Poetry and Prose in combat zones

Write a comment Michael, I've been following your blog for quite some time and I would like to tell you of my appreciation for what you do for this country as well as our Military. Also, what I think is the greatest blessing, is your skill. You, sir, are a man with exceptional gifts as a writer and a photographer. Your photography is heartbreaking, enchanting, and amazing. You're writing is at times poetic. "And the trees were filled with doves," brought tears to my eyes, not just for its aesthetics but for the implications of where this sight of serene beauty took place. As a fellow avid writer and photographer, I commend your ability as an artist. One who can do what you can with words and a with a camera needs more praise than any one person can muster. So I applaud you and wish you godspeed in all your endeavors at telling the truth.
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