Write a comment Geez, not a single Vietnam-era, GI Bill- educated vet amongst you, evidently. My education wasn't welfare you turds and it damn sure wasn't just a supplement. It was enough to get me through school with a wife and two kids by holding a part-time job and eating a lot of beans, but it was enough. The new bill doesn't do a whole lot more than that, but it's a ton better than what's out there now. The service members deserve every damn penny of it! And the nerve of any wimp that demeans the heroism of Jim Webb isn't even worth further mention. McCain saw a different kind of hell in war from a prison cell, and he is a hero for enduring it, and he is also a hero for his service to the nation as a Senator. However, Joe Galloway is totally right and McCain needs to get his head screwed on right and support this bill - which by the way, numbnuts, does not finance an Ivy League education. Joe Galloway, like Mike Yon, reported front lines nightmares of battle - a different kind of hell than prison, but hell nonetheless. Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel saw these horrors of war closeup and their nightmares stay with them, too, I'm sure, and they want to help ease the nightmares of the next Greatest Generation. Are they bleeding hearts? No. Are they compassionate for their comrades? Definitely. Those of you agreeing with McCain on this issue need to enlist so you, too, can get an education.
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