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Gary Sinise to Continue Long March

25 March 2009

Gary has been supporting troops for more than two decades not just in word, but in a long stream of deeds.  Our troops post his photos on headquarters walls in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I recall during the darkest days of the Iraq war, Gary Sinise and Laura Hillebrand were helping big-hearted American donors to send millions of dollars worth of supplies to Iraqi kids.  During stints between the war, I even flew out to Kansas City just to visit the warehouse of Operation Iraqi Children, and there were pallets upon pallets of those same supplies that I had been seeing soldiers distribute to smiling Iraqi kids.  Americans at home were a big part of relieving the plight of those children, and helping turn the war around, and Gary and Laura were important “go betweens.”

And Gary continues his quest to help the troops.  He continues a global journey to entertain troops who are away from loved ones, often traveling into the wars, or in bases around the world.  I asked Gary yesterday to send his upcoming schedule of his “Lt. Dan Band.”  Even I had no idea how busy he stays.

The band website is: www.ltdanband.com

But only the public gigs are listed there.  Not the base shows.  So I asked Gary for some of the base shows and he sent this:

29 Palms March 28th.
Ft Riley May 8.
Ft Leavenworth May 9.
Ft Campbell May 21.
Co Host National Day Concert in  DC May 24.
Great Lakes Naval Base July 17.
Rockin For the Troops Cantigny Park Wheaton Illinois July 18th.
Disabled America Veterans National Convention August 23.
Honor Run for the troops September 5th.
Concert at Cannery Casion Las Vegas for Nellis Air Force base on September 6th.
USO Illinois Gala October 27th.
Snowball Express in Dallas December 5.

Summer USO tour
Sinise alone to Afghanistan June 14 -June 20.
Band tour to Korea/Okinawa June 21 - July 5th.

That's some of it brother.

Great Americans at Work and Play!

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