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Naked Angels: Busted


14 August 2012

The multi-million dollar charity Soldiers' Angels has funneled donations to a company owned in part by a son of the founder.

The son's name is Brandon Varn.

Mr. Varn and his partner, Brian Harman, founded a t-shirt company in Nevada.  According to public records, their company, "Boodam and the Beav, Inc.," was established in 2008 in Las Vegas.


That same year, Soldiers' Angels paid Boodam and the Beav at least $75,820. Brandon Varn is the son of Soldiers' Angels founder, Mrs. Patti Patton-Bader.  Mrs. Patton-Bader is perhaps best known for trading on the name of her distant relative, General George S. Patton.

When I asked Mrs. Patton-Bader about the money that she sent to Nevada, she initially evaded the question, writing on Facebook that I was lying about her son living in Nevada.  I did not say that her son lived in Nevada.  But why Mr. Varn started a t-shirt company in a state where he did not live, which immediately received a $75,820 infusion from his mom's huge charity, is worth asking about.  The question was not whether her son lived in Nevada, but whether she funneled charity dollars meant for troops to her son's business.  Which she did.

Mrs. Patton-Bader at first denied that the transaction ever occurred.  I showed her the IRS filing that stated otherwise.  She then admitted that the transaction had happened, but qualified her admission with weak comments that did nothing to dispel the appearance of a cover-up, saying "he worked for the company mike..."

Nevada public records show that her son, Brandon Varn, was part-owner of Boodam and the Beav, Inc.  The Patton-Bader family has a vested interest to give away or sell t-shirts whose profits benefit the son of the founder.  Was this agreement put out to bid?  Does Soldiers' Angels use family members as suppliers for other merchandise that it sells or gives away?

Executives of Soldiers' Angels are notorious for attacking anyone who questions their business or their motives, and I was warned not to tangle with its increasingly venomous founder.  Mrs. Patton-Bader, confronted with facts, instantly resorted to defamation, writing:

"You are lying you fake, Brandon did not get the money for himself, it was for tshirts, Brandon was not the only one in company and it was fully disclosed YOU LIED AS YOU ALWAYS DO, by twisting and turning and the worst of it is, you think you are doing good, in a way you are donations are UP because of you so Thank you again. You lose Michael because we do what we say we do, if it is even close to something the public should know we disclose it. You are nothing but a coward..."

Mrs. Patton-Bader apparently thinks that she is General George S. Patton himself, slapping soldiers with his historical glove.  She may not realize that if General Patton did that today, he would be marched out of the service.  Nobody is intimidated.  

Board member Matt Burden, after my previous Soldiers' Ducks dispatch, wrote on Facebook that Mike Yon is a "[piece of shit] liar."  Soldiers' Angels is a floundering organization with a demonstrably dishonest and increasingly classless leadership.  (Burden's website accused me of being disembedded from Canadian forces for security violations, which is impossible; I was never embedded with Canadian forces.)  

Soldiers' Angels cannot argue its case using facts when the facts are against them, so they resort to intimidation, to defamation and to poison.  It is not working.  Other organizations have also criticized Soldiers' Angels. Charity Navigator gave them a 1-star financial rating. 

Soldiers' Angels received full points for transparency from Charity Navigator, but are they really that transparent?  After all, Soldiers' Angels spent a significant sum with a business that was partly-owned by a family member.  If they were dealing illegal drugs, this would be called money laundering.  But instead of cleaning the dirty money, Mrs. Patton-Bader made charitable donations into a family profit center.  Clever.

Maybe this sort of stinky dealing is perfectly legal -- I do not know the technicalities -- but it is greasy and sticky and creates an opportunity and incentive for corruption.  There is inherent conflict of interest in hiring one’s own son as a supplier when no doubt there are hundreds or even thousands of alternative suppliers.  The nonprofit has an obligation to avoid any appearance of malfeasance or conflict of interests.

When they are making money for t-shirts, there is motivation to give away thousands of t-shirts, paid for by donations.  Giving away t-shirts does nothing to help veterans, yet they paid $75,820 in one fell swoop, just in 2008.  How much was paid over the years?

Some will no doubt point out that Soldiers' Angels divulged this transaction on an IRS Form 990. But it was required to do so, and the factoid was hidden amongst a sea of other details, on a page amongst many pages in a voluminous filing. In other words, hiding in plain sight.

Rather than disparaging its critics, Soldiers' Angels should come clean about previous allegations of travel abuse, and it should address other questions that were raised in Soldiers' Ducks.

While she is at it, Mrs. Patton-Bader should pocket her slapping-glove and also answer these questions:

  1. How many family members -- by blood or by marriage -- have worked at Soldiers' Angels?  What were their positions and salaries?
  2. Exactly which transactions have occurred with companies that are owned, in whole or in part, by family members that are related to other members of Soldiers' Angels?
  3. Exactly which transactions have occurred with companies that are owned, in whole or in part, by Soldiers' Angels employees or leadership, whether paid or unpaid?
  4. How many t-shirts and other pieces of apparel or merchandise were purchased from companies owned, in part or in whole, by extended family members of Soldier’s Angels and Soldiers' Angels employees or leadership?
  5. Exactly what did Soldiers' Angels receive for the $75,820 paid to her son's company?
  6. What were the itemized prices for these purchases?
  7. Who are the current suppliers?
  8. Has Soldiers' Angels paid family members or leadership for services rendered to Soldiers' Angels?  (Outside of normal pay for employment.)  If so, who, what, when, where, and how much?
  9. Are any family members, or companies in which they hold interests, leasing or renting property or equipment to Soldiers' Angels?  Has this ever occurred in the past?
  10. Which websites does SA advertise on, and how much is paid for the advertisements?

The following is an example of a curious relationship.  Mark Taglianetti published on LinkedIn that he was a Production Manager for both Soldiers' Angels and for Boodam and the Beav.  In light of the rest, this has the appearance of conflict of interest:


Soldiers' Angels publicly praised its relationship with Boodam and the Beav during a fundraiser, failing to mention that Mr. Varn is the son of Mrs. Patton-Bader.  This has the appearance of a conflict of interests:


A reasonable person might ask why t-shirts have anything to do with helping veterans.  But retailers know that online sales of t-shirts can be lucrative.

Especially if the t-shirt company has the backing of a major charity, and benefits from a free public relations campaign paid for by that charity, and enjoys a maternal relationship with the charity.

Mrs. Patton-Bader may claim that there was no public relations campaign to raise sales at her son's t-shirt company, but the above listing tells a different story.  These t-shirts were not about helping veterans: they were about making money, and that money washed into her son's company.

Many have become fed-up with the venom, the glove-smacking, and the flag-wrapped jingoism that Mrs. Patton-Bader unleashes whenever anyone questions Soldiers' Angels.  From Facebook:


It has been demonstrated that charitable donations to Soldiers' Angels have been funneled to the family of Mrs. Patti Patton-Bader.  For her part, Mrs. Patton-Bader continues to try to shoot the messenger.  She is on shaky ground with her libel and defamation.  Apparently she thinks that it is safe to claim that there are lawsuits against me and that I am hiding overseas.  There are no lawsuits against me, and I am not hiding.  Mrs. Patton-Bader has committed libel and defamation with this statement, and with others.

To write that I am a member of Westboro Baptist and am being sued is egregious defamation committed by an organization with deep pockets.

Mrs. Patton-Bader should stick with facts.

Soldiers' Angel lost its halo and stands before us naked, busted, hate-fueled and committing defamation with a false sense of security.  Some noticed it years ago:



+11 # The truth is the truthLeyla 2012-08-14 19:19
Thank you Michael for letting us all know. I was going to donate to Soldiers Angels a while ago and for some reason hesitated.
It's interesting when people react to the truth. Seems to me she can't handle her position especially since she is using it to benefit her own interests instead of those of the men and women who really need it. You have a lot of supporters...so she can mouth off all she wants. The truth is the truth.
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+13 # WhoopsHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-14 19:51
That is going to leave a mark.

Who is taking odds that Mrs. Patton-Bader can control herself?

The poor lady is probably frothing at the mouth after this dispatch.

Of course, she will claim that she is the victim of a smear campaign while she is calling her detractors "cowards" and wrapping herself in the flag.

Here is my advice to Mrs. Patton-Bader:

Stop claiming that you are a patriot when you abuse the concept to raise money and to pay your rent. Sell stupid elsewhere. You fool no one.

Claiming that you are innocent and patriotic when you are clearly making bad leadership decisions at the helm of your charity just makes people angry.

You are fooling no one with your claims that you are a victim and that you are a patriot that only cares about taking care of soldiers.

You have made a lot of money running your charity. You are now, indisputably, running it into the ground.

The choice is yours: you either clean up your act, or you lose everything.

If you are not capable of making rational decisions, then you should step aside in favor of a responsible, ethical adult who is capable of running a charity in a manner that avoids all appearance of impropriety. You have utterly failed to do this, so far, and gnashing your teeth and frothing at the mouth is not going to change a thing.

I will explain things very simply to you: you are a steward of funds donated by others. It is incumbent upon you to dispense those funds soberly and in ways that are beyond reproach. Your charity is not a personal piggy bank, and it is not a job's program for your family.

There are plenty of other charities that benefit the troops. Charities that responsibly manage their donations, charities that do not fly their girlfriends around on the company dime, charities that do not order t-shirts from their son's company.

