang his head on the ground preemptively. At that point, he is the aggressor and the assaulter and has committed a crime. Both men acted stupidly and either could have prevented the outcome at several different points. Once Zimmerman was attacked, he has the right to protect his person - that is the law in most if not all states in the union. Stalking laws aside, it is not against the law to follow someone and ask them a question. As far as the President is concerned, I expect my president to stand up and say that we are a nation of laws and that the best criminal justice system in the world has spoken and we, as Americans must respect it. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.
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# RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaChulai68 2013-07-22 03:01
I agree with many of the comments made. Speak the truth and let the facts be avaialbe to all! My eyes were opend when I spent 10 minutes reviewing the below video
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+1 # Media CulpabilityLonnie M. 2013-07-22 03:23
I wonder would our founding fathers re-word the 1st Amendment if they could have foreseen the amount of blood that would accumulate on the hands of the media?

If there are limitations to free speech, why is it the media can distort facts, doctor 9-1-1 recordings, and purposefully create and then enflame racial animus without the slightest fear of reprisal, accountability or culpability?

The media have much to answer for.
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+4 # RidiculousMark B 2013-07-22 03:27
Some people just don't get it. This case was decided by the facts and the law by a jury. Hearsay and perception or opinion about what happened are not permitted when in court. Micheal is right, the biased media has a narrative to promote and the facts be damned if they don't match the narrative.

This whole situation is a tragedy that is not over yet. A man found innocent by a jury of any crime has still had his life changed forever and from the sounds of it may not be out of hot water yet. I will be very surprised if they don't try to hang some kind of crime on him yet. One more point that was mentioned by Micheal and others that I agree with, attacking an unknown person to you is very foolish as you don't know what they might do to you if confronted. Mr. Martin paid for this mistake with his life.
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-3 # RE: RidiculousMichael Yawn 2013-07-22 03:30
Yep, one less gang banger and future convict.
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# RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaJavier Gomez 2013-07-22 03:51
You've pointed out the flaws with leftist journalism and the propagandist in chief as few have. Appreciate the article and your take on matters.
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-2 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaRudy 2013-07-22 10:34
Thanks - I've been saying this shit for years... who knew I was a prophet - America is fractured into at least 6 parts or more - until personal accountability takes the reins from the entitlement plantation owners (aka the Natl. Dem Socialist Party), we are headed for disaster and murder on an unprecedented scale - now I see why u r n fkingThailand, dude :-(r
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-6 # AppalledBrian 2013-07-22 14:44
McCain would have been President if his own party had supported him despite Obama's "golden tongue". But that is history. I could not vote for Romney in good conscience...he lied like a rug. But seeing Obama get involved in a local law enforcement issue enrages me. Did any black leaders get involved when 4 blacks in Knoxville kidnapped, robbed, tortured, raped and murdered 2 young white lovers? Newspapers like the Wash Post and Balto Sun never even mentioned that case. Some folks say it was not a "Hate" crime. Does that mean it was a "Love" crime? If the roles had been reversed it would certainly have been labeled a "Hate" crime. Obama and Attorney General Holden are way out of line in this Zimmerman case. Hopefully someone a better organizer than me will get a petition underway to curtail the US DOJ actions in this case. Even Charles Barkley, among many others, stated he thought the verdict was just given that many blacks have a racial hate of white people (that is what Barkley, a black, ex-NBA player said, not me). Plus I get so tired of hearing Obama refer to himself as black. His mother, who raised him was white. He never lived in ghettos.

Also, I bet if a couple of Outlaws, or other bikers had been in Zimmerman's community that night he would have confronted them as well. Why? Because statistics show that 1% bikers have high crime rates just as blacks have very high crime rates relative to their share of National population. Zimmerman used common sense.
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-7 # RE: AppalledwoodNfish 2013-07-22 16:25
McCain sucked then and he still sucks now.

Romney lied? When have you EVER heard Obama say anything that is true?

Obama's mother abandoned him to his grandparents the same way his father abandoned the little bastard, and we got the big bastard as a result. He was raised by his grandparents, not his whoring mother.

Zimmerman didn't confront Martin. He lost sight of him and was heading back to his vehicle when Martin, who had circled around, attacked him.
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-3 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericawoodNfish 2013-07-22 14:48
Michael, I appreciate that you did not pull any punches and called Obama the racist that he is. You'll catch a lot of flack for that one.

I also appreciate that you brought out thte fact that Martin was a wannabe gangsta - as I pointed out in your last post. Not a single person replied to my comment.

However, I must chide you on your bow to PC self-censorship in writng "n-word", instead of just writing "nigger". If blacks can call each other nigger, then it must be okay for anyone to do it, and your context was not even negative, just explanatory.

Thanks for truthful reporting.
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# RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaKevin Kulow 2013-07-22 22:49
Zimmerman apparently has a habit of not staying in his truck. In fact, just last week he had the gall to exit his truck to help rescue a family from a rollover MVA.


What a terrible person.
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-2 # RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaAnders Hanson 2013-07-28 22:40
Obama has only one purpose in life: to make the whole world - including himself - see him as a black crusader for 'oppressed' blacks.

His problem is that he has little in common with the average black. He is half white, for one thing, and for another, he has a privileged background. He really isn't 'black enough' for the image he wishes to portray so he does everything he can to try to make himself more black.

He wants his whole background to disappear, and with the media's help, he has certainly managed to make a good stab at it. He doesn't care about anything but himself, though, and, when he isn't reading some text, it shows.

Of course, none of this is a good way to run a nation, but then, he has never cared about that, either
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# RE: Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaJack OSpades 2013-08-04 19:26
I'm still trying to figure out why, if Trayvon Martin was so frightened by the "creepy-ass cracka" following him, he didn't call 911 with the cell phone he was carrying and hurry the few dozen yards back to his dad's girlfriend's house in the four minutes between hanging up on Rachel Jenteal and getting shot.
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# Race Baiting and Lies in AmericaConnie 2018-05-29 02:42
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