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02 April 2012

The Army continues to insist that certain helicopters in Afghanistan must wear Red Crosses to abide by Geneva Conventions.  This is untrue.  There is no requirement to wear Red Crosses in combat.  At cost of troops’ lives, the Army uses these Red Crosses as a tool in bureaucratic infighting about which generals control which helicopters.  And so a power struggle between generals unfolds at cost of the blood of American sons and daughters.  The above facts have been demonstrated beyond dispute.

That top Army generals are being deceptive about matters as minimal and obvious as the Red Cross bodes ill for their credibility about the Afghan war.  The war is being lost.  But that’s another story.

This excellent website studies in detail many issues surrounding MEDEVAC helicopters in Afghanistan:


To download this as a pdf please click here.

The original posting of this article can be found here at MEDEVACmatters.org

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