Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs

Jingle all the Way

1 April 2009

Last night on the Pakistan-Afghan border

Soldiers call these colorful beasts “jingo trucks” because of all the chains and bells that make them sound like road chimes.  Jingle trucks ply the roads of places like Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, often dangerously overloaded with just about anything imaginable.  Like explosives and blasting caps, for instance.

This fella was steaming into Afghanistan last night.

Complete with hidden compartments.

Hidden compartments don’t mean much to man’s best friend.  This working puppy found enough Emulite to kill hundreds of people.  Needless to say, the soldiers and contractors treat these dogs like royalty.  There is no exaggeration whatsoever in saying that the working dogs are treated far better than our soldiers.  (Not that anyone complains, but it is humorous for everyone to see that the dogs get treated even better than Air Force personnel, who are treated 2x better than soldiers, who are treated 5x better than Marines.  That means bomb dogs are treated at least 10x better than Marines.)

And this is why they get treated better.  This dog might have saved hundreds of lives.  Our canine hero found an impressive stash of the industrial grade explosive called Emulite.

The company that makes it:



+1 # a&n 2009-04-02 04:54
Man's best friend.
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+1 # Josh 2009-04-02 06:00
I am currently in Kabul and it is great to hear that some of our guys and K9 units are out there actively conducting search and seizure ops. Please pass my Bravo Zulu to the men and women outside the wire stopping that kind of stuff from making it's way here.
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+1 # Spike 2009-04-02 06:53
A work well done! Specilized K9 unit are irreplaceable.
I'm guessing how the Wah Nobel has sold all these explosives to terrorists... thousands of bucks made the difference, wasn't it?
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+1 # Kevlaur 2009-04-02 10:05
I remember my time in Saudi Arabia. The cooling misters at the gate were for the dogs at Eskan.
They and the security folks always have rough job.

So... a Jeff Dunham fan are we?
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+1 # Tom Laumann 2009-04-02 12:02
Dogs truly are man's best friend. They =are in great company with are Marines. Great to see working dogs working with devil dogs. Go Navy....(Navy Dad)
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+1 # DangerGirl 2009-04-02 12:20
The dog is beautiful.. and appears to be beaming with pride at having accomplished his/her mission. Job Well Done!
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# DangerGirl 2009-04-02 12:23
What a beautiful dog who appears to be beaming with pride at having successfully accomplished his/her mission. Job Well Done!! Kibbles and Steak for this hero!!
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# DangerGirl 2009-04-02 12:25
What a beautiful dog who appears to be beaming with pride at having successfully accomplished his/her mission. Job Well Done!! Kibbles and Steak for this hero!!
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# Jayn Bigler 2009-04-02 12:42
Awesome! It's always nice to see working dogs getting recognition. As a search-and-resc ue volunteer, I get to train with lots of other K9 teams. Our dogs continually amaze us with what they can do. Keep up the great work -- and stay safe!!
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# James L. Owens 2009-04-02 12:55
Dogs were very good at locating nearly invisible trip wires in 'Nam and saved many of us from severe injury or worse.
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# Art Peterson 2009-04-02 13:16
I'm an old Vietnam K-9 handler ('67-'68). K-9's are the forgotten hero's of any war/conflict and have saved thousands of lives over the years (estimated 10,000 in Vietnam alone). Our troops realize the benefit these hero's and their handlers (who volunteer for this duty) provide. Never NEVER underestimate why the K-9 teams takes pride in thier work and these pictures prove it. The bond developed between handler and K-9 is one that only the handlers can understand.
God speed to all K-9 teams wherever they serve and whenever they served.
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# JR 2009-04-02 13:44
These dogs are worth their weight in gold.

They have proven so successful that the price on their dog heads and or their handlers were very high in Nam.

They have thwarted ambushes many times over.

Better than radar or Sat intel at times....
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# Jose T 2009-04-02 14:07
Great work Michael! I emailed that group (it looks like they are several comanies working together) asking them what measures they took to ensure sales to reputable persons so their product doesn't get misused. It makes me wonder what kind of measures companies here in the US take as well. I suggest everyone who sees this dispatch emails that company asking similar questions. Someone provides arms to these terrorists, and we should not neglect to fight them on ALL fronts, financial, political, emotional, religious, and physical.
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# Cory F 2009-04-02 14:48
So the website says that it's a Saudi/Pak/Swedi sh company. Specifically SAAB in Sweden- Are we talking the car manufacturer? If so, they are owned at least partially by GM- so does it make sense to say that GM is getting bailout money to build explosives?
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# Step 2009-04-02 14:51
I'd actually be happy if this were stolen or purchased through legal means. Since the Pakistan Ordnance Factories make these, I'd imagine they work hand in hand with the ISI. This being the case, the explosives might be just given to the Taliban.

