Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s Over

19 November 2013
by Barbara Lawrence, courtroom eyewitness

This time it’s a beautiful sunny day, mild and temperate, despite being mid-November in Texas. The trees have turned luscious red, gold and tangerine colors throughout, and a light wind ruffles their leaves.

The parkway has an empty canopy with no visible Grisham supporters.  The tenor of this trial is different than his first trial.

Master Sergeant CJ Grisham has none of the bravado he exhibited before. The circus atmosphere is gone. No glad-handing or working the crowd. The crowd has shrunk visibly.  Instead of the 25 supporters before, I counted only eight.

Grisham seems serious and preoccupied. He stares off into space often, as if troubled by something. Perhaps something other than the trial.

His wife Emily rubs her head and cheek often during the trial. Only their son Chris is present. I miss Hannah, their cute young daughter.

The Lady in Black sits next to me during voir dire. Her dark brown hair is slightly curled, her make-up is spare and her expression is serious and pensive. She appears to be middle-aged but carries more years of worry or concern. She wears her customary black slacks and a black shawl. I tell her people are curious to know who she is. “I’m just here to watch to watch the trial” she replies tersely in a tone that doesn’t invite further conversation. I respectfully leave her alone.

Grisham has been busy since the last trial. In late October he attended an open carry rally where two men were arrested for open carrying revolvers. They were first asked to leave and refused. As they were being led away Grisham can be seen shouting into the DPS officers faces, and then sitting in front of their patrol car, blocking their way.  He was not arrested and the patrol car went around him.

Yesterday he posted a request for yet more money to fund his current trial and his civil suit against Temple Police Department. But wasn’t the National Association For Legal Gun Defense supposed to pay for that?  They pledged “up to $1,000,000” for both at one time. And Grisham collected $51,798 on Indiegogo. Shouldn’t that be enough?  The million-dollar pledge that garnered so much ink appeared to be a publicity stunt.

Where did the fifty grand go?  Grisham posted that he would be at the prestigious Wanenmacher Gun Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Past guests have included Wayne LaPierre and “Dutch” Van Kirk, the navigator of the Enola Gay. The Grisham family stayed at the luxurious Cedar Rock Inn, for which a family of five would cost a minimum of $310.00 a night. I asked Emily Grisham how they could afford this on “a soldier’s paycheck” and she replied, “None of your business.”

I asked what happened to the $51,798 and Emily replied that it was spent on the first trial and the rest donated. Then I asked why they would donate “the rest” knowing they had a second trial to pay to which Emily replied, “That’s none of your business.”

I asked why Larry Keilberg wouldn’t pay for the critical witness trial transcripts.  Emily replied, “Why don’t you go ask him?”

Both Grishams seemed irritated and discouraged, but it could be they just perceive me as “The Enemy”.  I’m surprised they talk to me at all.

The jury that was chosen is three men and three women: two black men, two white women, one white man, and one Hispanic woman.

Gone are the dress blues. Grisham is in ACUs, the camouflage uniform.

When the jury is shown the dashcam video, he doesn’t show nearly the interest as he did in the first trial.  At one point he mouths his words on the video and later shakes his head.

The jury watches the video intently except for one woman. She watches Grisham closely almost the entire time. Jurors occasionally take notes. Emily rubs her forehead and looks at the floor.

Blue Rannefeld, Grisham’s attorney, insists on the entire video being played so that the jury can see how few houses are on the route to the police station. Judge Neel Richardson finally interrupts, “Gentlemen, what are we doing here? Is this relevant?” Rannefeld finally shuts off the video.

The prosecutor, John Gaunt, Jr. will do a smooth, progressive line of questioning of prime witness Sgt. Steve Ermis, and Blue Rannefeld, much more organized and sure of himself, will still tend to be tedious and repetitive. That’s a story for tomorrow.

But it’s clear that the party’s over.

