Infantry Company Commander


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# Levin Tull 2011-05-10 15:28
This should be required reading for every leader of any organization.
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# Robert I. Eachus 2011-05-10 20:10
Wow! This leaves out the things you need to learn before you end up in combat. But once you are there, this sums up 100% or more of the job. If a unit has excellent cohesion and focus on the mission, some soldiers may be injured or killed, but the casualties will be much less than in a unit with "only" superior cohesion and focus.

Do it right, and your unit will slog back from "impossible" missions with only blisters and minor injuries. Get it wrong and many men won't be coming home.

No, I didn't serve in the "leg" infantry, I rode to work (Armor). My brother and son served in support units that got shot at in Vietnam and Iraq, but the principle is the same. You have to learn to do all the "easy" tasks without thinking about them. This allows you to use your brain and voice to maintain situational awareness and unit cohesion. (I would rather take a tank with a non-functional main gun into combat, than one without a working radio.)
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# Greg 2011-05-12 13:33
We need these Men . While most of our current politicians were evading the war attending "college" or flat out evadeing period. The General was learning and practicing the lessons he espoused in this memo. Most of our current leaders do not understand these codes of honor and leadership. Thank you General. And thank Mike .
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# A. S. Wise 2011-05-13 03:09
My father (VMI '68), was in-country in 1970 as a platoon leader (C/5th Bn/12th Inf/199th Bde), and took part in the Cambodian Incursion. It was during his second combat command (leading a recon company in 4th ID) during that tour that he got wounded, and sent back to the World. Much of his combat tour I learned about through a collection of ~50 letters he sent home to his parents. Like most combat veterans, he doesn't speak of his experience frequently, but will answer any question I ask. Vietnam was handled poorly by the the higher ups, but let there be no doubt that its veterans fought in the proudest traditions of the American Warrior.

After enduring a long and frustrating process, I can proudly announce that I have took the oath of 28 APR 11 to serve this nation at Ft Lee MEPS. I enlisted via the VA ARNG (whose recruiters turned out to be far more dedicated and superior than the Actives), with OCS on my contract.
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