No matter how you spin this, the facts are indisputable. To get out in front of this, you should fire your entire rancid board, you should resign, and you should hire someone of impeccable moral reputation. You should walk away from Soldier's Angels. It is bigger than you. It is not synonymous with your family.

Or not. Believe it or not, it is pretty entertaining watching you thrash around waving the flag, calling your critics "cowards."

Have a great day!

Yours truly,

Heywood Jablomi
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-18 # whoopsElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 20:23
You posted an incredibly rude comment. It's full of dreadful accusations, cruel remarks & vicious gossip.
You are ranting and I can tell that for some reason, you are a very bitter person. The rule is, when you accuse, immediately follow that accusation with the facts to prove it...this you neglected to do.
I suggest that if you are going to comment, that you first back up your accusations with cold facts and speak somewhat like a gentleman.
The intense anger that you display is actually frightening.
I am not trying to attack you but rather I am doing my best to stand for an organization that has brought nothing but support, compassion and love to our deployed troops & veterans.

Please Heywood, get a grip and find out the facts before you post such an incredibly hateful, heartless and rude comment.
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+6 # I will make one effort, Ms. HodgesHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-15 06:55
Quoting Elaine Hodges:
You posted an incredibly rude comment. It's full of dreadful accusations, cruel remarks & vicious gossip.
You are ranting and I can tell that for some reason, you are a very bitter person.

Here is an idea.

Let's look carefully at what I wrote, and then let's look at what Elaine wrote.

I "posted an incredibly rude comment...full of dreadful accusations, cruel remark & vicious gossip," at least, that is the way that Elaine sees it.

"Incredibly rude comment?"

Which one? That Mrs. Patton-Bader is probably frothing at the mouth? Past experience with her has shown that she does not handle criticism well, she immediately goes on the attack in personal ways, and she fails to answer questions, preferring to wrap herself in the flag and infer that anyone who opposes her opposes "the troops."

These are "dreadful accusations?" I think so. They happen to have a basis in fact. We have all see Patti respond this way.

These are "cruel remarks?" Perhaps. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Now, my favorite, "vicious gossip?" Where?

The word "gossip" is defined as "casual or unconstrained conversations or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true."

I see nothing "casual" about my statements, and they are "constrained." You do not want to see me speak in an "unconstrained" fashion. I get the impression that your feelings are very malleable.

Now what is "not confirmed as being true?" The beauty of this article by Mike Yon is that it uses the IRS Form 990 submitted by Soldier's Angels itself, and the words of its founder, to make its points. Not a lot of room for error there. These are quotes, and this is a form that anyone can find posted on the internet. No failure to "confirm the truth," there.

Let's continue.

"Ranting?" Not me, madam. Me, "bitter?" Perhaps. But not for reasons that you are capable of understanding. I will clue you into something: when I encounter hypocrisy, it angers me. And there is plenty of hypocrisy to go around here.

I am out of space on this reply. I will continue below.
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+3 # RE: whoopsHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-15 07:07
Quoting Elaine Hodges:
The rule is, when you accuse, immediately follow that accusation with the facts to prove it...this you neglected to do.
I suggest that if you are going to comment, that you first back up your accusations with cold facts and speak somewhat like a gentleman.
The intense anger that you display is actually frightening.

Moving on...."The rule is, when you accuse, immediately follow that accusation with the facts to prove it....this you neglected to do."

Which accusation? Your imprecision makes it difficult for me to respond. Let's leap ahead.

"I suggest that if you are going to comment, that you first back up your accusations with cold facts and speak somewhat like a gentleman."

Now I am laughing. Mrs. Patton-Bader is indisputably making bad decisions as the founder of Soldier's Angels. You disagree? All of these "cold facts" can be laid to rest at her feet. Is she not responsible for everything that happens in her shop?

As for me being a "gentleman," I am, Ms. Hodges. You just do not like what I have to say. If being a "gentleman" is code for not calling Mrs. Patton-Bader to account, I regret to inform you that I decline to subscribe to your definition.

Here is my favorite remark: "The intense anger that you display is actually frightening."

Do you get out much, Ms. Hodges? The "intense anger that I display" is actually restrained. Make no mistake. I am angry. It angers me deeply when corrupt slimeballs shroud themselves in Old Glory and invoke patriotic themes while they equate donations to their personal piggy banks with support for the troops. Nothing angers me more. Mrs. Patton-Bader would be well advised to get herself a new schtick. This one is not working for her.

I will continue responding to your comments in my next post.
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+3 # RE: whoopsHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-15 07:29
Quoting Elaine Hodges:
I am not trying to attack you but rather I am doing my best to stand for an organization that has brought nothing but support, compassion and love to our deployed troops & veterans.

And here we go.

Waving a palm frond, suggesting peaceful intentions, while you then invoke "support, compassion and love to our deployed troops and veterans."

Here is an idea. Ms. Hodges, leave the troops and the veterans out of it. You have used up your last card entitling you to invoke them as a justification for anything that you do. You use them like a get-out-of-jail -free card, as a license.

Do you understand the hypocrisy behind your actions and your words? Rather than address any of the questions raised in Mike Yon's article, you and other advocates for Soldier's Angels invoke "the troops and the veterans," you resolve nothing, you explain nothing, you define nothing, you just wave your palm frond and mouth the words "support, compassion and love."

You are fooling no one. You are not a Jedi knight that can wave a hand and tell us that these are not the 'droids that we are looking for.

Serious facts were stated in Mike Yon's dispatch. I have yet to see a single comment addressing even one of them. Several incisive questions were asked in that article. Ten of them, to be exact. I have yet to see one response to a single one of them.

Just an admonishment that I should "speak somewhat like a gentleman," an observation that I am a "very bitter person," and the accusation that I make "dreadful accusations, cruel remarks," and that I engage in "vicious gossip."

Do you not see what you are doing? You are focusing on me, the messenger, and you are refusing to address the issues.

It is the same pattern of response that we have seen repeatedly among Soldier's Angels advocates.

You are going down with your ship while you steadfastly refuse to discuss the problems with your organization. Redirecting the dialogue to the qualities of your questioners is no longer fooling anyone. We see what you are doing. We recognize your pattern of behavior.

I am not the subject here, Ms. Hodges. The questions and the "dreadful accusations" and the "cruel remarks" and the "vicious gossip" are.

Let's talk about those things, shall we?
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+2 # RE: whoopsHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-15 07:42
Quoting Elaine Hodges:

Please Heywood, get a grip and find out the facts before you post such an incredibly hateful, heartless and rude comment.

Looks to me like I have done nothing but discuss facts.

You have chosen, instead, to discuss me.

What is the real topic under discussion here, Ms. Hodges? Me? Or Soldier's Angels?

Is my insistence on facts, "cold facts," as you characterize them, is that "incredibly hateful, heartless and rude?"

I am trying to talk about serious matters here.

You, like other Soldier's Angels advocates, prefer to shoot the messenger and divert attention from the questions. You think that if you wave the flag that you can distract us from the uncomfortable truths depicted in this dispatch.

Not anymore.

You should not open your mouth unless you are going to address even one issue raised in this dispatch. Just one.

Do not make any comments about my personality. You know nothing about me. Only that I have told you that I have a low tolerance for hypocrisy.

You should take that to the bank.

You should advise Patti to resign, Ms. Hodges. It would be the best thing that she could do to get her organization back on track.

It is not yet too late for Soldier's Angels. The entire leadership could step down, and the organization could be taken over by ethical professionals who know how to ensure that their actions withstand close scrutiny.

Amateur hour is over, Ms. Hodges. If Soldier's Angels continues as it has, with its current leadership, it will no longer exist within three years. Probably less.

You may not realize it, but there are more uncomfortable facts to be shared with your rapidly shrinking support base. Everything that Mike Yon is revealing is but a fraction of what is known. You guys have a mole problem. You have no idea which of you are talking to Mike Yon out of school, exposing Soldier's Angels dirty laundry in all of its disgusting detail. You will never know.

But the public will learn the truth. And the more that you try to redirect the dialogue to focus on the messenger, failing to address the issues, the faster your organization will self-destruct.

I am not doing these things to you. I am merely observing you do them to yourself.

Have a great day!
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-3 # HeywoodElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 15:23
I thought I talked a lot but you have me beat.
OK, all I can be is honest.
I have never heard any of these accusations UNTIL I read it on Michael website.
I am only ONE of 250 thousand-plus volunteers. I do not even answer to Soldiers' Angels, I only represent them.
I am not paid one cent, it is solely volunteer and the people who I DO answer to is at the Veteran's Hospital. I answer to the head of volunteer services, the therapists & nursing staff because these are the folks who I work (volunteer) close with.
As far as Patti & Soldiers' Angels, I have never PERSONALLY witnessed anything illegal or wrong. All that I am now hearing sounds so foreign.
Nobody has put me up to all of these comments I have posted, it was my idea and mine only because I felt that a good organization has been under sttack.
Whether these accusations are true or false, that is up to the law to fix.
If I HAD witnessed wrongdoings, I would be the first to complain, but I haven't.
All I have done is shared my experiences with meeting Patti and I have nothng but good to say about this lady for all that she has done to help our team to support our PTSD Veterans.
I have gone online and read Soldiers' Angels response to these accusations and they seem to answer my questions. what Lindsay Varn has said makes sense to me.