Please See: "The Trial That Won't Go Away"


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+4 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverStevesean 2013-11-21 12:21
Because it documents the slow motion train wreck that is BJ Grisham's life. It's horribly fascinating from a psychological perspective and I just can't look away.
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+18 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverbadVlad 2013-11-20 12:21
Well, I can speak for myself.
I happen to live in Temple. Last March I saw my city and our police department slandered by lying demagogues; Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge, Todd Starnes, (the usual suspects). These loud-mouthed dupes just repeated Grisham's bogus claims without fact-checking any of them.
-They didn't bother to look on a map to see where this incident occurred (city limits, paved road).
-Claim of defense against menacing wild animals (feral pigs and coyotes are elusive and nocturnal and do not attack people on roads in broad daylight).
-Mountain lions (Trans Pecos, very rare where we live, don't attack.)
Clearly, Grisham orchestrated this incident as a publicity stunt for his organization. Next, came his stupid little gun rally, where he invited a bunch of paranoid Alex Jones lunatics to march around our downtown area while taunting our police. The idiots who run our local paper are enamored with him, so we are treated to seeing alternating pictures of Major Hassan and him on the front page of the paper. I'm involved in local service organizations and non-profits. Getting the paper to give us any coverage is nearly impossible. However, if you arm youself and act like an angry unhinged wackjob, the Temple Tell-a-Lie will send a reporter to implant their nose up your ass, and give you front page coverage complete with color pictures. Yet, they practically ignore established arts organizations whose events have more attendees and participants at one performance than were cumulatively at Grisham's stoopid little demonstrations. There is an on-going joke that maybe we should tell the paper that we will all be carrying AR-15s at our next fund-raising beneft, so that our amateurish paper will notice us.
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+12 # Grisham TrialRem 2013-11-20 13:47
HERE!!!!! HERE!!!!!! as another Templeite, I couldn't say it better.
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+3 # Get out the Oxygen ;-)Sun Tzu 2013-11-22 00:28
Vlad UR killin me, I'm having a seizure ROTFLMAF :P

I laugh at your description of your local "newspaper" but it is sad that they would give this loon any positive or encouraging press.

It is also pathetic that Beck, Drudge, and Starnes did NOT do their due diligence and dig further into this clods background ;-)

You have deepest sympathy that this jackass has settled in your quaint little town ;-(

I can tell you though that if he pulled that ignorant stunt over in here in Cypress, TX, the Constables and/or the Sheriff Deputies would have done the same thing or worse to him and his son would be in CPS custody while his dumbass sat in jail cell under a huge bond ;-(

The homies don't play that shite over here ;-)
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+10 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverStevesean 2013-11-20 21:34
2000 clams! He got off easy.
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+5 # Lady In BlackLSwierat 2013-11-21 00:37
Barbara, I am looking forward to finding out who the Lady in Black is. :roll:
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+6 # Liar Liar pants on fireRicky Ricardo 2013-11-21 03:06
No not a libtarted tactic but with loose cannons like you running around with gender identity issues and zero self restraint, small wonder one wants to keep a low profile.
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+7 # That was not my commentMichael Yon author 2013-11-21 16:20
Looks like another Grisham-type spoof.

I have it from several sources that Grisham is facing much peril from the military side of the house now that he is a convicted criminal.

By the way, last year an Army doctor advised that Grisham should not have access to weapons.
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-4 # Contact Beck...darthracer777 2013-11-22 14:05
Michael, why not contact Beck, get on radio show, and give him the full story on Grisham. They actually added some more info to their original story and did say that, basically, Grisham has 'problems'.
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+2 # Beck's folksMichael Yon author 2013-11-22 15:03

Beck's folks contacted me months ago and I provided some background. This seemed to cool the temp but as you can see Grisham is a persuasive criminal.

Many con-artists are highly persuasive. Grisham persuaded the Army Times that he is a war hero who took out an entire Iraqi squad, alone, using nothing but a 9mm pistol and a grenade. The story is false, but Army Times printed it, thus creating a platform for Grisham to grow. Soldiers' Angels used that Grisham platform to raise money. (Soldiers' Angels is themselves on the way down the hole.)

The now proven criminal, Grisham, damaged many people with much malice and aforethought, and now his day nears.

Have you noticed that cute young woman hanging around Grisham at his many functions, who also is on his Open Carry Texas board? Her name is Victoria Montgomery, and she also has a record.

