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Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-Fire

21 February 2009 

This could be a major victory for our enemies:

Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-Fire
By VOA News
21 February 2009

Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan say they are considering extending their ceasefire, but deny they reached a permanent agreement as local government officials had claimed.

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A more appropriate title might be: Hardcore Taliban to get region for training and R & R.
Elements of the "Taliban" are inching closer and closer to internationally recognized legitimacy. 
The one thing that seems nearly certain is that this war has only just begun.  It has potential to overshadow anything we saw in Iraq.


# remoteman 2009-02-22 17:43
This is another marker that says we should get out of this mess as soon as possible. Leave with the clear message that if we are attacked from this part of the world our response will come from the air or from space, but it will be overwhelming. This cesspool is not worth our blood and treasure.
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