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Pedro and Submarine

19 October 2012


A veteran friend made these images yesterday with his iPhone4s.  They were flying off the coast by San Diego training with the U.S. Navy.


If you are young, smart, very fit and want a very tough job, this might be for you.  Probably not, though; they do not take many people.  The work comes with long hours, little pay, it is dangerous, and people constantly ask the pilots if they wanted to fly fighters.  Which is funny to me; that question never crossed my mind, because my many experiences with Pedro were all in combat, either on the ground watching them come in, or flying with them.

If you want to go where the action is, this is it.  There are few jobs that will take you into more hotspots so frequently, and if you make a mistake it is game over.  Even if you do everything right…well…it is combat.  There are few jobs where so much will be expected from you, and if you can’t hang, it is back on the street or off to another job more suitable.

To choose this path is to chose a life filled with incredible experiences.  Good, bad, and ugly.  (The Air Force did not pay me to say this; it is simply true.)

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