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10 January 2011

Increasing progress is being made on the Army helicopter MEDEVAC problems.  Media attention has been building and appears that it will soon break big.  Communications are coming in spontaneously from key places.  Support for improvement is snowballing.

Pilots and crews continue to help behind the scenes but the active duty folks cannot speak publicly due to career concerns.  Without their help and encouragement, we would not have made it this far.  There is more going on than I can now track.

Most of the more significant areas of progress are still behind the scenes.  It is a fact that many Senators and Representatives are now aware of the issue.  (And more than just in passing.)  The Secretary of the Army has passed the buck with his letter to Senator Grassley.  The Army is openly playing hot potato.  CBS and other media outlets are taking keen interest.

Much has already been written.  The list of links below is far from exhaustive, but provides a basis of knowledge.

(Note: inclusion of links to outside writers does not imply that I agree with everything they’ve written.  For instance, this has nothing to do with Presidential politics.  Separately, certain milblogs not listed have written about the topic with apparently zero research under their belts.  No links to the prattle.)

Red Air: America's Medevac Failure (Major Description of Attack and MEDEVAC failure)

Fool's Gold, Troop's Blood (Important video of MEDEVAC failure)

Golden Seconds (On Tactics)

Crusader Copters (Red Cross: Mark of Crusades in Afghanistan)

Passing the Medevac Buck (Secretary of Army Passes the Buck to CENTCOM)

Take Me to Your Leader - If You Have One (CENTCOM Passes the Buck back to Army)

Pedros (Doing it Right: US Air Force Pedro Combat Search and Rescue in Afghanistan)

Delta Force Commander (Former) on Dustoff Medevac (Former Commander in Delta Force Weighs in)

BigPeace: A Pilot's Perspective on Michael Yon's Medevac Debate (A Former Pilot Weighs in)

The American Thinker Weighs in

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