Happy Thanksgiving

24 November 2008

Michael called by satellite phone.  He is in a remote area of Afghanistan with US and Afghan forces.  Michael reports that his satellite internet gear is non-functional.  He has no access to internet.  Please see his dispatch in the New York Post today.  Michael did mention that morale among US and Afghan forces is high.  More Later.




# kanani 2008-11-25 15:31
And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. (And all of Michael Yon's supporters).
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# Howard E. MorseburgQVtQ 2008-11-25 20:57
There has not been any journalist for any paper who has given us the reports from where the action is as those of Michael Yon. There have not been any of the media, either newspaper or TV or radio, where we could find anything close to Yon's accuracy, and in most cases just the opposite, nothing but criticism or downright lies. Strange how many of those reporters have such an "holier than thou" in attitude, but are outright liars in fact.

If anyone should receive some sort of military recognition for his devotion to our men in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is Yon. Not only our to men, but also our allies in the mid-east, whether European or mid-eastern. I hope that at some point in time this happens. He sets the standard, one that should guide future journalists with our forces, wherever they are required to go.

For those of us who read his columns but do not comment, perhaps I can speak for them by saying, "Thank you." Or, encourage them to express their thanks here on this page for our military, and for Yon, and wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Those who serve will find that their comrades are for a lifetime, for even those who were in different outfits, when they meet, even fifty years later, are comrades who share a kinship that never dies, believe me.
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# Vaughn 2008-11-26 21:00
I Hope that everyone could have a wonderful and great thanksgiving this year.
Starting to get cold too!

Share and Discuss Even More Military Information
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# Mrs G 2008-11-29 13:32
Michael, Just to let you know they're some out here thinking of you, Thank you for shedding light on our men and women's bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please pass on our thanks to all our men and women you see this holiday.

Stay safe.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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# ianimaru 2008-12-01 08:13
Happy Thanksgiving (even it be late :D)
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# ??et 2008-12-05 18:42
vahset bunlar amerika geldi irak i isgal etti
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# cet 2008-12-05 18:43
yaziklar olsun sana amerika serefsiz devlet nereden geldin istila ettin buradaki insanlarŽñ olduŽñrdun adaletin varmŽñ senin? biri senŽñn karsŽñna cŽñkmaz mŽñ ya sabir...
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