FYI: Paperwork for Afghanistan Media Embed

17 November 2009

There has been much curiosity about the procedures involved during the embed process.  The process is constantly changing, and is different for Iraq than for Afghanistan.  A Philippines embed is different still, and requires embassy approval because, am told, the State department is worried about what one might say.  In Afghanistan, the process with the British and Lithuanians also varies.  The process can be dramatically different for powerful media outlets, who often come in on "junkets."  In Iraq, in 2005, saw CNN have two helicopters dedicated to it for a day in Diyala Province.  (I went with them.)

The process can be simple and easy, or very complicated.  For instance, I was recently asked to go to Iraq and agreed.  That got bogged somewhere so Iraq is out unless I go alone, which will probably do in 2010.  There is no standard.

As of today, this is the first set of paperwork for Afghanistan.  Minutes ago, I completed and emailed these forms to Afghanistan for an embed with the Stryker Brigade.  Looking forward to getting back with the infantry:


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