I do not have a Facebook account, but Heywood Jablomi, I did google your name and a facebook page came up with that exact name. Not sure if it's you, but with an uncommon name like that I assumed it was and what I saw was a little toddler boy flipping his middle finger.
Again, NOT sure if that's your facebook, but when I saw that, I jumped to conclusions and assumed it was you and lost whatever respect I could have for you and THEN I posted my comment.
If that's not your facebook page then I apologize, but seeing that really made me mad. I dont like seeing little children portrayed that way, it makes me sick. Again, if that's not your facebook page, then I apologze.
Heywood, I have been an open book about all that I am involved with but what about you? Have you served in the military and if so, thank you! But I'd like to know, what are your personal experiences with Soldiers' Angels? You come off like you know them inside and nout, how is that?
Until the law comes into the picture, I cannot say that Soldiers' Angels is guilty, I can only tell of my personal experiences with them and all has been amazing, supportive and loving towards our Veterans who I care about more than anything else.
I can't answer all of your questions because I don't know all the answers, I only know what I know.
Does that make sense?
If there has been wrongdoings, I want them to be made right, on whatever side it is.
Time for work.
Have a great day Heywood.
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# You are a very classy lady, ElaineHeywood Jablomi 2012-08-15 21:26
I like you. You seem like a truly fine person.

Thank you for doing the grunt work with our veterans. It is one thing to hit "submit" and send some money to a charity like SA, and quite another to spend time on the wards with our boys and girls.

To a degree, people like you make it irrelevant whether the leadership of an organization like SA are corrupt or not. Because you humanize the effort, you implement it on the ground. It takes a special person to do that work.

To answer your question, no. That was not my FB page. It sounds like some scoundrel has adopted my given name for his own nefarious purposes. It happens to me a lot. I will go have a look, and complain to FB.

Keep up the good work, Elaine! You have found a fan, and I support you in what you do.

All my best,

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-7 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 19:59
I have been a Team Leader for Soldiers' Angels for 5 years and have adopted deployed troops through Soldiers' Angels since this organization began.
Our Soldiers' Angels Team works with the PTSD Unit at our VA. Soldiers' Angels has donated HUNDREDS of Soldiers' Angels T-Shirts to our men and women in this Recovery Program. A Soldiers' Angels T-Shirt is one of the most sought after gifts from our Vets, along with the Soldiers' Angels Dog Tags.

When Patti Bader won the Mother of the Year Telaflora contest and was awarded a cash prize, she personally sent $1700.00 of it to the PTSD Unit for us to pay for the Christmas banquet and for Christmas gifts for almost 50 PTSD Veterans.

PLUS she has donated THREE Big Screens to the PTSD Unit along with THREE Wii gaming systems and 2 X-Box systems.
She has also donated HUNDREDS of Vet Backpacks loaded with toiletries, T-Shirts, Socks, flip-flops and Pajama pants.....let's not forget the HUNDREDS of Soldiers' Angels Dog Tags, Lapel Pins, Wrist bands, Diabetic Socks, Fleece Blankets, Bathtowels and more for these precious PTSD Veterans!

Soldiers Angels donated funds ARE helping hundreds and thousands of Troops & Veterans 27/7

I am so sick of these accusations Michael. I have been actively involved with Soldiers' Angels almost since it's conception and have seen nothing but love, concern and sacrifice for our active duty troops and veterans.

I urge all who is reading these accusations to listen to the Soldiers' Anegls side of it too...please.
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-9 # RE: RE: Naked Angels: BustedLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 20:05
All of this info has been posted on our website for over 2 years. Nothing illegal has happened here, and actually all laws in accordance with "Conflict of Interest" cases were followed here. We can only hope that people will do their research and see that this is nothing but "trolling" at it's best.
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+5 # SuppliersMichael Yon author 2012-08-14 20:24

It is said that Jeff forms companies in Nevada. Is he or other family members involved in selling or brokering supplies to Soldier's Angels?
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+4 # Mikes helper LOLMal hombre Cockroch 2012-08-14 20:16
Ummm i love it.. oh how the MIGHTY FALL... hey Elaine why is it all SA folks sound like broken records... I sure as hell didnt get care packages during my tour. or TV sets on my COB lol patti and her crew are raking in MILLIONS and if you knew what i know about the incredibly shady associations.. companies within a company and funneling MILLIONS. That stuff she sent is a drop in the Bucket.. ya all act like shes mother teresa.. mother teresa didnt do good deeds for accolades or awards she did it just to be decent... its nice to see the SA folks so blindly loyal... Gee can i get a cool SA t shirt.
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-2 # Mike's helper LOLElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 20:37
Dear Mike's helper, (Cockroach????)

Had you submitted your name to Soldiers' Angels for adoption, you certainly would have received care-packages.

Also, I thank you for your service and I mean that sincerely. I am thankful you are home safe now.

As for "a drop in the bucket" the PTSD Unit at our VA is only "a drop in the bucket" when you realize just all the needs of our brave troops & vets everywhere.

Do you know just how many Veteran Hospitals here and abroad, how many Veterans and Troops, here and abroad, how many military fammilies, here and abroad that Soldiers' Angels reaches out to on a daily basis???

So, NO SIR, what Soldiers' Angels has given to our particular group is HUGE, especially if you happened to be in that Unit and on the receiving end.

But it is nothing compared to what our brave men & women have given for us...a fact I believe every minute of my life.

Again, thank you for your service.
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+11 # VeteranIraq is over! 2012-08-14 21:30
Elaine . . . you are brain washed . . . and have been for five years. $1700 dollars . . . WOW! There are private citizens who have donated 10 times as much. You say THREE big screens like if the CAPS (YOU SHOUTING) are supposed to impress us. Who gives a rats ass about three Wiis and two Xboxs (SHORT TERM PAIN RELIEF). I can name you ten organizations that have donated millions to research . . . a long term healing process. Have you served a day in your life????? Mrs. Bader is dirty. She is getting caught in her dirty lies. Any self respecting military veteran would not even dare associate her with GEN Patton. He was a pioneer, she is not. And filing tax returns is not disclosing information, it is keeping your fat lazy ass out of jail. So do not assume to lecture us about your wisdom (or lack there of) on this issue. Let me know how unemployment feels when they shut her down. Here are facts . . . applied three times for packages for Soldiers:

Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08
Packages received: 0.
Excuse: issues with mail.

Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-10
Packages received: 0.
Excuse: Our unit was already being sponsored at a higher level (No such truth to that statement). That person was to busy getting her own little organization spun up by using SA to promote her.

Operation Iraqi Freedom 11-12
Packages received: 0.
Excuse: We are currently putting all efforts to troops in Afghanistan because Iraq is closing.

Try this organization . . . Blue Star Mothers (BSM).

Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina . . . just to name a few, stepped up to the plate. You know what they did not do, donate THREE Big Screens, Wiis, or Xboxs. We also did not get useless pajamas, socks and back-packs. We received what we needed, what we asked for, what made over 6,000 soldiers happy. And the best part of it all . . . there was no money being giving to someones son's business for t-shirts that do not do a thing to help my PTSD!!!

And last I checked, there are only 24 hours in a day.

We have listened to Soldiers Angels side of the story. Instead of hearing a story about the truth, all we hear is Mrs. Bader attack others. Who ever advised her that the best defense is a dirty offense lied to her. It doesn't work in sports, it doesn't work in war, and it sure as hell doesn't work in social media.

And unless you have all the facts . . . I suggest you stay a team leader and leave the social media advocating to those with the knowledge and intelligence to do it correctly without making their silver spoon look like a bucket of dung.

Michael Yon is an advocate of the troops . . . . from the front line. And last
I checked . . . . the front line is no where near California or Nevada.

Have a great day.
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-8 # re: Veteran - Iraq is OverElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 22:55
Dear Veteran,
About the CAPS, I didn't use them to shout, only to emphasize, I apologize.
I also apologize for the typo "27/7" my mistake.
As far as Patti's personal contribution of $1700.00 of the prize money from Teleflora's Mother of the Year that she won, she had the right to keep that for herself. Instead she choose to bless our PTSD Veterans on Christmas 2009 with it. We held a full-course Christmas Banquet for them and they each(about 48 Vets) received multiple wrapped gifts that included neccessites that the VA informed us that the Veterans needed.
(for many of those Veterans, it was the only Christmas celebration that they would have)
Also if you are familiar with PTSD, you know that "isolation" is one of the symptoms. That is why the Wii & X-Box gaming systems were so essential. These happened to be on the "wish-list" that the VA gave us. We also purchased the games, of which are all SPORTS. This enables our PTSD Vets to interact and become more socialable, which is extremely important in their PTSD recovery.
These games also serve to give them times of light-heartedne ss and laughter and comaraderie during their 3 month stay at the VA. They undergo intense therapy, so this time spent playing sports on the Wii and X-Box gives them recreation that they need.
Another fact is, many of the PTSD Vets first come through HVRP (Homeless Veterans Recovery Program) before they enter the PTSD Recovery Program. Additonally, many of the Vets do not have a lot of support from home, so YES SIR (I think I just shouted) they did need the socks, shower-flip-flo ps, pajamas, shirts & backpacks, toiletries, blankets that you referred to as "useless."
But even the Vets who come from supportive family background, most are from out of state, so to receive a Christmas or Birthday gift or a Game Prize from Soldiers Angels means a great deal. Their tears of gratitude confirmed this to me. (God bless them)
And no, I did not serve in the Military, but two of my brothers did, many of my cousins did and all of my uncles served in our great military, so this is yet another reason why I want to volunteer my time to show my gratitude to those who serve now. And it's also the reason why I want to stand up for an organization that are actively helping our Troops and Veterans as we speak.
Also dear Veteran, you don't want me to speak out and advocate for this cause, but don't you realize that you served to give me that freedom?
And I thank you for it. I truly do.
As for Michael Yon being an advocate for our Troops, I thank him for that too, with all my heart.
It's the non-stop accusations that are bugging me.
And one more thing, I am not brainwashed, hat sir was not a nice comment.
OK, I gotta get back to listing on eBay, I'm tired of this arguing.
We are all Americans and we support our Troops & Veterans.
God bless them all and God bless America.
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-3 # PS - Veteran - Iraq is OverElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 23:03
PS...About the Big Screen TV's that were also donated by Soldiers' Angels, those too were on the VA wish lists for our PTSD Veterans. They are used daily by the PTSD program, not only for TV watching in their spare time, but they are also used for PTSD class instruction.
Reply | Report to administrator
+3 # Oh my god!Phillip Childers 2012-08-15 06:03
Quoting Elaine Hodges:
As far as Patti's personal contribution of $1700.00 of the prize money from Teleflora's Mother of the Year that she won, she had the right to keep that for herself. Instead she choose to bless our PTSD Veterans on Christmas 2009 with it. We held a full-course Christmas Banquet for them and they each(about 48 Vets) received multiple wrapped gifts that included neccessites that the VA informed us that the Veterans needed.
(for many of those Veterans, it was the only Christmas celebration that they would have)
We are all Americans and we support our Troops & Veterans.
God bless them all and God bless America.

