Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard Vigilante


My previous publisher (I fired him) has been accused of fraud for not delivering large numbers of "Iraq: Inside the Inferno" that customers paid for. We are still having major problems with Vigilante. My apologies. This has been a tragedy for the book. If you paid for a book and did not receive it, please send proof of purchase to Karen Kraft at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vigilante might sue me for saying this. If so, we will make a long series of stories about the case and how it unfolded, and how it unfolds. Should make for an interesting series.


+5 # The Face of FraudFThomas 2012-08-10 03:52
Unfortunately, there are those out there that simply don't deliver on what would seem the simplest of things. All those that did get cheated by failure of Mr. Vigilante to deliver can also contest the charges on the credit or debit card. That will result in numerous chargebacks against the publishers merchant account and they are likely to lose his merchant account with Visa/MasterCard and be black listed and not be able to ever get one under his name or the company.
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+2 # I Got MineJohn Holmes 2012-08-10 04:22
Thanks. I got mine right on time. Maybe I was lucky because I pre-ordered mine the day I learned of it.
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+2 # RE: Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard VigilantePaul Abat 2012-08-10 11:30
I pre-ordered and never got mine. Was so long ago that I had forgotten about it. I need a date for the pre-order period so that I can find a credit card record.

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+1 # Got itbobhankinson 2012-08-10 13:18
I got mine. Happy!
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+1 # Print ProblemsJoe Lesue 2012-08-10 14:02
I got mine, too, and I love it. BUT, there is blurred print and photos on pp. 194 and 199. I contacted Karen, even sending pictures of the pages, but never heard back. I'm wondering if she contacted the publisher and expected them to replace it or something. Not sure I would want to give up my personally signed copy, though. Too bad the project has so many problems, I mean, between the publisher and Soldier's Angels. Now, I would like to know what the soldiers on page 203 actually do. The one on the left is particularly impressive. ;-)
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+1 # got itpeter 2012-08-10 14:15
Michael, I am sorry for this complication. I did get my book, and have no problems with it, although it was delayed. It must be hard to be a journalist, and an administrator all at once. I would hate having to do a little gritty details to keep a business going. Just let me practice medicine!
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+1 # RE: Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard VigilantePenn Hudson 2012-08-10 15:00
I received the book a while back #2128 but I did have to call a couple of times. No problems other than the wait.
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+1 # Receivedj d hall 2012-08-10 17:26
Received your signed copy 3819/10000. It arrived promptly
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+1 # RE: Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard VigilantePete 2012-08-10 17:43
Ordered my book early on. Got it in a reasonable length of time, but when delivered, the box was torn and empty. Filed the usual report to the Post Office, they didn't offer much hope that the book would be found. Sent pictures of the box to Karen, got a new, signed book quickly. Karen has been great throughout - she's a keeper!
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# RE: RE: Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard VigilanteLinda 2012-08-14 23:38
Same here. Torn empty box. Karen was outstanding and prompt, however, I was referred to the publisher with no response. Talked to Karen again and she very promptly replaced the book. Based on how my box looked it was NOT the postal service it looked like the book had never even been placed inside the first place. Mike glad you fired him. Loved the book and Karen is a keeper. She stays on top of things and works her butt off.
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+1 # RE: Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard VigilanteE. T. Page 2012-08-10 19:47
FYI, I ordered a pre-publication signed edition and have not received it. I hope I can find the receipt.
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# SorryLonnie McCarron 2012-08-11 19:15
Sorry you are dealing with this nonsense.
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# Received copy but unsignedJon White 2012-08-12 02:16
Mike, I got my pre ordered copy but was unsigned, which was a bit annoying as some of the comments involved my units in 19 Lt Bde on some of the ops you mention. As we also met a couple of times in BAS so you are the only published author who I like!

Keep up the good work and remember the boys on the ground know you tell the truth. Crack on. Jon
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# Books ReceivedRoland Whitridge 2012-08-14 21:00
I preordered four copies of Inside the Inferno for my three sons (one of whom served two tours in Iraq with the USMC) and me. All were received after considerable delay in time for Christmas. I had done the same earlier with Moment of Truth.

Inside the Inferno came with a certificate of thanks for the support of Soldiers Angels and its mission that was enabled by your effort. I have never seen a report of how much you raised for Soldiers Angels, but I am sure that the favorable publicity was even more important than the cash. I admire your courage in acknowledging your change of heart after having been such a strong supporter. Keep reporting the truth as you see it. We appreciate your outstanding work.

I am sorry that Soldiers Angels and Richard Vigilante Books have not lived up to your expectations and ours.
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