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Experienced Camera Gear for Sale

11 January 2012

Many folks have asked me about selling camera gear.  I’m starting to offload some glass.  These four Canon lenses have all been used downrange either in Iraq, Afghanistan, or both, and probably in many other countries.  This gear is in great condition.  Many of my published photos were made through this glass.

The four lenses are on eBay and bidding starts at 50% off new price.

50mm F/1.2L USM (Start bid 768.50)

This is an incredible lens.  Many of my best shots came from this glass.  Excellent for low light.  Very sharp.  I love this lens but have three.  (Two if someone buys this.)

Canon EF 16 mm - 35 mm F/2.8 USM II Lens (Start bid 759.50)

Another excellent lens: I have this range covered.

Canon EF Macro 100 mm F/2.8 USM Lens (Starting bid: $212.00)

This lens is okay.  Very sharp, but the lack of IS (Image Stabilization) on a Macro makes usage difficult in handheld mode.  I got the newer version with IS.  If you have a tripod, this is great. If you are going to shoot macro handheld, don’t buy this.

Canon EF 24 mm - 70 mm F/2.8L USM Lens (Start bid: $671.09)

Another incredible lens, but I have two and no longer need the back up.  This is a favorite among pros.


# ???benjamin 2012-01-16 03:28
What is that setup you use for the lowlight pictures that show up as if they were taken during the day but the sky is a nice blue color and you can see the stars. Like the pictures in the Afterwar dispatch
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# Many setupsMichael Yon author 2012-01-20 00:57

I use all sorts of lenses. The 50mm f1.2 is particularly good for low light, though.
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# www.bryanfarrell.co.ukBryan 2012-01-16 20:30
I use all these regally with the exception of the 50mm i have the 1.4 and love it would love the 1.2 and i'm on the look out for a nice 16-35 but just after christmas it's a difficult call, maybe i'll just keep an eye on them.....
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+1 # RE: Experienced Camera Gear for SaleBryan 2012-01-16 20:32
i'm so used to the 3rd field being web site i didn't even read it and put my web site in :-*
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