How much does she make a year from being the president? How much of her own money has she donated to soldiers angels? I laugh at the 1700 donation - if she'd have kept it there would have been an even greater outcry against her. She's a money grubber who takes advantage of her name and peoples ignorance, nothing more. Well, maybe a traitor for taking money that should be going to help soldiers and their families not jump start family businesses. I find that the one fact - that she actually did give her son that money, then lies and talks about other people instead of clearing it up to be the proof in the pudding - having stooges like you log in here and talk about how grand it is that after all the millions that have been donated they can proudly say they gave 3 frigging wiis and a couple of Xbox's - oh, don't forget the big screens whoop whoop - to ONE UNIT!?!?! Are you insane, lady! wow, you should all be made saints for donating all that from all those millions, damn!!!
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # Oh My GOD - Phillip ChildersElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 06:28
Dear Phillip Childers,

Please let me clarify.....

The PTSD Unit I am referring to consists of THREE dormatories.

There is the women's dorm and two men's dorms.

These Vets LIVE there for at least 3 months...it is their home-away-from- home while undergoing intense therapy.

Each Dorm received a TV.....each Dorm received a gaming system.
And please forgive me.....one of those Wii's went to the Nursing Care Unit for moderate exercise for the senior Veterans...on THAT I apologize, it's been a few years. MY fault!

The other two Wiis and the x-boxes were split between the 3 Dormatories.

The average count of PTSD patients between 35 to 48 split between those 3 Doorm.

It's NOT like they are all in one room with 3 big screens and 5 gaming systems, which you probably assumed.

Three seperate Dorms in 3 seperate buildings.

Secondly, the prize Patti won was for herself.....but she gave ALL of it away to various needsvof our troops & Vets and $1700.00 of that amount came to the PTSD Vets so those men & women (who are far from home) could have a joyous Christmas with food and gifts....and YOU have a problem with that??????

And then you call me a stooge?

Wy do you resort to name-calling and accusations and attcking?

My God, we are not enemies!!!
This is getting so out of control!
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-4 # PS Phillip ChildersElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 06:31
Sorry for all the above typos.....it's bedtime :zzz
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-3 # RE: VeteranLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 23:46
I don't think the front lines are in Taiwan right now either, Veteran. And unfortunately Michael Yon is sharing personal messages from Patti to him, but notice he's NOT posting his direct replies to Patti? We're damned if we do here and damned if we don't. If you got turned down for support with us 3 times, that is highly unusual and we'd like to see our correspondences with your unit to try and rectify that issue.
Thank you for your service.
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-2 # RE: RE: VeteranLindsay Varn 2012-08-15 00:02
Oops, he's in Thailand..Thail and...sorry! Boy HOWDY I'm tired! lol
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+1 # ScoopMal hombre Cockroch 2012-08-14 20:31
hey nice warehouse in Ranseur... or is that a Glove factory. or is it a printing company... and that Denim creek outfit at the same address... its complicated for sure...
Reply | Report to administrator
+4 # San Antonio warehouseMichael Yon author 2012-08-14 20:38

Who owns that warehouse?
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: San Antonio warehouseLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 20:56
Please see our website here:
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # RE: San Antonio warehouseLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:03
Please see here:
Please visit our website here:
Reply | Report to administrator
# just lil old meMal hombre Cockroch 2012-08-14 20:42
Hey Lindsay who owns the Warehouse in San antonio????? and whats with the donations going to the causekeepers IN NC as well as the warehouse at the same address. and whats the deal with Denim Creek???? im SOOOOOO Confused...
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: just lil old meLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 20:58
Please visit our website here:
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+1 # San antonio roses hubbyMal hombre Cockroch 2012-08-14 20:51
the warehouse ya just bought in San Antonio... rumor has it you folks bought a new warehouse... hope it isnt ROBBED or burned by some shadey circumstances.. Remeber ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WAREHOUSE FIRES! also ya afford me some respect for being a VETERAN.. thanx BUT MIKE YON IS ALSO ONE.. AFFORD HIM SOME AS WELL..
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: San antonio roses hubbyLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:04
No new warehouses, no that is incorrect.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: San antonio roses hubbyLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:10
It seems some of my comments are being deleted. I'm trying to answer directly here, please give me the opportunity to do so.

As previously typed, No there are no new warehouses. That is incorrect.
Reply | Report to administrator
-3 # rumors?Elaine Hodges 2012-08-14 21:20
Dear Cockroach (sorry but thats what you named yourself)
The big problem I have with you is the key phrase that you hold dear....."RUMOR HAS IT"
Honestly, you should change your name to Mrs Kravitz, a known TV gossip from back in the day.

Please study out the facts before you accuse.

I could say "Rumor has it" and then accuse you of unthinkable acts, but I choose to have integrity and not do so.

Can we all please discuss this intelligently and mannerly instead of flinging accusations that are based on "RUMOR HAS IT?"
Reply | Report to administrator
# floodArmy Mom 2012-08-21 02:00
They did have a 'flood' about a year or so ago...wanted extra donations to 'restock' the warehouse...tha t place is HUGE.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:02
As for our San Antonio Warehouse please visit our site here:
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+6 # Not answeredMichael Yon author 2012-08-14 21:29

I read that much earlier. The question is: who actually owns the warehouse that SA is leasing in San Antonio?

Thank you.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Not answeredLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:53
That I can not answer to, as I have no direct dealings with that portion of Soldiers' Angels. I do know that it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti if that is what you are asking. You would have to direct that question to our Board of Trustees.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # ownershipArmy Mom 2012-08-21 02:01
Should be a manner of public record...
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Naked Angels: BustedLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:13
I apologize, I guess the internet glitch is on my end. My comments are being posted, then not...sorry for the over explanation on my part.
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+3 # Ranseur NCMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-14 21:23
SO whatss with the causekeepers and Denim Creek LLC. and the glove factorys all located at the same address as youre east coast warehouse and where ya accept donations???
Reply | Report to administrator
+5 # Mr.Shea Brown 2012-08-14 21:30
Thanks Michael for what you are doing,, just asking for some transparency. People who have always been completely honest and up front should never have any reason to be afraid , or any reason to be offended, when someone asks them questions about the business that is their charity. In fact, if they are honest, they should relish the opportunity to reveal the depths of their honesty and charitable nature to the world ! We have cons all over this country who scam and rip off folks,, all the way from the calls one gets about supporting the police or state troopers, (where the callers can keep up to 98% of the money they raise,) to the honest call to support your local YMCA. Keep rustling the brush,, sooner or later something fat might tall out! I think you have hit a major nerve ! Stay safe,, and peace.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # no answer?Mal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-14 21:40
OK i blame my lack of grammer and poor english mechanics on my parents.... So whats with denim creek LLC and causekeepers
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # RE: no answer?Lindsay Varn 2012-08-14 21:51
I'm sorry, but we have no relation to Denim Creek LLC. Where are you finding their name? I can not speak to any relation that they may or may not have to Causekeepers.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedPat 2012-08-14 21:53
Glad I didn't contribute to them. They did do good work for the troops coming through Landstuhl.
Reply | Report to administrator
# CausekeepersMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-14 21:57
SO what do ya know about them... I know Donnie Lafferty their company president has some sort of affliation with you. I know they specialize in webdesign and site maintenance for charities as well as Silk screenings... fundraising. why were youre donations going to theyre company and youre Warehouse had the same addess???
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # CausekeepersMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-14 22:00
I know for a fact they also manufacture plaques for SA
Reply | Report to administrator
# CausekeepersMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-14 22:10
SO why does a FOR PROFIT company collect donations for SA?
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: CausekeepersLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 22:41
Causekeepers is a completely reliable company that specializes in Charity Fundraising tools, and supplies warehouse space. By having two locations for Angels to send locations to, our donors are able to save on shipping costs, as well as us being able to save on shipping costs. They are 100% accountable for every donation that they receive and we work together to disperse those supplies to OUR Soldiers and Veteran Families. This is a completely 100% legitimate practice for Non Profit Organizations. Not to mention, at times like Christmas we have too many supplies to house on our own, so we need help, and as stated on our website they donate a portion of their square footage to house our supplies.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: RE: CausekeepersLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 22:42
I apologize for a few typos in that last. My grammar is leaving me as I close my day with two very young children! ;-)
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: RE: RE: CausekeepersLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 22:47
As to Donnie Laferty, the only relationship I am aware of us to Donnie is that he owns Causekeepers. He may have donated to us in the past, as they often do but all of our staff and board members names and contact emails are listed on our website, and it is 100% accurate.
Reply | Report to administrator
+4 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedBarbara 2012-08-14 22:57
Interesting reading. I've been involved in SA since 2005 or so off and on mostly adopting soldiers for their tour of duty. I have to say the "Patton" association clearly made me uneasy, because it was so ridiculously distant as to be meaningless, but SA had a good rep at the time so I ignored it and did the adoption thing. I attended the San Antonio conference a few years back and was not really comfortable around Mr & Mrs Bader because I felt there was too much drawing attention to self. Once Mike's dispatches came out, I checked out CharityNavigato r and Charity Watch for myself, and found that what he said was accurate. I just hope the last donation I gave to Valour-IT actually makes it to where it was intended. I won't be donating any more (and yes, I noticed SA pushing its store more lately) until its CN standing improves.

