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Moon Over Kandahar

The moon was hiding behind dust and clouds, but peaked out for a few moments. This is how it looked on the evening of 25 February 2010, over Kandahar.



# Nettie Harrison 2010-02-25 09:18
Neat! Thanks Michael for posting this Moon - Wishing I was under that same moon with ya'll!

Thank you!! May God keep you and our military safe from harm!
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# geni hall 2010-02-25 11:40
I love knowing that the moon shines on me AND my son in Afghanistan :-) thanks for the photos and giving this Marine Mama a slice of life on the front lines.
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# Cindy 2010-02-25 17:57
Thank you, I was able to see the moon during the day over here and sent my fiance a text at Camp Bastion and asked him if he could see it at the same time and he responded with a yes- so we were looking at the same thing. It made me feel a little bit closer to him.
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# Marty 2010-02-25 20:35
Surprised you got that good of a shot with the dust here! We could use just a little more rain to knock it down. Stay safe!
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# Jeanette K. 2010-02-26 09:50
Beautiful ... almost eerie in a way.
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# Ted Bryson 2010-02-26 20:58
I am really happy that so many people read all the dispatches and make such supportive comments....
BUT, I am CHALLENGING all of the regular readers and the occasional browsers to STOP RIGHT HERE, and commit to click the link at the bottom of my message, and give up on their Starbucks tomorrow and take that same $5 and PayPal it to Michael !!!
He runs this show on his own and relies upon private support to fund the FIRST-HAND news we are able to read! He is not a part of the MSM, so help him out!! One donation of $5 or $10 can supply him with the batteries he needs!!
It's time to stop the lip-service and REALLY show how much we REALLY appreciate him!
Click the link; I'll pony up, and you do same! Hoo-Aaaah!
"To the greatest ~correspondent since Ernie Pyle~ that has crapped between two boots!!" (paraphrase from, "The Great Santini", even though he was just a marine ;-)

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# Janine 2010-02-28 21:15
such a wonderful photo in such a difficult time
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# Barbados apartment hotel junkee 2010-03-02 22:37
I am really happy that so many people read all the dispatches and make such supportive comments.... - yup... you have a noble idea and will gladly support your cause
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# jason taylor 2010-03-04 08:23
I should hope it's mostly forgotten. Being "mostly forgotten" means being mostly forgotten by protesters as well. It means civilian morale will not be strained because civilians are not aware of a strain. Would you rather be remembered or would you rather win?
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# Lawn Order 2010-03-04 21:24
I can get all the hype free from the military's PR Web site. why should I pay someone to generate even more of it?
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# Proud Father of a Grunt 2010-03-06 20:20
I took up Ted's challenge and threw down a bill.
Michael's value isn't the justifying, spinning or 'big-picturing' this war. Rather it's his detailed documenting of a few of the thousands of small stories that are part of the bigger one. Since the presence of our young men and women are a fact, he's documenting their efforts - good, bad and tragic. It is important work. It should remind us that we at home need to work harder to prove ourselves to them. They have nothing to prove to us.
Oh, Michael - 3/3 is headed that way soon. An interesting story would be how one battalion replaces another. And if you bump into a certain LCpl, say hi for me. :-)
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# John Capt in ANG, civilian in Afghanistan 2010-03-07 19:51
To really, you must be new here. Michael is anything but the military's PR. Read back aways and you'll see where he gets kicked out when he declares "the baby is ugly" in front of the parents, and not just on one occasion. If anything, donate because he ISN'T the PR moutpiece you get nearly everywhere else in the US. I've sat in US Senate Armed Service Committee meetings and I can promise you the next day's news pieces are almost complete fiction. They get the topic right, but all else, whether their readers are far Left or far Right, smack of a very large bias. I don't know what your profession is, but Google it, read what you PERSONALLY know about, and then gauge the accuracy. News today, at least in the US, fails miserably.

Which brings us full circle to the point at hand. If you have an interest in foreign policy, the world's events, or even a loved one, who is a professional in the Armed Services of any country, you can get straight shooting from Michael. Does he have his own bias? Sure. Everyone does. But, he puts all facts out there (even those that don't necessarily support his views) and then allows the reader to decide. You can't really ask for much more...but in his case you get more. He has access to places most jounalists can't seem to go (for whatever reason), and the respect of many who wear the uniform. This last fact alone means he's going to be privy to things upper officers and some Senior NCOs will never hear about, unless of course they read his dispatches and can read between the lines.

Long-winded, but it's how I see things. I'm now in the places that Michael is writing about and I still read his dispatches to catch things I don't necessarily hear about, even when they're on the same base I'm on. That said, it's sorta funny being a San Diego guy here, and previously in Belgium for a couple weeks (at NATO - SHAPE, near Monz). I think I've only seen a clear, sunny sky maybe 5-7 days out of the last 2 months. I seem to be in the exact opposites of SoCal, although I hear they're getting pounded with rain lately too. I'm not sure which is worse, the choking dust and crap in the air, or slogging around in mud. Either way, I've given up on running outside and hit the treadmill in the gym.
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