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Write a comment The folks who wrote and pushed out this memo were not trying to generate media. Let's remember that. They were trying to do their jobs and be proactive. If your job is force protection, you don't wait until lots of people get harassed or assaulted before getting off your duff and doing something. You try and respond as quickly as possible and get ahead of the power curve. That's what happened here. The memo probably should have been written a little more carefully, and make it clearer that there was only one incident confirmed, and that there might be others. But the main point of the memo, was to provide advice to servicemembers and civilian employees of DoD and the military services on how to avoid such incidents. The advice at the end about not displaying your ID badge, keep 'shop talk' to a minimum, etc. are standard operational security (OPSEC) that is preached throughout the military. To be honest, the memo probably just used a single incident as an opportunity to reinforce the need to maintain operational security. People get lax after six years of war. There was no conspiracy intended by the memo writers. Lefties got their panties into a knicker over this incident because they still harbor tremendous guilt over what they and their intellectual forefathers did to our returning troops from Vietnam. They also know that their shameful hostile displays towards the Soldiers during Nam hurt their political causes, and so they are absolutely hellbent to prevent it from hurting their cause again.
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