Congressman John Murtha

19 March 2009

Gabriel Ledeen spent two tours as a Marine lieutenant in Iraq.  And so when an email comes in from Gabe, it grabs my attention.

Gabe sent this today:


Congressman John Murtha was recently awarded the Department of the Navy's highest public service award for non-employees by the Secretary of the Navy.  This is an outrage.  As you probably know, John Murtha has been the worst of a bad lot in Congress who exploited those serving in combat for political purposes.  He was the most outspoken member of Congress in aggressively attacking Marines as "cold blooded killers" who "murdered women and children" after the Haditha incident in November, 2005, BEFORE AN INVESTIGATION WAS EVEN CONDUCTED.  In fact, he slandered the Marines to such an extent, and with such disregard for the truth, that one of them sued him for libel (rumor says there's another libel suit to come soon).  It is inconceivable that the Secretary of the Navy would give such an award to such a man, yet it happened not two weeks ago with muted response.  I have created an online petition to express our outrage and disgust and I'm asking you to join me in signing it.  Please use the link below to visit the petition and sign it; it will take less than two minutes.  Additionally, please send it on to everyone you know who cares about the reputation of our active duty military and combat veterans, we can't allow this to pass by unnoticed.  Once we receive enough signatures, it will be noticed.  It is essential that you forward on the link to others, it's the only way this will generate momentum.  Please take a few minutes to make sure that this petition doesn't stop with you.

Fight Back

Semper Fi

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# BlueJammy 2009-03-19 13:36
Murtha is a depsicable person. I have signed this and forwarded it on to others whom I know. What a disgrace that he would even be considered for this. Smells like a political move to me.
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# mwong 2009-03-19 16:42
Such a disgrace. Is the Secretary of the Navy in Murtha's pocket or kissing up royally and acquiring points for future employment. No shame!
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# Alan Johnson 2009-03-20 01:27
How can this award be justified from his actions? What has he done that even suggests that he is eligible for this type of honor? It is a disgrace and a sham(e), plain and simple.
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# VACRNA 2009-03-20 02:42
I do not feel it was an easy task for Mr. Murtha to come forth and question the incident at Haditha. It is interesting to note that Haditha compelled the military to take a closer look at its strategy in Iraq. Indeed with Mr. Murtha's help it may have been the genesis for a plan that helped turn the tide there. I for one will not be so quick to deny a man recognition for rowing against such a formidable tide and in so doing aide our miilitary to reexamine how it had to fight to change the course in Iraq.
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# JJ 2009-03-20 10:06
Wholeheartedly agree with VACRNA, especially when put into context by reading Thomas E Ricks' excellent latest book "The Gamble". This puts the Haditha incident into a clear chain of events that lead to a complete sea change in the military's intervention in Iraq.
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# Tom Lefebvre 2009-03-20 15:37
Hold my fire? I can't. It isn't that the military wasn't "compelled" to do something with the Haditha incident. If Murtha had not been so judgmental, the military would have STILL done reexamined their mission. It's what Murtha said that injures. He was disrespectful, judgmental, and completely without remorse for being so despicable. And he was wrong in his denouncement of innocent warriors. "Turning the tide" had nothing to do with Murtha - pissing off so many other Marines over something that hasn't resulted in one indictment or conviction is wrong. Murtha couldn't be more out of touch - and playing party politics in a time of war just put him in the same backward logic with Pelosi and Reid.

Did I say yet that Murtha was wrong?

I signed the petition and sent it to everyone I know.
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# Percy Lee 2009-03-21 20:44
Things like this makes you realize how our country, it's leaders and the people they choose
to honor have made us further realize our country has gone to hell in a hand basket He deserves this honor about as much as Porky Pig.Shame on the Department of the Navy
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# Maj. General Hal Vincent USMC Retd. 2009-03-22 01:31
This congressman should not be given anything but a swift kick in the rear and retirement. He sure does not pack the gear to downgrade our Marines.
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# Howard E. Morseburg 2009-05-08 06:26
This beefy red-faced P.O.S. has had the temerity to squander tens of millions on an Airport named after him, with three regular flights out a day. This is where your money goes, his earmarks, to benefit but a few by stealing your tax dollars.
Look it up. It will make you want to puke.
He's one who should be brought up on charges, but unfortunately it will never happen.
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# Joseph M. Earley, Jr. 2009-06-06 18:49
This is the most ridiculous abuse of an award that I have ever seen! Could it have been in exchange for his promise to cease his treasonous allegations? I have not been able to find what specifics could be included as justification for that Public Service Award, but I can't imagine what it might have been for.

The Secretary of the Navy must have been high on something to have presented it to Murtha. That act has certainly cheapened that award in the eyes of patriots. Murtha should have been censured for the damage he has done to the USA.
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