Vice President/Chief Communications Officer - Victoria Montgomery

Mrs. Emily Grisham has been public that her marriage is in trouble. Mrs. Montgomery has also been public that her marriage is in trouble. This behavior is ripping families apart.

As a US Army Senior NCO with a Top Secret clearance, Grisham has an explicit duty to avoid the appearance of impropriety or infidelity. He is failing again.
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+1 # You might be on to somethingstevesean 2013-11-25 21:04
I have read BJ's blog for a long time. You might be on to something with the marriage issue.

BJ converted to LDS for the Mrs. Recently he posted a picture of his first tattoo on Facebook. It's an OCT logo. Now it's my understanding that tattoos are big no-no for LDS.

The pictures I have seen of the Veep of OCT show her with numerous tattoos on her legs.

I wonder what the wife is thinking about that?
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+2 # Beck...feh!badVlad 2013-11-23 17:02
Beck is too busy peddling his dumb books and swindling gullible Fox News Geezers with his precious metals schemes. He isn't interested in anything that doesn't advance that narrow agenda. Obama's Jack Booted Government thugs arresting a decorated "War Hero" and confiscatin' his gunz and Bibles fits right in with his usual alarmist bunk. He'll even draw you a diagram on his chalkboard and start fake crying about it.
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-1 # RE: Beck...feh!darthracer777 2013-11-25 19:24
Beck's okay. He makes mistakes (we all do), but his heart's in the right place. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion. As am I.
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+1 # RE: Beck...feh!badVlad 2013-11-28 00:41
Beck is like someone found a manic, doomsday-prophe sying hobo in a sandwich board, shaved him, shot him full of Zoloft and gave him a show.
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+5 # Liar?Richard M 2013-11-21 02:59
Liar about what. I'm from temple and I posted the here here. Some of us want to keep our identity in check because you idiots that call others liars are not well wired. There are some screws loose and you Wesley's of the world probably have judgement deficits and impulse control problems.
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+4 # RE: Liar?badVlad 2013-11-21 19:34
I wonder if "Open Carry Texay-az" is going to enter a float in the Christmas Parade. Why shouldn't they? They tried to disrupt Belton's 4th of July parade and then attempted to hijack Veterans Day at the Capital. Why shouldn't they try to intrude on Jesus' birthday? It's all about ns...and rights. Everything is.
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-4 # comment removed by webmasterWayne Johnson 2013-11-21 11:42
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+10 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverbadVlad 2013-11-21 13:34
It was a What-a-burger long ago. It's over by Clem Mikeskas (55th Street and Ave M)
By the way, being against a grandstanding attention-whore who pulls looney stunts for publicity is not being anti-2nd amendment.
I'm much older than you hotheaded punks and have been a gun collector, target shooter, and hunter longer than you or that idiot drama-queen has even been alive. That is why his claims about using an AR15 for protection against coyotes, ferel pigs, and mountain lions looks so stoopid to me. People walking around town with loaded hi-points, SKS', and cheapo AK copies look like a bunch of ridiculous boobs to me.

Temple could be known for our vibrant economy, low unemployment, educational excellence, museums, symphony,arts, theatrical performances, parks, nature areas, quiet stability, and small town atmosphere.
But nooooo, on the news coast-to-coast people get to look at...SeeeJaaay, with cousins Cleetus and Skeeter with their retarded sister and Uncle Fudd dressed in cammo carryin' thar gunz jist cuz itz thar rawwght and Thar in theh mullisha.
Thanks alot, you dolts. Thanks Temple Daily Tell-a-Lie.
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+5 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverStevesean 2013-11-21 13:55
There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. It is legal to openly carry a long rifle, point conceded. Was the intent of the law so any yahoo could walk around Wal Mart claiming they are keeping it safe or was the intent so a responsible hunter could have his rifle in the back of his pickup truck while he stops at the store on the way home from hunting? I think it's the latter. You walking around Starbucks with an AK are just going to make it harder for everyone else.
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+6 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverSRT 2013-11-21 17:02
The fact is Grisham was given a lawful order by a law enforcement officer and he did not comply. A jury of his peers agreed with the arresting officer and the prosecutor by finding him guilty. He's welcome to appeal that if he wants to.

