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Commandos for Jesus (Article: Foreign Policy)

Kachin-1000New FBR teams listening to IDPs tell their story

27 September 2012

“Meet the former Green Berets delivering aid to some of the most blighted corners of Burma, and saving souls along the way.”


To understand the response below, it is necessary to read the article Commandos for Jesus above.

Free Burma Rangers is famous for providing aid to ethnic groups in Burma who have resisted the government. By all accounts that I have heard, and from what I have seen, FBR is a serious organization.

The Leader of the Rangers provided me this response and clarification to the Foreign Policy article:

Response to the Foreign Policy article. I would like to clarify a few issues.

1) I (called Doug in the article) am the leader of the Free Burma rangers and am follower of Jesus. I am not a very good follower but one who loves Jesus and am grateful for all He does for me. Most of the leadership of FBR is also Christian but we are open to all people who want to serve their people. We have people from many and no religion on our teams. We have never called ourselves nor think of ourselves as ‘commandos for Jesus’. This is to us, silly and inaccurate.

2) Most of FBR is not armed and we have no program to arm teams. Our role is humanitarian and not to fight the Burma army. At the same time we are not pacifists and the teams can defend themselves and the people they are helping if under attack. How they do that tis up to them. The rangers can carry arms if they can get them. Most cannot and so go on the missions unarmed. One of our rules is that whether you are armed or not, you can not to run if the people cannot run. You must stay with them.

The values we try to help each other live are:

1. Help the people get the news out
2. Do not be led by comfort or fear
3. When afraid, ask for love and go in power of that love
4. Lead by example; lead from the front; people depend on you
5. Always be prepared
6. Pray, think, act
7. Do the best thing even when difficult
8. Be humble; ask for forgiveness
9. Tell the truth at all cost
10.When people are in danger, stay with them
11.Pray for your enemies
12. Respect the local way
13.Open, transparent and welcoming to all
14. Fitness for your part of the mission
15. Work as a team
16. Develop people to be all they can be
17. Never give up

The FBR has met with members of the new Burma government and we are hoping to develop a relationship with them in support of positive change in Burma. At the same time we continue our mission of help, hope and love and standing with oppressed.

Thank you and God bless you, the Free Burma Rangers

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