I'd urge other SA participants not to react defensively, but check the facts as I did, and put principles before personalities.
Reply | Report to administrator
# Naked Angels Busted - BARBARAElaine Hodges 2012-08-14 23:38
OK, I said that I was going to get back to work but I just have to reply to Barbara.

Barbara, I was at that same conference and honest to God, I felt such kindness and passion for our Troops & Vets from both Jeff & Patti Bader. I felt such warmth from everyone.

From what I could tell, they did not want attention for themselves, because they were constantly passing whatever attention they received to our soldiers who attended that confernece. Jeff himself showed me various letters that are on the wall at the San Antonio Warehouse from deployed troops and as he spoke of them, tears filled hs eyes. Same with Patti.

I was not there to kiss up to anyone and nobody kissed up to me. I felt like we were all equally important. But if anyone was special, elevated & honored, it was troops & veterans who visited that conference.

As far as Valour-IT, last year Soldiers' Angels sent me five Laptops to present to five severally wounded soldiers in the Poly-Trauma at the Palo Alto VA.
That experience changed my life, I was able to spend hours afterwards and even invited to dinner at the extended Fisher HOuse lunchroom with them and their families...it was awesome.
I am sure you could order the DVD that comprised of all of the Laptops Presentations throughout the nation to the severally wounded by S.A. during that time....I would be glad to send you a copy if you'd like one.
Anyhow Barbara, please don't give up on S.A
I'm not being defensive, I'm only talking about what I have personally witnessed.
As far as the name "Patton", well, being a great-niece is not that far-removed at all. Heck, if Gen George Patton, Colin Powell or Norman Schwarzkopf or any men like them were my great-uncles, I'd be proud to be related to them too.
God bless you Barbara! :o)
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+2 # RE: Naked Angels Busted - BARBARABarbara 2012-08-15 14:37
Elaine, don't misunderstand me. The rank and file of SA does a tremendous job, often making personal and financial sacrifices to see that our troops are well taken care of. That makes it all the more disheartening that SA's stewardship of our money is not above board. I will not give up on adopting soldiers, but I'll pack my own packages, avoid the store, and see if Mrs. Bader has a different response other than 'you're lying' when the facts argue otherwise. Bless you, dear.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # Whyangel 2012-08-14 23:11
Mrs. Varn seems to be answering questions politely and truthfully. How come everyone is ignoring their answers and going by independent so called "watch dog" websites????
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: WhyLindsay Varn 2012-08-14 23:17
Thank you for fully reading, I fear not many are doing so. :sad:
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # RE: WhyBarbara 2012-08-15 17:02
Because they have no dog in this fight, and have a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy.
Reply | Report to administrator
+3 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedDan Spear 2012-08-15 00:56
I donated to Soldier's Angels and was then inundated with mailers. Tons of them. And I wondered just how much do they spend on raising money? So now we know 36% goes to support our troops. What a scam!
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedHeather 2012-08-15 01:56
There are many things that turned me off about SA, I could never bring myself to get involved though numerous people tried to get me too. The milblogs, I felt inundated w/their pleas to support SA, there was quite the little "in-club" going on. It was obnoxious.

I did donate to the IT Valor program, very worthy cause, and after that I got hounded by SA. I never got a receipt or a thank you note, but plenty of requests for more money. I received a snail mail card, I thought it was a waste of money to pay for a postage stamp, the internet works just fine. A few years ago I had read an article that they were worth millions, but you sure wouldn't know that by the constant fundraising. I couldn't help but wonder where all that money was going when on their website they would say they had Soldiers not getting any care packages. How about using some of those millions for a box or two?

I wasn't impressed w/the use of Patton's name, I saw it for what it was. And I agree, one is to never say anything negative about SA. What really turned me off was when I saw that they had their logo put on hot chocolate packets. I tried to convince myself that some company somewhere did that as a donation for them and they certainly didn't pay for that to be done. I never found out, but honestly even if it was free, it's a bit extreme. I also think any charity that spends money on trinkets, gadgets, coins, lapel pins, wrist bands, etc is a waste. I would much prefer that money go to the Soldiers. A T-shirt and a baseball cap is about all I can see worthy of spending money on for marketing and a give away.

Personally, I think the whole charity system needs to be re-vamped. Too many charities spend money on award ceremonies, B.S. conferences, dinners, overhead, salaries, and all the rest. Meanwhile the very people they are to be helping never receive any of the donated money.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Naked Angels: BustedHeather 2012-08-15 02:05
In the one email from Patton-Bader she says she isn't funneling money to her son, but yet says the money went to an Iraq war vet that just happens to be the founders son? WTF kind of sense does that make? It may not be funneling to him for personal use but it is still funneling money to him indirectly. Laundering.

Sorry, they can claim transparency but it is still shady dealings.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Naked Angels: BustedLindsay Varn 2012-08-15 02:16
That 36% is an outdated number, and that posting is not directly off the Charity Navigator site, but off of a personal blog. Our percentage reported in 2010 was 78%.
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # RE: RE: Naked Angels: BustedBarbara 2012-08-15 14:58
This 78% number is verified in the BBB report.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedLindsay Varn 2012-08-15 02:19
Also, tshirts are used in our Wounded Backpacks, Homeless Veteran Backpacks, and sold for donation on our store website.
Reply | Report to administrator
-4 # Mr.Shea Brown 2012-08-15 02:19
It just occurred to me, while we are talking about the charities involved in helping our returning soldiers,, more thousands are being recruited very minute,, for missions that might make sense, and perhaps might not make any sense at all. As long as soldiers blindly follow the path our politicians suggest and demand, there will always be lives misused and tragically wasted. Every war is a failure and a waste.Defense should mean that exactly,,defens e,, and not these folly-filled occupations for profit.
Reply | Report to administrator
+6 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedSonny 2012-08-15 03:34
When someone like Michael Yon makes an accusation who relies on donations to continue his work, it makes no sense he would say something that would discoxurage people from doing so.

I'll go with Michael on this one.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # geezveeka 2012-08-15 03:57
man i really enjoyed your dispatches when they were about my fellow soldiers and their struggles. now most dispatches seem to be flame wars between you and other sites. :-|
Reply | Report to administrator
# How I see itMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-15 06:18
they beleive theyre own hype.. and honestly what GI downrange cares about some t Shirt??? Ive seen SA members in other places proclaim how much the troops loved them and theyre dog tags and pins... like were all children... ALBEIT POOR bastard children.... its a charity they plays on emotions and uses every damm trump card Patti is interested in first and formost her EGO and her pocket book....and her chronies all spew the same bs but ya notice its rarely if ever an Actual GI who defends them... always some cousin of gi or some other third party... SA also likes to keep Internet bullies and drones to harrass or spout theyre Party line... SUPPORT US... PAY US... OR YOURE A FAKE A COWARD AND HATE GOD AND America.... And it cracks me up when patty tries to sound like her Uncle LOL.... He had a high squeeky voice too and he was HYPED..... and a prima donna... I dont trust a damm thing youre organiazation is Shady and youre harrassment of non supporters and those who question DER FUHRER AKA PATTI is despicable.... What i also find amazing is the amount of time and EFFORT you SA groupies spend online defending youre organization and or hillying and harrasing those who dont toe youre party line... OH and elaine I admire the cockroch ever try to kill one??? TALI and AL q tried to kill me too... they also found out im hard to kill... and I hope this gives you HELL
Reply | Report to administrator
# How I see it.....Mal HombreElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 06:47
I don 't understand your anger and I sure don't understand what you are talking about. I don't do Facebook and I don't know about any of these other things you are referring to. I'm not playing dumb, I am dead serious.
Our Team volunteers and we give our heart and soul to bi-monthly dinners and activities for the PTSD Unit....these guys have been broken by war and we are just trying to help in any way possible by serving them good food twice a month with games and Movie Nights.....and Yes, these Vets LOVE their Pins, Dog Tags and T-Shirts...but most of all, they are glad that a group of civilians care about them.....please Mike, what is wrong with that?????
And by the way, I am seriously thankful that you were not killed.....did you think I was?

I have never harrassed anyone...are you kidding? I just want to focus on the need of our Veterans...period.

