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Crash of the MiG


14 November 2013
Written by: Abou Ebraheem
Translation to Arabic: Suhaib Ghoutani

MiG jets bomb my city between five to ten times every day taking the lives of scores of innocent people.

About two months ago, a jet fly over my city for its normal morning bombing.  The MiG flew over the city in circles in what looked like maneuvers to destroy the Seyasieh Bridge, the only link between the city and the countryside.

I was sitting with some of my friends in front of my house, and we heard the roar of the MiG. In fear of the bombing, everyone in the neighborhood ran for shelter in places they thought were safe.

As a media activist in the revolution, I jokingly said to my friends, "I am going up to the roof to shoot down a jet with my camera". They laughed at me. I rushed up to find a spot where I can shoot the jet and document the bombing, hoping the whole world would see what the regime forces do.

The jet kept orbiting the town and maneuvering in the sky for more than twenty-three minutes and I was following it around with my handy-cam. Out of a sudden, the MiG fell down and hit the ground causing a huge explosion.  It was not shot down it just fell from the sky like a stone.


I was so happy it fell down I shouted "Allahu Akbar!", and I called on my friends to see the jet falling down. My friends ran out of the shelters thanking God and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" with me. As I always do, I placed the video on my YouTube channel.

Just days after that, I found a video of the American Fox News that shows a discussion between the host and his guest Senator John McCain on the video I shot for documentation.

The host called me an extremist and terrorist just because I said "Allahu Akbar" when the jet fell down, while Senator McCain considered my reaction normal as I was only thanking God and I thank Senator McCain for understanding better how we talk.  I have no bad feelings for Fox, only to say if your football team wins a game you would say Allahu Akbar.  It does not mean we are on a holy war, though yes terrorists will also say Allahu Akbar when they attack us.

I wonder today, after two years of bombing my city by the regime, why did not the host call the pilot a terrorist when he had killed civilians and destroyed schools, hospitals, and homes.

At least one jet will never bomb us again, and for that I thank God.

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