FBR Report: A Better Life, American Children Speak for the Kachin of Burma

01 July 2013

Free Burma Rangers

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+3 # Barney BrennerBarney Brenner 2013-07-01 14:06
The failure of the administration and the press to stand up for and inform us about those most persecuted and in need around the world is infuriating. The plight of Christians in the Muslim world is another tragic example.

Many thanks to Michael for exposing almost singlehandedly what our government and an entire industry choose to ignore.
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-3 # Child EndangermentSunTzu 2013-07-01 15:46
Although I sympathize with the plight of these and their
living conditions, I have grave concerns about the the menatality of the parents who are using these children as propaganda tools and endangering thier health and safety by bringg to a disease ridden filthey war torn region of the world. :sad:

What kind of brain dead psychosis would inure a parent to do such a thing : :eek:

If you did this in this country you would be arrested and jailed for child abuse and child endangerment, etc.!! :-?

Bringing innocent children to a shit hole like this is bad enough but to then use them for this kind of tear jerking agitprop rhetoric and propaganda is despicable no matter what the circumstances!!
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# SunTzu lost in spacejtytla 2013-07-05 12:57
At least they didn't use a teleprompter like obama would. Pretty sad you don't hear about this except from Michael Yon. What type of parent would do such a thing? a desperate one. SO keep innocent children ignorant of what is happening in the real world is what you suggest.... I guess that is what breeds liberals with no clue of reality.
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+1 # SunTzu Opposite ViewMichael Yon author 2013-07-01 16:08
That is interesting. As I watched the video I took the opposite view, wishing I had the chance to grow up seeing the world like that.
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# RE: FBR Report: A Better Life, American Children Speak for the Kachin of BurmaTraci 2013-07-01 18:00
What insightful, compassionate children!! They have more depth than many adults due to ignorance and lack of life experience...in my opinion...to see there love and compassion makes me so proud the be an American... Thankyou FBR for the difference you are making and allowing us the opportunity to help....thank you Michael for sharing this video...
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# RE: FBR Report: A Better Life, American Children Speak for the Kachin of BurmaTraci 2013-07-01 18:04
Oops... *their
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+3 # AmazingDavid Pizzo 2013-07-01 19:56
These kids are clearly some of the most mature and caring kids I have seen in a long time. SunTzu, I cannot believe how uncaring and self centered you are. What about the kids that grew up there? Are their lives worth nothing. These American kids are amazing and what I hope my kids will grow up like. So many kids these days in America live in comfort and safety yet are spoiled brats concerned with nothing other than themselves. Propaganda for what? Say they care about other people? I know a few of the people helping the Free Burma Rangers and they are the best people in the world. The world becomes a bad place when people like you get the upper hand. Michael Thanks for sharing this, it was inspiring and great to hear and see.
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