Please Mike, take a step back and cool your anger....I am not your enemy.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # HMMMMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-15 06:54
maybe ya should see some of the Crap youre fearless leader. youre MIlblog board of directors has said.,, YOU PERSONALLY should be commended for youre efforts Elaine.. but if you knew the harrassment and or slander youre board uses youd be shocked... also theyre company needs a full indenpendant third party investigation and audit ASAP... because theyre is some very creative accounting and or expenses within the organization.
Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # EnemyMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-15 07:01
And Mike Yon Isnt youre enemy either... but ya all sure villify him also...
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # Mal HombreElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 07:23
Mike, I gotta go to sleep but I will post this last comment for the night....

I don't know of any slander or harrassment that you are referring to. I don't even read blogs or the forums. LIke I said, I am focused on one thing....our Veterans.
But just be honest and read most of the posts that took place today and all you read is slandering, harrassment and name-calling by those who dislike Soldiers' Angels.
It has worn me out emotionally reading all fo this today. Compare all of these posts to those of Lindsay Varn.....she answers to the point without anger and doesn't name-call anyone.

Mike, all I can say is what I have witnessed and experienced and I have never witnessed or experienced any of these accusations. I just want to do what I believe God wants me to do and that is serve & support our PTSD Vets.

I have had some PTSD Vets in my family and I have have great concern for those who suffer with it, as do the rest of our team.
Soldiers' Angels has greatly supported our efforts here at the Menlo Park VA...and for that reason, I am so thankful to be part of this organization. I know that in any group or organization, there are faults and that is because we are human, but like I stated before, I personally have never witnessed any that has been spoken of today.
I probably keep repeating myself and I apologize.

Anyhow Mike, I thank you sincerely for your service. And I'm sorry I called you Mrs. Kravitz :-| in an earlier post...I was just frustrated.

It is my sincere prayer that this whole orderal is ironed out because there are thousands of troops and Vets who need all the love and support from all of us and I do mean ALL of us.

God bless you Mike and everyone else out there. Good night and take care.
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+7 # Elaine/Mal HombreKatie Rose 2012-08-15 16:32
Elaine, he's right to advise you to take a step back from this situation. Your perspective is in the trenches of this charity, and I'm sure your efforts and those of your co volunteers are 100% pure, but that doesn't mean that people on top aren't using this charity for their own gain and hiding that from you worker bees who are inadvertently helping them. Everyone in this discussion wants to help vets, Mike Yon, Mal Hombre, and Elaine Hodges, you are all on the same side. Elaine, don't allow yourself to be made a tool. If your charity has nothing to hide, then that will come to light, and if there have been secrets swept under the rug, hopefully you can get all that trouble purged, and get back to helping vets, without anyone skimming from the money meant to go to the vets. Really, you should think of Mike Yon as your, and the vets trusted friend.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # Katie RoseElaine Hodges 2012-08-15 17:19
Hi Katie Rose,
This morning I posted one reply to an individual and then I made up my mind to get back to work (I'm self-employed) but I can't resist checking back on these posts.
I wrote a reply to Barbara this morning and tried 3 times to send it through but it wouldn't. Maybe that WAS a sign for me to step back.
Katie Rose, I respect what you said and I will abide by it. I never thought of Michael Yon as my enemy at all. I appreciate very much how he supports our Troops, especially when it came to the Medevac issue.
I'm just surprised by these accusations against S.A. and it just breaks my heart. I only want all things to be right & lawful and I'm hoping to God that they are.
Since 2004, I am been a part of S.A. and I have never seen anything that seemed shady or illegal, not in the least.
You are right, I am a worker bee and I don't know all that's going on at the top, but I am praying that it's all good because from the time I started with Soldiers' Angels, I have been amazed by the support they have given our deployed troops and also the strong support for our Veterans, especially the PTSD Vets, who we so dearly love and care for.

I am very passionate about the cause of helping our Veterans and it's been Soldiers' Angels which has been the vehicle that has allowed our Team to do what we do on a consistant basis since 2007. This is why I am hoping for the best and that is why I have been so vocal about standing up for Soldiers' Angels.
But one thing Katie, I truly believe that it IS in Patti's heart to help our military as it is in yours, Michael's, Mal Hombre's and mine, as well as everybody else who has posted here so far.
I don't know what else to say, I know I talk a lot but I just feel passionate about these things and it's hard to hold back.....but I will step back for awhile and like I said, pray to God that all is well.
In the meantime, there's work to do for our Veterans at our VA and that is want our Team will 100% focus on.
God bless Soldiers' Angels and Michael Yon and I pray that we can all work together to help those who need it.
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+1 # BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-15 06:29
Also why does the BBB give ya such a lousy rating???.... OH wait the BBB hates the troops and america and puppies too right???
Reply | Report to administrator
+3 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedBarbara 2012-08-15 15:08
Thanks to Lindsay and Elaine for their spirited defense and obvious tireless works on behalf of SA's volunteers and troops. But really, where is Mrs. Bader in this conversation? I find it disturbing that there is a deafening silence from the founder in the face of these serious charges of financial impropriety. If there is a harmless explanation, we should hear it, or at least she should post it on her fb page to clear the air, but I saw nothing.

There are many good people in SA, but I'm uncomfortable with the "cult of personality" surrounding Mr & Mrs Bader. There are those that don't just admire them, they practically worship them. Don't think that they aren't human, and aren't capable of grievous error. Just sayin'.
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+7 # Warehouse in San AntonioMichael Yon author 2012-08-15 15:42

There are more questions than answers. One of the big outstanding questions is who owns the warehouse in San Antonio? Where do the lease payments go? So far, they are avoiding that question. Are the lease payments going to the family through a shell? Simple questions. If the answers are easy they should answer.
Reply | Report to administrator
+5 # Not answeredMichael Yon author 2012-08-15 16:01
Who or what entity owns the San Antonio warehouse?
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+1 # RE: Warehouse in San AntonioArmy Mom 2012-08-21 01:18
it should be very easy to find out who owns the property...publ ic records should prove that out. It is a HUGE bldg, they do a lot of their own silk screening there. I have been there...
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-5 # Warehouse in San Antoniodarren 2012-08-15 15:56
Lindsay answered that Michael. "...I do know that it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti if that is what you are asking..."
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+4 # Still not answered, - darrenHenry Wood 2012-08-15 17:01
Quoting darren:
Lindsay answered that Michael. "...I do know that it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti if that is what you are asking..."

Darren, that is no answer. If Lindsay truly knows "it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti", then it goes that she does know who the owner is.
This stalling on the answer only makes it look worse than it already appears to be.
Who owns the warehouse? NOT who doesn't own the warehouse. Geddit?
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-3 # RE: Still not answered, - darredarren 2012-08-15 18:01
Quoting Henry Wood:
Quoting darren:
Lindsay answered that Michael. "...I do know that it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti if that is what you are asking..."

Darren, that is no answer. If Lindsay truly knows "it's no one related or with any relationship to Patti", then it goes that she does know who the owner is.
This stalling on the answer only makes it look worse than it already appears to be.
Who owns the warehouse? NOT who doesn't own the warehouse. Geddit?

Your assuming she knows and not telling. You shouldn't assume anything without facts. The question was who owns the Warehouse or leases it to SA? Who cares and if Lindsay says its no one related I believe her. She also said to direct that particular question to the board. Their emails are on SoldiersAngels. org I found it pretty easlily, Seems like a witch hunt to me. You can ask the same question about everything like who do they buy their toilet paper from? If people took the time to ask questions directly to them maybe they would get straight answers back like I have.
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# RE: RE: Still not answered, - darreHenryWood 2012-08-15 18:21
Quoting darren:

Your assuming she knows and not telling. You shouldn't assume anything without facts.

Well, she "knows" the owner is "no one related", ergo she *knows* who the owner is, otherwise how could she "know" the owner "is not related"?
So, it is either a *fact* she knows who the owner is, or the claim of "no relation" is BS.
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-1 # RE: RE: Still not answereddarren 2012-08-15 18:55
Quoting HenryWood:
Quoting darren:

Your assuming she knows and not telling. You shouldn't assume anything without facts.

Well, she "knows" the owner is "no one related", ergo she *knows* who the owner is, otherwise how could she "know" the owner "is not related"?
So, it is either a *fact* she knows who the owner is, or the claim of "no relation" is BS.

Ask the board members directly with an email. She doesn't know the person or companies name that owns the building so she couldn't possibly know if they are related to the founder?? Your deductive reasoning has no fact base and your just guessing. Ask the board like I did, everyones looking for answers in comments lol.
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+2 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedBarbara 2012-08-15 16:18
Also, the August 2012 SA newsletter has a sidebar stating "Board of Trustees explains latest charity ratings". I scanned the newsletter four times and saw no mention of it at all??? This is disturbing.
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+1 # Board member respondedMichael Yon author 2012-08-15 21:09

A board member responded: http://www.michaelyon-online.com/soldiers-angels-responds.htm
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+3 # RE: Board member respondedBarbara 2012-08-15 22:36
Somebody definitely crapped in his cornflakes. :/
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-1 # RE: RE: Naked Angels: BustedRobert 2012-08-22 23:32
See July 25 newsletter: http://txsoldiersangels.blogspot.com/2012/07/charity-ratings-board-response.html
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+4 # RE: Naked Angels: Bustedchristine 2012-08-16 22:50
Thank you for this Michael,and for all the good you are doing for our heroic soldiers.
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# BUSTEDMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-18 00:48
Seems Soldiers angels loves using other peoples money to line theyre Family and friends Wallets...


