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New Boss for Afghan Fight

11 May 2009

The inbox is full this morning.  General McKiernan, our top leader in Afghanistan, is to be replaced.  National Review Online and others have asked me for comment.  Am in between training here in Borneo so there is no time for much, but I did send this to NRO:

"In December 2008, I saw General McKiernan briefing Secretary Gates in Afghanistan.  That's as close as I've come to General McKiernan.  Though I do not personally know General McKiernan, I have heard only positive reports about him.  His replacement, Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal, has an outstanding reputation in the special operations community.  McChrystal has a solid reputation for knowing the fight.  Unfortunately, though our special operators are the best in the world at the fight, they only stumble and fumble with the press.  With media, our special operations forces are clueless and self-defeating.  This is crucial.  McChrystal can win every fight on the ground and still lose the war.  Time will reveal whether McChrystal can adapt and win."

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