Giduck Dismissal Order

04 December 2012





+3 # No comments from the Giduck camp?Heywood Jablomi 2012-12-05 10:27
Bueller? Anyone?

Now that Giduck's lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice, will he finally do the right thing and just fade away?

Why is it that I do not think that we have heard the last of Dr. Giduck?

Every time that Giduck appears in front of an audience, he commits an offense. He lies. He is congenitally incapable of telling the truth. If he talks about Beslan, he claims that he was on-site at the conclusion of hostilities, despite proof that he was not.

If he discusses counterterroris m, he leans on a nonexistent body of expertise. He claims to be an expert, but his biography and his resume have been analyzed to death. He has no expertise. He has no pertinent experience.

If he addresses school violence, he sells cockamamy notions like poison gassing students, or using fire hoses to confront hostage takers. Or he proposes that every school should have a team of retired special operators on-site just in case something happens. This is the benefit of a doctorate from King's College?

I cannot wait to see what Giduck will say next. Because he will not quit. Everyone in the entire world is wrong, and he is right. Who will he sue next? And for what?

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# Heywood, Heywood, Heywood.scotch7 2012-12-08 22:57
Heywood, Heywood, Heywood.

Stop holding it in man. Tell us what you really think! :lol:
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