News Flash: Dragon Skin

For Sale: Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin for sale: I paid approximately $4,000 for this body armor but would not recommend it to any buyer who plans to use it in combat. I do not like Dragon Skin for various reasons. The Dragon Skin is too heavy and also relatively difficult to wear. If you fall in the water with this body armor, I think you will drown before you can shed the Dragon Skin, or if you are trapped in tangled wreckage after an IED, you will have an extremely difficult time shedding the Dragon Skin. There is no quick release and it’s plain hard to get in and out of. I talked with a Special Forces soldier some months ago about body armor. His humvee was hit with an EFP and was burning. He said that if not for the quick release on his armor, he said he would have burned up.

Again, please do not buy this for combat. There are cheaper body armors that are better. I’m starting the bid at $1 and will use the proceeds to return to Iraq at the end of January.

We should expect an increase in US and Iraqi Casualties over the next couple of months due to ongoing, intensive operations against al Qaeda.

Please click here to bid on an over-priced set of body armor that you should never wear in combat.

(If you have difficulty with the link to the item page, the E-Bay item number is: 260203742022 )



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