Incompetence in the US Government

Karen DeYoung at Washington Post hits one out of the park:

DeYoung and the Post demonstrate the importance of a free and vibrant press. A US Army officer disgustedly handed me a hard copy of this story of injustice:

"Last month, however, the U.S. government turned down Ahmad's application for permanent residence, known as a green card. His offense: Ahmad had once been part of the Kurdish Democratic Party, which U.S. immigration officials deemed an "undesignated terrorist organization" for having sought to overthrow former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein."

Click Here to read the entire article by Karen DeYoung in the Washington Post

Thank you Karen DeYoung and Washington Post for publishing something that I am seeing with my own eyes on the ground in Iraq.


# Russell E. 2008-05-28 15:42
It all makes sense to me now. All those lefty professors who have been calling the U.S. a terrorist nation get it straight from the U.S. immigration officials. Their reasoning for calling the U.S. a terrorist nation.... having sought to overthrow former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

I think a medal ought to be in order, not banishment.
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