Grisham, thru his attorney, attempted to argue that what the police did was unlawful, but that failed. Don't like it? Run for office and change the law.

Soldiers are told to obey civilian law enforcement even if they believe they are in the right, because it helps defuse the situation and it helps their Chain of Command to make it right if "resisting arrest" is not part of the charge. (Good rule for civilians too)

Again if you don't like it, run for office and change the law, or petition your current lawmaker to change it. That's how it's done in Texas.
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+3 # All you need to knowMichael Yon author 2013-11-21 14:48
Grisham in a nutshell in 4 minutes 21 seconds:

Grisham is not a victim. He is a convicted criminal and could soon face court martial from the Army:
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-4 # comment removed by webmasterMichael.Yon 2013-11-21 16:39
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-4 # comment removed by webmasterMichael.Yon 2013-11-21 16:41
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+5 # Posting under my nameMichael Yon author 2013-11-21 17:20
Some folks are posting under my name. This has been a typical Grisham-clan tactic.

The webmaster is deleting those and blocking the IPs. Meanwhile, honest comments that were responding to the fake comments unfortunately were deleted with them because they were attached to by the coding.

It should be noted that a military doctor made the opinion in 2012 that Grisham should not have access to weapons. The doctor considered Grisham a danger to himself and to others. The public needs to know this while Grisham tools around Wal Mart and Starbucks with loaded weapons.

Insiders now say that Grisham is facing possible court martial now that he is a convicted criminal.
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+2 # I'm Shockedwebzight 2013-11-22 01:21
Shocked to find that this idiot has not been shot by LE.

They must be pretty lax over there in Temple and Bell County. The Houston PD would have surrounded his dumbass and shot him if he had given them any guff, probably the same thing would have happened by the the Harris County Deputies or Constables if he had been here in unincorporated Cypress. :eek:

Homies over here don't play that kinda shite, YO :-?
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+8 # RE: Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s OverbadVlad 2013-11-21 19:05
Well, that's a shame. I was really enjoying my exchange with Wayne tiny-Johnson. He's a typical narcisistic punk Grisham-followe r; all brimming with self-importance because carrying a cheap plastic piece of shit semi-auto into an ice cream parlour makes him a real badd-ass. Then, when someone points out that he looks like an ignorant rube, he wraps himself in the flag, because scaring ladies and kids in a public place and smarting-off to the police makes him a reeeeal 'Murican. (You know..."rights" and all that.)
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+5 # 2nd That Emotionwebzight 2013-11-22 01:08
I said almost the same thing under the first article Vlad, these idiots here in TX running around scaring the shite out of the sheep, thinking they are somehow promoting "gun rights" when they are too stupid to realize that their perceived "rights" do not trump the rights of the citizens to not be scared to bejesus by some idiot sporting his "favorite badboy toy" (read weapon).

I am a fanatical defender of the Constitution and in particular the 2nd Amendment, but I know the limits of what works politically and what does not, this kinda dumbass shite does not work and NEVER will work :-? (You Grisham sycophants listening)

There are positive productive ways to change laws and change societal perceptions but running around like a bunch of armed hooligans getting confrontational with LEOs and generally being a scary nuisance is totally the WRONG WAY :eek:
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+2 # RE: 2nd That EmotionbadVlad 2013-11-22 02:52
Actually, the way the law concerning handguns is written is kind of silly and needs to be updated and made more specific. Technically, me wearing a Hawe's .22 single action pee-shooter on my hip out on a ranch in the middle of nowhere is illegal unless I'm the actual landowner. Yet, these boobs can carry a loaded Galil into the HEB and technically, they are legal. It needs changing, but scarring the crap out of people isn't the way to do it.
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+7 # I need closure!stevesean 2013-11-21 19:12
Where's Babsie? I'm on pins and needles waiting for your report on the rest of the case to include punishment! Don't keep me hanging.

