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Dear Mexico: Stop Whining

03 April 2009

Speaking not as a writer, but only as an American citizen, there are a few “irritants” as one learns more about the AmMex drug/criminal war.  Firstly, there seems little doubt that many guns are coming from the United States.  And so on this issue, the United States seems to be taking most of the blame.  Okay, got it, though the main points remain in dispute at this time.  Yet when we switch the subject to drugs, suddenly the United States is also to blame because we are the big user.

Does Mexico accept any responsibility, or will it play victim?  Playing hapless victim will only go so far.  Hearts will turn cold and grow hard.


# Hanna 2009-04-03 06:23
I heard today on FOX that they have changed their minds about the number of arms going into Mexico from the US. Now they are saying it is only 17%.
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# Cecil Trotter 2009-04-03 11:32
Can't you admit you were wrong?

There aren't "many guns" coming from the US, the 90% figure is a myth and you've admitted as much in a previous post showing the figure to be much less.
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# Butch 2009-04-03 13:32
Do you even read the comments being sent here???? Get off the gun bit with Mexico! You of all people should be able to Google up the facts and research them further if you feel the need. Your lack of an honest assessment of our southern border is beginning to make me wonder as to your thought process for judging the rest of the world. Get with it Michael. Your better then this crap.
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# bob 2009-04-03 14:00
I for one am thankful that you are not afraid to cover this issue. I think what your journalist radar is picking up on is all the inconsistancies in the reporting on both sides. I love that you told it here first before fox and before NPR and so started people fact checking the gov't AND the motivations of both sides. We need to be skeptical and I actually learned alot from the readers too.
Keep it up.
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# Peter 2009-04-03 18:12
I've read lots of your stuff regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. Your writing was given an extra endorsement due to regular mention over at Instapundit. I relied on you to tell a different story than what I got in the papers, since I could not go there and verify things for myself.

Now we come to a subject that I *do* know something about, and I find that you have uncritically parrotted nonsense from others. When challenged, you whined about it, and distorted the tone of that response. And what is worse, now that that claim of 90% has been debunked, here you are still trying to sell that meme. You might think that replacing the "90%" with "many" is a change, but I'm not buying what you're selling.

It'll be awhile before I click on another one of Glenn's links to you.
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# Rick 2009-04-04 07:41
Very few guns are manufactured in the United States now. The AK-47 clones and other small tactical arms are much more, if sometimes illegally, available from foreign countries. In the '70's I was a part of multi-agency, multi-country attempt to interdict and prosecute the marijuana, arms, heroin circuit of trade which went from Northern California (marijuana) to Canada (which facilitated the trade in arms despite the ban on their availability) to SE Asia for heroin/opium to Southern California. Compare the lenth of the US/Mexico border versus Mexico's coast line. A small or even pretty good sized craft could put in almost any beach or small port. The supply for the precursers for Meth from China is completely unimpaired. Guns? No problem, senor.
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