ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 01 November 2012


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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

KABUL, Afghanistan (Nov. 1) – In Helmand province today, an Afghan and coalition security force arrested the Taliban facilitator responsible for the Aug. 7 insider attack in Paktiya province that killed one U.S. service member and wounded three.

During the operation, Afghan troops also seized what is believed to be the attacker's ANA identification card.

Another suspected insurgent was also arrested.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


Afghan Provincial Response Company Ghazni, enabled by coalition forces, seized a large cache of explosive material during an operation in Ghazni province yesterday.  Following the operation, Afghan and coalition force recovered 1,700 kilograms (3,750 pounds) of ammonium nitrate, a known explosive.  All seized materials were destroyed at the location.

An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Haqqani facilitator in Khost province today. The arrested facilitator was directly tied to the suicide bomber attack on Afghan and coalition forces in Khost district June 20. During the operation, the security force also detained a number of suspected insurgents.

An Afghan and coalition security force killed Haqqani leader, Irfan, during a security operation in Paktiya province yesterday. Irfan, also known as Asayal and Hamza, was responsible for directing attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and coordinating the movement of weapons and bomb-making materials for the attacks.

Afghan National Police Crisis Response Unit members, enabled by coalition forces, detained more than a dozen suspected insurgents and seized a large cache of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices during an operation in Parwan province Tuesday.  Following the operation, Afghan and coalition force recovered more than a dozen AK-47 assault rifles, several 82mm mortar rounds and several hand grenades.

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