I am also looking forward to reading Emily's future book about how the State of Texas ruined her marriage.
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+1 # BabsieRicky Ricardo 2013-11-23 02:59
Got a message from her after the trial. Said she had to drive home and was going to spend the next 3-4 days putting the story together making sure she was accurate and then submitting it for editing. She said it would be out this Monday.
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# Great!stevesean 2013-11-24 00:40
I can't wait!
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+1 # ADJAlan Johnson 2013-11-22 00:08
Where the heck is common sense in all of this? CJG works very hard at provoking confrontation, has for years and has now latched on to 2nd Amendment rights as his raison d'etre and it is being swallowed hook line and sinker by too many who do not understand the underlying serious issue we have with Constitutional rights in our nation.
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+5 # The Military Force Optionwebzight 2013-11-22 00:51
I would hope the military would force this soldier to get the mental health help he needs, but I don't count on it the way they are discarding veterans the same way that the mental health hospitals where closed and the patients dumped on the streets and society at large with the promise that medication would solve all those peoples problems :-? (we all know how that turned out) :eek:
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# What are the odds?stevesean 2013-11-22 10:05
That BJ will take a plea on his recent arrest in Austin?

All this legal stuff has to be hard on his family, add to the stress. He has the added stress of an hour round trip drive time, paying for parking. The jury pool up there now know he is a professional agitator. etc

On the other hand BJ^ might have a narcissistic personality disorder on top of a persecution complex AND he has to "prove" he is right.

I'm thinking it's a 50/50 on him taking a plea.

^BJ is the name of a purely fictional character of my own invention.
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+5 # 100-1Ricky Ricardo 2013-11-23 02:50
Old BJ will take the Capitol incident to court as well. His narcissistic personality drives him for more media attention and adoration from his zealot following. His issues with command may distract him for a little while now that has been convicted of a crime. He has no problem throwing wife, daughter, and son....especial ly the son under the bus further forcing them to endure another trial and continued media attention and scrutiny from the public. It matters little to him. Much like the original Narcissist, his demise will be at his own doing.
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-3 # It's easy getting a reaction when a LEO doesn't use common sense.Mntneer 2013-11-22 14:38
I don't know this asshat Grisham, don't know much about Temple Texas, but from watching the video of the stop it's clear that the LEO helped escalate the confrontation that this Grisham was seeking by reaching out, grabbing the AR and then attempting to remove it, all the while without giving verbal indication of what his intention was.

Had the LEO simply instructed Grisham that he needed to remove the AR for inspection, then Grisham probably wouldn't have gotten the confrontation he sought. But just reaching out and grabbing it, then (from what it appeared) grabbing the sling in an attempt to remove, was poor procedure.

Law enforcement can handle these situations better and prevent these scenes that some of these open carry mindsets seek.
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+14 # RE: It's easy getting a reaction when a LEO doesn't use common sense.badVlad 2013-11-22 19:48
It's easy to 2nd guess the officer using 20/20 hindsight from the safety of a computer terminal. Go to youtube and take a look at the video of the two West Memphis, AR patrolment who stopped a "Sovereign Citizen" and son. The fat lummocks distracted the officers with his dumbassed political doublespeak about his "rights" while the teenaged kid ambushed them with an AK.
Ermis was facing an unidentified armed man who was carrying enough firepower to be on a SWAT team. From finally seeing the dashcam video, I noticed that Ermis moved-in very close/personal and very quickly, which neutralized the advantage in firepower of the AR. In close quarters the 9mm handgun is an advantage over the carbine. Ermis is bigger and stronger than Grisham, probably works out with weights rather than blogging and running his mouth, like Grisham. Luckily, the kid wasn't a threat. Ermis had no way of knowing whether the kid was going to cry and wet his pants or pull a piece and start shooting. Take a look at the video of the kid in the West Memphis incident. It will give you an appreciation on how quickly one of these confrontations with politcal nutbags can go bad. The big difference in Grisham and the Sovereign Citizen creeps is that they really believe their claptrap. Grisham is just wanting to make money being a donation whore and running a Westboro Baptist-style civil lawsuit scam.
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+3 # The totality of the circumstancestevesean 2013-11-23 11:13
Nice assessment. As I have pointed out to BJ on his blog, one must look at the totality of the circumstances, not just focus on one little aspect. Look at the way BJ was dressed. With the bandana and the boonie hat he looked like a walk away from a mental institution. The other thing is do people normally walk on that section of road? Dressed in an unusual manner? Carrying an AR? The woman who called the dispatch center said there was something odd, so apparently not.