Cj Grishams Case was settled out of court... where did all the money go?? Was Mark Seavey his legal counsel or somone from his firm?? They wash eachothers hands quite a lot and hang thick as theives...
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+1 # LogosMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-18 00:50
Why does SA pay money which could be better used, to put LOGOS on EVERYTHING??
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+3 # other donationsArmy Mom 2012-08-20 22:21
I believe, Michael, that there are other areas that need addressing also. I have some information on monies sent to them via a state that were to go to a Navy hospital, that the hospital never has seen, for wounded warriors.
I am not giving my real name as I do not want to interfere with a possible (IT SHOULD BE HAPPENING) ongoing internal audit.
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# AuditingMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-21 00:27
wwhy can they not answer a question straight and why is theyre bookkeeping incredibly convoluted, complicated and confusing... why not come clean ASAP if theyre innnocent. Not one word about this in theyre cheerleaders sites... just attacks... THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.
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+2 # horsse campArmy Mom 2012-08-21 01:15
What about all the trips that Mr. Bader makes from TX to Montana to takes healing troops to horse ranches...are there no horses in TX anymore?
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # WarehousingMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-21 03:01
Hasnt SA had a fire, theft and flood damage in their warehouses? Wouldn't insurance cover the losses of such disasters, yet they HUSTLE for more money... I mean they have the worst luck in the world with their storage facilities
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+3 # RE: Naked Angels: BustedRobert 2012-08-22 23:30
It's difficult to search the Bexar County records, but I found the San Antonio property: Sublot 8, NCB 12201 (at which there is now a warehouse -- 4408 N PanAm Expressway, San Antonio, TX 78218). The property (blank land?) was purchased in June 2008 by Alamo BP LLC for ~$183K. On the deed are listed J Richard White (trustee), Larry McColm (president), along with guarantors David Walch, Larry Stepp, and John Blatter. SA started the S.A.V.E. program in 2009 and hired veterans to operate their own warehouse for $?. In 2010, Alamo BP LLC refinanced the property for $2.7MMM (Mod Doc 20100025910).
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# Debra, Barbara & CockroachElaine Hodges 2012-08-28 23:07
I promised myself that I wouldn't leave any more comments, because honestly, I have a job and can't spend all day reading these never-ending rantings.

Debra & I have never met, nor do I know her, but she posted a very informative comment. She spoke like a lady who has our Troop's interests & support at heart. There is nothing that she said that warranted insults from any of you, so I think an apology by some of you would be fitting. This is just getting out of control.

And Barbara, WHAT are you saying? Your comment of "our care packages and good works don't mean diddly-squat compared to the sacrifices the soldiers made" is absurd. Isn't that a fact that we ALL know? It sounds like you are patronizing those who hate S.A.
Of course our care-packages aren't "didly squat" COMPARED to our Troops and what they do, but this isn't a contest of comparisions, its called SUPPORT.
They sign on the dotted line to defend & protect us, even at the cost of their very existence, so the LEAST we can do as civilains back home is send them support.
"Diddly-squat?", just ask a Soldier who never received a package or letter from back home. It would break your heart.

Yes our carepackages DO mean diddly-squat, not because of the contents necessarily, but because of the love & concern behind the motive of sending it.
No Soldier wants to be forgotten and every Soldier wants to be valued and supported from back home.

Our family was involved in two organizations, one that asked us to send Altama Combat Boots to our Troops when the war first started and with Soldiers' Angels, we have sent EVERYTHING from home-baked cookies to Silly String that the Troops could use to spot the tripwires, which I am sure helped save many lives.

Never ever underestimate an act of love & kindness and call it "diddly squat."

So many of us civilians sit here helpless WANTING to support our troops who are in harm's way but the distance is so great, so if sending carepackages is all that some of us can do, it counts for something and THAT SOMETHING is some Soldier's name being yelled out at Mail-Call, it means the world to them.

I have hard from so many of the Vets from the PTSD Unit who were thrilled that we had a Soldiers' Angels Team at the VA, mainly because they received care-packages from S.A while at war.

And Mal Hombre, please tone down the name-calling. Folks from S.A ARE giving answers about who owns the warehouse, the horses and the audits.
How about MIchael Yon? Maybe we should see paperwork about how he spends all what folks donate to him? What does he use ever cent for that he receives from all his donors?
Of course I'm not actually accusing Michael is being a rascal with donations, but it does go both ways.
OK, I am done with this and I'm going back to work.
Adios Amigos
PS. By the way I very touched about how the New Zealanders honor their Fallen.
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+2 # Clearest EvidenceMichael Yon author 2012-08-29 11:50
The clearest evidence of bad and dishonest management from Soldiers' Angels is that three separate watchdog groups shined a light on their money squandering. Adding me to that, makes four. All four groups then were subject of SA counter attack, rather than SA merely addressing the issues.

Patti Patton Bader is a dishonest woman. For instance, she published that I am involved with the Westboro Baptist Church. That is a lie. And kooky. I do not even know where the church is, but assume it is in Westboro in some state. Secondly, Patti Patton Bader told a bold faced lie that I am not in the US because I am facing lawsuits. Nobody has filed suit. But I will be home soon enough, and the libel and defamation coming from this nefarious and wealthy organization is of interest.

A person should ask themselves; do I want to donate to Soldiers' Angels while the organization imperils its very existence by committing libel and defamation against previous supporters?
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+2 # RE: Clearest EvidenceBarbara 2012-08-30 19:51
I am weary of those from SA listing every marvelous thing they've done for soldiers in this discussion. This isn't about you. It's about the leadership of SA and how they handle finances, and how they respond when questioned about it. Enough with the patronizing, self-pity, and weeping over soldiers. If you can't answer the hard questions about SA's finances, then you have little concrete to contribute.
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-1 # Debra LeCompte ~ Thank YouElaine Hodges 2012-08-29 14:40
Dear Debra,

Thank you so much for your kind & thoughful words and also for the Military Service that your husband, daughter, son-in-law and other family members have given for our defence & protection. I thank God for you too for standing strong & faithful while they serve!!! That means so much!!!

Debra, you do not write with a pen, you write with your heart and I would like to know more about your poetry, but not while being on this site...do you have a reference where I may contact you via- email? I volunteer for the PTSD Unit at a VA in Calfornia and I believe your words could be a real blessing to those men & women.

About certain people who have posted on Michael Yon's site, please study many of these comments and think about how someone could post comments under assumed names all while being the same person. I'm seeing a pattern, but it's just a hunch.

Also in reference to these accusations, please Google "Soldiers Angels Michael Yon" and you can read for yourself many responses from those at Soldiers' Angels in regards to these accusations.

This whole thing has gotten out of control. I have been with Soldiers' Angels almost since it started and I have never seen anything but integrity and a true love & appreciation for those who serve so bravely to keep us safe.

I really don't want to post any more on Michael's site. I feel like I'm in a cesspool of gossip, bitterness, false accusations and it just makes my heart sick.

Again Debra, please google Soldiers Angels Michael Yon and read for yourself.
Also please google Soldiers' Angels newsletters and see the things that these folks do to support our brave military.

God bless you Debra and may God keep your family members who serve safe in His care.
Warm regards,
Elaine :o)
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# AMAZINGMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-29 15:30
OK ya wana see how your board members and the milbloggers who several are closely tied to SA handle things....


Youre Fearless leaders have called the founder of IAVA a fraud EVERYONE but them is a fraud and they attack and attack Ive had my run ins with one one or two.. THEYRE PAL CJ GRISHAM has treateaned to do bodily harm.. To Mike Yon... and went so far as to have for of his goons with m-4s come into mikes tent and threaten him... ya may wana do some serious damm research into this CULT... and thats what ya all sound like Debra and Elaine.. Are ya helping the troops to make youreself feel good or do the right thing... and when are you gonna look at the big picture... its about MONEY... BIG MONEY... now for those who do support the troops and do more then offer lip service and buy yellow bumperstickers i appauled you but anyone who blindly defends SA as ya all do are very suspect to me... VERY....
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-1 # LAST COMMENT ever & on with life....Elaine Hodges 2012-08-29 16:31
Dear Mike and to all of your alter-egos who post comments on this site:

(your nose keeps growing)

Shame on you for attacking Debra LeCompte. Have you no repect or common sense? Her & family clearly exhibit Respect, Honor & Brave Service in our Military. Shame on you also for attacking Patti, a Real Lady & American Patriot.

Soldiers' Angels a cult? I suggest that you contact Hollywood's sweetheart Michael Moore. He's an expert on producing abysmal documentories which are always based on half-truths, flat-out lies and vicious gossip.

