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07 April 2009

War correspondent Matt Sanchez emailed saying he authored this FOX story.

Mr. Sanchez also wrote:

"You're looking at this from a rational, dispassionate, journalistic point of view--that's a mistake.  I wrote that article on Mexico and I had one side calling me a traitor (Sanchez denouncing Mexico) another side claiming I was slandering gun dealers and insisting I was a New York liberal.  You just can't win in this one.  Stick to the facts."

Now that is classic!  Matt Sanchez, traitor and New York liberal.  (Not in his current incarnation.)

This bio describes Mr. Sanchez more accurately:

"Matt Sanchez is a journalist and war correspondent who writes on military and technology issues for Foxnews.com.  Matt has traveled extensively throughout both Iraq and Afghanistan and has embedded with over 50 military units including the Iraqi and Afghan armies.  A former Marine, Sanchez is one of a handful of journalist embeds who has served in the military.  Sanchez was credited with debunking the Baghdad Diarist, Scott Beauchamp. Matt Sanchez currently appears in the French language program Kiosque,  and is a frequent contributor to the Foxnews Strategy Room."


[Correction Notice: The link in this story was incorrectly linked to a different article. Link corrected 10 April 2009.]

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