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Open Letter to John Kerry

28 May 2014



+15 # Right of being World's Law KeeperAunlord 2014-05-30 01:40
The law keeper of the world must firstly be able to differentiate the good and evil before taking actions. Intentionally or even unintentionally sided with evil tyrant will both equally wash out ones right, honorably and pride of being The Law Keeper of The World. Let this words be echoed through the world and through ones' souls, eternally.
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+50 # Please understand usSamran 2014-05-30 05:16
I really heart-fully agree with this letter.
I'm 54,Thai by birth. living in Thailand. I was born in the northeastern near Mekong river and lived there 11 years before I moved to the eastern part. I studied in Bangkok until I graduated and moved to work as a teacher in the south till nowadays. My mother lives in Lampoon (next to Chiangmai). I travel across the country every year. I understand every native language of each part of Thailand, apart from this, I can speak Laos too.
I know and understand differences of ways of life of Thai people not only just simply called Thai.
No any other foreigners in abroad really have enough knowledge more than Thais themselves.
I follow various kinds of media and want to confirm that the information in the letter is the truth because I live here.
We would like to beg the US to leave us alone for awhile in order to let us clean up our house.
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+45 # US is a god for the world, really?Act now 2014-05-30 16:55
Let's look back at the US history in the past five years (5 years is enough to get a picture). There were many violences, high school rampages, Miami zombie, etc. occurred in the US. When these situation happen, you will see that there are conflicts behind these issues. What police did is blocking the street, keep people out of the area, and so on. In Boston rampage, to be clearer, police had to block the street for 12 blocks and keep civilians out of the area to be able to find the gun man (not counting the one that they executed before). Most people have to stay only in their house (can't come out) and some of them can't even get in the house. What is this really mean? Does the US government violate their freedom? Can UK say that you can't do this? Can Canada say that this is not right? US government should let people go back home. Can Thailand say that US government should return their right? The US government might say No (with all reasons in the world). The answer might be it is their duty to protect their citizens. It is their job (police) to make sure that everything is clear and safe for all. Then they can give back those freedom. I think I don't have to say more. Just put yourselves in others shoes, can Thai intervene your action. I don't think so. Nobody can intervene US internal issues. Can US do to others? What is your answer US government?
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+14 # MsS. Posinsomwong 2014-06-01 04:00
Highly expect other countries to let Thais use our own brain to manage our own country.
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+1 # mr.Yongyute Sukavathana 2014-06-01 04:07
Reform is not only doable, but absolutely nenecessary if we want to break the cycle of fighting and gridlock that has striffed our progress fo so long.
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+1 # For Thailand onlyy.janma 2014-06-01 08:02
Highly expect Thailand and country's militay
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+4 # Agree & support the letterRuengjit M 2014-06-01 08:43
US has no right to intervene our Thailand/politi cs/living.
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+6 # RE: Open Letter to John KerryNarong 2014-06-01 15:34
If John Kerry is really concerned about violations of human right and truly wants to find some place in the world where he could help, please go to Guantanamo Bay and leave us alone.

He has load of works to improve human right there.
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+10 # Thailand is not a subject state!Phillip McCrevice 2014-06-01 16:44
This is a very effective, simple, statement of the situation on the ground in Thailand.

The purveyors of falsity and propaganda want you to believe that Thailand is under a military boot. It is not. No country in the world has coups d'état that are so benign.

The people are happy to see their soldiers in the street. The only protagonists in Thailand that oppose the coup are those that rely on manipulation of elections and the corruption of government agencies to fulfill a malign plan that benefits one family, the Shinawatra crime dynasty.

The Reds want you to believe that they are being disenfranchised and suppressed. They are not. They are being warned, because terrorism is not tolerated in His Majesty's kingdom. They dared to disobey. They dared to murder the innocent in support of their malignant agenda.

The Royal Thai Army is protecting the people of Thailand. It is a travesty that the US government, poorly informed, with a shallow understanding of the events on the ground in the kingdom, is supporting the Red purveyors of hate.

The Thai people will not forget.
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+2 # Great time for ThailandChontida Chaiyavaid 2014-06-02 02:43
Yes! I agree with soldier protect my country this time.I would like to support them.They made Thai people very happy .About 10 years ago the government always lied and corrupt.The poor people from rule town didn't know anything more accept got money from government .Example; got money from election (buy vote),leader of town got special money for control people in town.Thats why the people love government .They didn't care those money where their came from.
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