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IR-Helicopter-144827cc1000Afghan Soldier caught by infrared flash with specially modified camera.

31 August 2011


A Soldier sleeps in a body bag to keep off the bugs.


American and Afghan Soldiers share an Afghan family compound overnight in the heart of Taliban country.


During the dark nights, the infrared flash with modified camera brings out detail.  The green light coming from the doorway is the improvised HQ for 4-4 Cav, from Task Force Spartan.  4-4 Cav was conducting combat operations in Zhari District of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  The mission lasted about 48 hours during which there were about twenty firefights.  Some enemy seemed to be killed but we got lucky with only some close calls.


A 4-4 Cav Soldier is on guard using his night vision gear.  He has a machine gun to the front and keeps a rocket behind him.  Many casualties occur on rooftops due to gunshots.


Satcomms and sniper rifle on the roof.  In our new world, we often use satcomms to communicate just a few miles away.

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