Code Pink would pay to see that one.
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# ROFLMAOMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-29 16:43
keep drinking that SA Koolaide and hustling money to line Patti and companies pockets.. and their is only one MAL HOMBRE Cockroach I dont post for anyone but myself.. unlike YOU Elaine im a free thinker and Look into things... Do some research on youre clique... LOL First Mike YOn is a member of the westboro baptist church and now IM a fan of Micheal Moore and Code pink... ya sure sound a lot like PATTI .. and A MAL Hombre is a BAD man whose hard to kill or SILENCE... hope I give ya hell sweets Keep fleecing good hardworking people for money... AND USING our best and bravest to line youre pockets....
Reply | Report to administrator
# LOLMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-29 16:58
Back to the original question... WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING.... WHY THE BAD REVIEWS FROM THE BBB... CHARITY WATCH.. CHARITY NAVIGATOR.... AND NOW MIKE YON.... If ya cant answer it YOU MUST BE at fault... dont make this personal you SA boosters act like I shot youre dog.. I DIDNT... but if i were donationg my time and money and saw these questions unaswered and Id be MAD AS HELL and DEMAND THE TRUTH.... Unless i was on the take and scamming too then id make it personal
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# Words of wisdomMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-08-29 17:12
"When the debate is lost, slander becomes a tool of the loser" (Socrates)
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+1 # WeepingRoza 2012-08-31 20:30
I come to Michael's site to see him amazing photography and honestly have never heard of SA until of recent. This thread has peaked my intrest. Debra you keep saying you don't have a dog in this fight but your words and actions show different. You seem hell bent on defending SA even when shown that the BBB has given them a failing rating, that alone should make you question SA's practices. I find it horrific that ppl use our wounded Troops to profit and jet set around the country. I'd rather take the word of the BBB than someone hell bent on defending corruption. I have to wonder what is at stake for you when SA is outed for what they are.. A business for profit on the backs of our Wounded and dead Service Men.. doesn't it bother you that 22 cents on the dollar actually go to those they claim to care for? btw I didn't make up the 22 cents on the dollar.. that's from their own records. How do I know? Because I took the time to see if the accusations were true or not. You my Dear either have things at stake or you are just a Blind Follower.. which is it?
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+1 # Best In America?Barbara 2012-09-01 05:36
Just another factoid for your perusal, and departing from the fray: SA makes much of the fact that they are certified by the Independent Charities of America. However, I read on the AIP (American Institute of Philanthropy) website that this group is funded by the very charities that they presumably evaluate. On top of that, ICA admits that they do not screen charities for financial efficiency. They used to have a rule that charities must not exceed 25% in administrative/ fund-raising costs in order to be certified, but have dropped it. They claim to use the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) standards, portraying them as being very exclusive, but even the CFC has said its review doesn't evaluate whether an organization uses funds efficiently, and cautions donors that they are responsible for evaluating the information for themselves.
As a result, charities that have received an "F" grade from AIP have been certified by the ICA "Best In America", making the endorsement worthless.
BTW, Soldier's Angels got a "D".
Reply | Report to administrator
# BarbaraMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-09-01 06:04
Excellent find and Explanation... :lol:
Reply | Report to administrator
-1 # RE: BarbaraBarbara 2012-09-01 06:14
For the full article, go to AIP's website, click on Hot Topics, and scroll down about 80%. You'll see the "Best in America" seal.
It's an eye-opener.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # He Staked His reputation on this !Mal Hombre Cockroach 2012-09-01 17:14
Seems some milblogger over at blackfive who wishes to remain nameless posted this gem way back on 27 March 2012...

Mike also posted accusations about the financials of SA. The entire board and I also have our reputations staked to Soldiers' Angels. SA maintains the highest ratings for transparency and scores extremely high with the Better Business Bureau. But don't take it from me (and please don't take it from Mike Yon), go check the website where seven years of financials are posted (along with auditor reports). And, you can see that Board members are not compensated. We are all volunteers. Just like the other 250,000 people around the world who call themselves Angels. In fact, two board members that haven't raised the ire of Mike Yon (yet) and doing a separate report on his accusations in order to assure everyone that SA is operating in the best and most fiscally responsible manner.


Well here for youre viewing enjoyment is the BBB Link... take a gander and see about the Reputation of BLACKFIVE and SOLDIERS ANGELS really is....


Seems they have a problem with Board meetings and Finacial Effectiveness reporting...

Most Milbloggers Or "Milkooks" want you to just take their word and or personal reputations for SA... This is proof youve gotta do some checking or come to this Site for the truth....

The Milblogers are all affliated either by being sponsored or outright paid or on the board for SA.. they definatly have a hidden agenda
Reply | Report to administrator
# AddendumMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-09-01 17:16
Sa is Not Has not and Never been Accredited with The Better Business Bureau of The USA,
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # LOLMal Hombre Cockroach 2012-09-01 20:58
Why should I address the Salvation Army? I thought this thread was concerning SA and their questionable practices? Lets stay on topic here. You ask why I'm stuck on the BBB, well as I see it they don't have an agenda other than reporting on Companies and Charities the good and the bad. If all you are doing is observing why not do some research yourself? Everything that I have questioned is easily found online, in which I have taken the time to post the links. These questions should be easy to answer if SA was on the up and up.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # SA 2011 990Barbara 2012-09-02 04:48
Speaking of research, I've become rather good at reading 990s now that I'm looking for a responsible charity. Geez, did you see on SA's 2011 990 on page 22 they had over $15K in bank overdraft fees? Dang!

BTW I did the math on Any Soldier Inc.'s 990 and calculated that 91.7% of donations go to services and programs for soldiers. Not too shabby.

Michael Yon is an independent writer, not a 501(c)3 organization promising to do charitable activities benefiting soldiers. It's up to the individual to decide if they want to contribute, much like being a benefactor to the arts. I don't ask for receipts, I just want him to keep me honestly informed.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: SA 2011 990Barbara 2012-09-20 23:37
My mistake, it's their 2010 990, page 22.
Reply | Report to administrator
+3 # Mike Yon SupporterEsther 2012-09-20 23:17
For those that do not know Michael, He has been in the middle of conflict both in Iraq and Afgahinstan. He is the author of several books, and he does not shirk his duty as an American military personal nor will he ever join a church like the Westboro Baptist (Idiotic) church. He will neither hide from you or run from you He will stand flat footed in a fight with you and you can bet your bottom dollar he will come out on top. Also What group that calls themselves a charity only gives 3 percent of what they take in to the injured soldiers that have given their all to our Courntry... Be ashamed of yourselves.
Reply | Report to administrator
+2 # Well put!Badger40 2012-09-23 16:04
"# RE: Clearest Evidence — Barbara 2012-08-30 14:51
I am weary of those from SA listing every marvelous thing they've done for soldiers in this discussion. This isn't about you. It's about the leadership of SA and how they handle finances, and how they respond when questioned about it. Enough with the patronizing, self-pity, and weeping over soldiers. If you can't answer the hard questions about SA's finances, then you have little concrete to contribute."
I have read Yon's work off & on over the last few years. It is my opinion that he's interested in the truth, not slandering people.
After reading through this blog & looking at online evidence of SA's dealing, it is simply obvious to me this organization's leadership is made up of people, for the most part, who seem to be int his for moeny & are only taking advantage of the emotion this cause invokes in its supporters & volunteers.
There are people to be found everywhere who are wowed by forceful personalities engaging in snake oil sales techniques. There are suckers born every minute.
As a former Army wife myself, I know there are a lot of people & organizations willing to use these types of issues to prey others who wish to do good works.
For those of you with stars in your eyes for these people, take a step back.
Your good works are fouled by the hucksters.
And you are being taken for a ride.
Reply | Report to administrator
+1 # Well said Esther & Badger 40HenryWood 2012-09-23 16:51
I think Badger40 hits the nail on the head in saying how some supporters of SA are missing the point when they post their own valuable work which they have done on behalf of the US Military. This whole thread and Michael's original post is not about that at all. It is supposed to be solely about the way the *LEADERSHIP* of SA have handled things, and some of those things do not appear to be above board.

Like Esther and Badger40 I have followed Michael's blogs for years. Let me ask *all* of the naysayers who replied to Michael's post this simple question:

"Why on earth would Michael Yon introduce such a subject into his blog unless he knew what he was talking about?

Unless he knew he was talking facts, Michael Yon would have been walking straight into trouble, and trouble that may even have ended his career.

Michael Yon seemed to know what he was talking about and so far not a single respondent to his original post has answered him with *anything* to dispute what he said in his first post in this thread.

It does not take fancy-schmancy lawyers to work out he was pointing out a blatantly visible fault in SA's organisation. (And if a fancy-schmancy lawyer *does* happen to appear anywhere in this sad tale, then we absolutely know for certain who is right all along.)
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Naked Angels: BustedAnon 2013-11-20 04:32
Don't know if you're aware of this, but SA volunteers now have to pay $1 a month to SA to "verify" themselves. There are a lot of people up in arms about this but when they complain, Patti bites their heads off and removes posts and closes forums. Many people are leaving. I left this month. I never heard of such a crazy thing in my life. Pay a monthly membership fee to verify myself to volunteer? That is truly bizarre.
Reply | Report to administrator
# RE: Naked Angels: BustedPaul Davidson 2015-02-16 19:03
Great article. Thanks for the info, this is really a helpful post. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out 2014 IRS form 990, I found a blank form in this link http://goo.gl/cTqsdv. This site PDFfiller also has several related tax forms that you might find useful.
Reply | Report to administrator
# thank yous 2017-02-20 13:18
i appreciate the article. i volunteered for many years for them and spent lots of money. i have her on my face book and have been noticing a lot more racially charged comments on her feed which made me uncomfortable...
so i am looking for a new group to work with
take care.
Reply | Report to administrator
# Naked Angels: BustedFrances 2017-12-06 05:50
Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this
amazing site needs far more attention. I'll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the advice!

Also visit my web site: guardian angels: https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=NZbYS92VHIQ
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# Naked Angels: BustedAsa 2018-02-12 19:36
It's great that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as
from our argument made at this place.

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