Hopefully, it is at least costing them cash to get their hands on this.
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# Tommy Barrios 2009-04-02 22:23
I don't like seeing our troops(includin g the dogs), or anyone not a terrorist harmed by these explosives. The terrorists can blow themselves to hell all they want, as long as no one else is in involved. But we all know how the murder bombers work! Chanting "God is great" while they murder as many bystanders as possible.

On that note I sent the following to the company CEO:

G.T Road, Wah Cantt, Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

I would like to know how and why your product is ending up in the hands of murdering scum!

The attached photos from an embedded journalist in Afghanistan tells the tale.

You should be ashamed that your product is being used to kill and maim!

You need to make sure your product is going to and ends up in, the hands of legitimate users instead of fanatical murdering terrorists as shown in the photos.

This is NOT what the Prophet Mohammed teaches in dealing with your fellow man and you damn well know it, sir!

I hope you can sleep well at night knowing your product is going to murder the innocent and those trying to bring peace and stability to your part of the world!

Peace be unto your and yours, hopefully!

Maybe just, maybe they will wake up at WAH NOBLE and be more responsible in keeping track of who ends up with their product!
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# Judy Daggett 2009-04-02 22:30
I wonder why we don't see this sort of thing in the headlines of the newspapers and news websites.
These dogs are so special and they truly deserve to have their stories told and retold. Thanks Michael for letting me know about this. I plan to make all those on my email list aware of these great heroes.
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# John F. MacMichael 2009-04-02 22:38
For anyone interested in the history of military K-9 units, I would recommend "Always Faithful: a memoir of the Marine dogs of WWII" by Wiliam W. Putney, 2001.

The author was a Marine officer who was tasked with creating and training a K-9 company. He did so and took his company into combat on Guam. Then, after the end of the war, he had to fight another battle: against the military bureaucrats who decreed the dogs should be destroyed rather than retrained so they could return to cilivian life. A great story.
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# unknown 2009-04-02 23:45
This is only the tip of the iceburg. Yea, lets dump millions of more dollars into this despot country to keep their munitions factories buzzing. What a f****d up mess. I'd love to follow the money trail right up to the top. Like the brazzen talk show host Michael Savage says, "Release the B's". For those of you who don't know what I am refering to look him up.
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# Thomas F 2009-04-04 00:05
.....the driver would have been dragged out of the jingle bus and shot his head left on a pike as a message for all the other "bus drivers".......
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# M. Simon 2009-04-04 03:37
And sailors get treated 100X worse than Marines. They don't even get mentioned.
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# Willy 2009-04-04 17:20
I know this is not relevant, but that Emulite looks delicious. It reminds me of some candy from my childhood. I would bite off a piece and chew it.

Thank God for man's best friend.
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# glenn 2009-04-04 20:28
Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor who invented TNT and Gelignite in the 1860's. It is said that a premature obituary condemned him as "the merchant of death" and saying "Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, is dead." When he did eventually die his will set up an endowment for the Nobel Prizes most notably the Nobel Peace Prize. It is horribly tragic that a corporation that bears his name is allowing this dangerous explosives to so easily get into the hands of these real merchants of death.
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# S Perry 2009-04-15 10:40
Please tell me that we bring these dogs home with us, not like Vietnam
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# Jesse 2009-04-23 02:15
Absolutely amazing. I love that dog's have the God-given ability and training to do what would take billions of dollars and the best scientists the world has to offer to replicate with technology. God bless the K9 units and their handlers.
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# emily wilson 2009-06-09 11:34
im a yummy mummy !!!!!!!!!!!! ;]
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# Christina reed 2010-01-03 17:45
There is not much better than a working dog. Thank you all for your service and commitment
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# Ann Wilkerson 2010-01-09 11:45
How awesome to see our K9 TEAMS getting recognition. I am a supporter of the MWDTSA.org. Military Working Dog Team Support Association. I have been a supporter since 2002. My first German Shepherd Champ is the main reason. The German Shepherd Club of Atlanta, GA, and fellow supporter, Founder, and Member Dixie Whitman and I organized and planned a few celebrations , Memorials at Ft. Benning, GA and Columbus, GA for our Vietnam K9 Troops. It has been an honor to learn their history and to get to know some of the Teams. They all are so loyal, giving, compassionate, and just smart healthy beings! They truly deserve so much more for all they give and do for our Country! THANK GOD for these wonderful souls and God Bless them and keep them from harm's way. God Bless their families they leave behind. We are so blessed to have such great protection. Please go to the www.MWDTSA.org site and check us out. We support our K9 Troops. LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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