Also, wearing parts of a military uniform, ie the boonie hat with rank, is a violation of Army reg 670-1. A senior NCO (as indicated by the rank) would know better. If I arrived on the scene and saw that I would think "watch out for this guy he is a Rambo wannabe." Then BJ gets belligerent right off. Yes, the officer was more than reasonable. If anything he was too nice when he let Grisham call his kid over to take the camera.
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+3 # RE: The totality of the circumstancebadVlad 2013-11-23 22:04
Hey, you noticed that, too. He had subdued rank insignia pinned on the soft-cover he was wearing. With the two stupid-looking red mandanas sticking out of each side, I'm surpised he didn't say "Trick-or-Treat , I'm Bozo the paramilitary clown" when Ermis asked him what the hell he was doing. Then, why he was carrying the AR15..."To compensate for having a small pale flacid willy."
The only way he could have looked like more of a tool is if he was wearing a round rubber nose and big floppy shoes.
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# "The totality"Kevin 2013-11-23 23:41
The cop came in, began to inspect the weapon with hands on very rapidly, you are correct. If, in the process of doing this, he had said "I am going to remove this..." I think the situation would have been different. I blame the cop. I think the Author of this blog is on a personal mission against this guy... I am unsure why. With all his comments he has to wonder if they "see him as the enemy." I would bet there is some sort of personal history that we aren't getting the full disclosure about.
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+2 # RE: "The totality"badVlad 2013-11-26 00:24
If you look back on this blog you can see a thorough history of Yon's interactions with Grisham. Do a search and it should answer your question.
It has been frustrating watching this trial and the associated publicity, because most news outlets and blogs have just mindlessly reported everything that Grisham claimed without question. This seems to be the only source with a critical perspective on Grisham and his nutty organization.
I've looked back on this blog and have read Yon's claims about Grisham. Look for yourself.
I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw how Grisham shot a fieldmouse with his big bad army rifle and then went to the trouble of taking a picture of it and posting it online as if it were an eight point buck as he was proud of it or something. Wonder if he took it to the taxidermist. Thinking back to when I was a kid growing up we shot bushel baskets of rats/mice/sparr ows/squirrels out in the cactus patch and never thought anything of it. Maybe Grisham has that auto pistol with the bayonet to use when he goes into the brush tracking mousies that he's wounded. Oooh, they are so dangerous just like those carniverous wild hogs out in West Temple that run up onto roads and eat people.
Then, there's the one where he screwed-up and got fired as MWR Canoe Sergeant. That Grisham is a real specimen.
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# Chicken HawkMichael Yon author 2013-11-23 20:01
"Chicken Hawk" is slang for an older man who poaches young boys for sex. Grisham has long called himself Chicken Hawk, and even has/had an email address by that name.

Recently, he was fired from his Army job after taking boys onto a lake at night without lights on the boats.

He constantly bashes homosexuals and in particular has a thing about talking about sex with young boys. He just did this again yesterday. (See my Facebook.)

Might be a coincidence that he calls himself Chicken Hawk and can't stop talking about sex with young boys.

In 2012, an Army doctor said Grisham should not have access to weapons.

