Patti Bader - Soldiers’ Angels

Patti Bader of Soldiers’ Angels

1. How do you describe what you do for a living?

I am permanently disabled. When the doctors found out I had Hepatitis C, I’d had it for 30 years, so I am in Stage 3. Having an active mind but weak body kept me in bed, so I went on the internet. That is when my son went to Iraq (2003). I taught my self web design (although not THAT GOOD) and blogging. That is how I met Matt at Blackfive. Previously I had started companies and built sales teams. I am a mother of 3 and my youngest son just joined Army Reserves and will start boot camp in S.C. on July 12, 2006

A wall a soldier made from all the letters he got from SA America.

2. What inspired you to undertake this work?

My son went to war; my stepfather is a retired lieutenant colonel, 2 times Vietnam one time Korea and West Point grad; my brother spent a year in Uzbekistan and 7 months in Iraq, so it was a mission I had to accomplish. When I was 10 and my dad returned home from Vietnam in his uniform and all his medals we were so proud and ran up to hug him at the airport and someone SPIT on him. It was over my dead body that that was going to happen to my son or anyone’s son or daughter who was brave enough to put on the uniform and say “I will go. I will stand for freedom.” I told my son: “You are the only thing standing in between me and a burqa.”

This is Mary, our oldest Soldiers’ Angel. She is 101 and for her birthday 2 months later she had her family and friends pack care packages for the soldiers.

3. How do you approach the work?

With as much love and vigor as I can muster. Our troops need us, and they need us now. I try every day to reach out to the military and its families to find out how we can help.

When Katrina hit, Mike from CA drove a rented truck filled with items donated and drove them to national guard families affected by Katrina in LA.

4. Where do you find inspiration?

The letters and messages we receive from our boots on the ground. We cannot pick up guns and help because we are too young or too old or disabled for some reason. BUT—we can have their backs. We can get supplies to them and comfort their families. We can stock the hospitals and provide for the Fisher House. THE CALL HAS COME FOR US ALL TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP THESE HEROES. If you are rich you can write a check, if you are poor you can write a letter. We all have neighbors right on our street with a loved one deployed; we can make an effort to comfort them.

Marines in Iraq modeling the sand scarves Soldiers’ Angels sews for the deployed.

5. What do you consider required reading in order for people to understand the world today?

HUGH HEWITT: the single most important reading on the net. He cares so much for America, for our troops, and for the health of humanity.

Blackfive: see what is REALLY happening in Iraq.

ASOLDIERSBLOG.COM: I am prejudiced, I started it, and now it is run by a super Soldiers’ Angel Pam K.

Soldiers’ Angels sends backpacks to a CSH.

6. Whose work (in any field) do you admire the most?

Any volunteer work. They say there is nothing more powerful than the heart of a volunteer.

7. What do you consider as an overrated person, place or thing?

Movie stars. I love ’em but GAWD! Why do we give them so much money?!

8. What do hope will be your most lasting contribution?

That heroes who don the uniform and stand for freedom know they are one of our most precious assets, I hope by creating Soldiers’ Angels our motto will carry through the years to come and we NEVER have another Vietnam:

May no soldier go unloved.
May no soldier walk alone.
May no soldier be forgotten,
Until they all come home.

A letter we received from the 10th CSH.

9. When is the last time you laughed out loud about something?

When we heard about the way our soldiers used the squirt guns we sent to cool down the heat.

10. What do you think people need to spend more time doing (or paying attention to)?


Every man woman and child should be helping with the support effort; it is so easy and so rewarding. History is being made here and everyone should experience it. They will never forget their interaction with heroes!



A Soldiers’ Angels pin.

11. What is the most important piece of equipment (or skill) in your arsenal?

The internet is the single most important tool, being able to connect has helped us to help thousands. That and our tireless commitment to our mission to provide aid and comfort to the military and its families.



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