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McCaffrey on Mexico

16 January 2009
General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey is an ex-drug Czar.  He is deeply concerned about Mexico.  Recently, I met with General McCaffrey privately for more than two hours.  I asked for his thoughts on Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yet to my surprise, his concern that Mexico could collapse was immense.  If McCaffrey is concerned, we all should being paying attention.  Something serious must be brewing in Mexico.
Please listen to this short report on National Public Radio.

And see General McCaffrey's Mexico Report.

This is why I listen to General McCaffrey.



# Kanani 2009-01-18 07:31
I asked this same question over on my blog a few weeks ago. I live in California, and what's happening just south of here is nothing short of civil war. It's a lethal war, and the Los Angeles Times has run truly excellent pieces on it --though have to say, the NY Times and all the others have given it a cursory glance. A friend of mine decided not to join the Border Patrol, figuring it was more dangerous and had less support than being in the Army and in Iraq. Already, the violence has spread to the U.S. --and has become so entrenched that in some border towns the conventional wisdom is not to go over the border if you don't have to. Are we asleep? Yes, I think so.
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# Warriorjason 2009-01-18 13:19
This should surprise no one, although it does. We have a third world country to our south which has a corrupt police force, military and is infested with politicians trying to get rich. They make our government look like saints. With the worsening world economy, this is only going to get worse.
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# victorsam 2009-01-21 21:27
these two items are mentioned in the story links

M??rida Initiative

Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008)
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