I would never risk writing these words if they were not 100% true. He could destroy me in a defamation lawsuit. This is all true.
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+2 # RE: Chicken HawkbadVlad 2013-11-25 13:29
I've always heard the term "Chicken Hawk" used in regards to politicians who are gung ho to get other men invovled in a war, but never bothered to serve in Uncle Sam's armed forces, themselves. That term doesn't really apply in this case.
Grisham is a loud pushy narcisistc boob and media whore who likes hearing the sound of his own voice, but calling him a sexual predator is a little too far out-there. There would be a pattern of behavior. If he were a kid-diddler there would be evidence.
Kevin's point is valid. Grisham expected a law enforcemet officer to ask permission before takin' away his favorite toy (you know...cold dead hands and all that.) That's why he had a temper tantrum like an out of control toddler screaming "NO, that's MINE!" Like the two West Memphis patrolmen who were killed by the Sovereign Citizen jackasses, this officer didn't know what the hell he was dealing with. From first impression they appear to be a couple of armed loons out on a pink elephant hunt. Handle it wrong and you are dead. I can't fault Ermis' actions, because I don't envy the position he was put in. Grisham was intentionally baiting the police trying to cause an incident. That's what this whole "Open Carry" fad seems to be about. They get a kick out of scaring women and kids and smart-mouthing the police. It must be a very recent development, because who heard of it before now? It does demonstrate that Texas' gun laws are worded vaguely and need to be fixed. They found a loophole and are exploiting it. Walking around in public armed like an infantryman on patrol is not normal behavior, even if technically it is not illegal. There was probably never a law passed against it, because up until now nobody was stupid enough to actually go out and do it. All the gun owners I know keep their weapons unloaded and locked in a safe until it's time to take them out to the range or hunting. Even then, they go into the car/truck unloaded and in a case until it's actually an appropriate time/place to use them. When I'm out in the sticks hunting and have to cross a road, I always unload the piece, put the cartridges in my pocket and sling the weapon muzzle down with the action open. Hunting from a road is illegal and that removes any question about what I'm doing.
Guns are not toys for use in fantasy role-playing games or props for use in political street theatre. All it would take is for one of these hotheads to have an accidental discharge, then when the police responded it could escalate and get ugly real fast.
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+1 # The videos tell allstevesean 2013-11-25 15:36
Badvlad, I think the dashcam video of a routine traffic stop in Middlefield, Ohio demonstrates even more clearly they type of threat Ofc. Ermis faced.

While we are on the topic of videos, check out the recent one from New Mexico. It's the one where the PO shoots at the minivan with a woman and five kids. When the officer who initiated the stop is trying to remove the female driver from the van, the 14 year old boy jumps out and is ready to throw down with the officer. When the officer pulls a weapon the kid retreats.

Contrast that to the dashcam video of Ermis. BJ's kid kept on walking and after something was going down kept his distance, even turning his back to the action, and then making a call on his cell phone. He only got involved after BJ started pleading with him to come and get the camera.
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+1 # RE: The videos tell allbadVlad 2013-11-25 19:09
You mean the Gilkerson shootout, right?
How dare they pull him over? He was just going about his business exercising his rights. Why can't he have a loaded gun? The cops have loaded guns. They can't pull over anyone until he's actually committed a crime, right?
I tend to think Jerry Kane shares more similairities to Grisham; crackpot politics, big mouth, authority issues, and fancied himself to be some kind of Constitutional scholar. Even had his own traveling roadshow of conspiracy lunacy.
But, Grisham's only in it for the money and media exposure for his ego. The only way he will go down in a blaze of gunfire is if one of his little demonstrations goes horribly awry. It could be an accidental discharge or just some boneheaded kid pulling a prank with an M-80, but all the Open Carry heros will lock-and-load thinking that they are finally getting the chance to shoot something other than a paper human silhouette target. Meanwhile, Anytown PD will be responding to a 911 call for "Man with a gun, shots fired" only to meet up with a motely crew of tripwire George Zimmerman wannabes refusing to giveup thar gunz. The mixture of false bravado and live ammo will make for an interesting melee. My money will be on the boys in blue. Hope the innocent bystanders get out of the way.
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+4 # Barbara LawrenceRicky Ricardo 2013-11-26 02:02
Barbara sent me a message through Facebook letting me know her final story on the Grisham trial should be posted on Tuesday. She had said the story was 32 pages long so it should be one heck of a read. Probably the reason for the delay. She said she wanted to make sure everything she wrote was completely accurate.
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# A Lifetime Moviestevesean 2013-11-26 11:58
This trial and it's aftermath would make a great Lifetime movie! (If there is such a thing as a great Lifetime movie). If they let Barbara write the screenplay it will be great.
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+2 # Next pieceMichael Yon author 2013-11-26 13:27

Barbara's next piece is even better. It should be up today. I have read it already. Outstanding.
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