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Censoring Afghanistan


04 September 2011
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

A message came today that a certain General has told me to unpublish "Battlefield Forensics."  “Battlefield Forensics” was first published on 18 August 2011.

This dispatch violates no policies.  It has cleared all OPSEC hurdles.  Again today an officer told me there are no OPSEC issues with any of my dispatches.  OPSEC refers to Operational Security.

Unless the General contacts me directly with justifiable cause, Battlefield Forensics will stay. It would be sad to end this way an embed that began at invitation of General Petraeus.  It would most likely be my final embed with the US Army.  The good news is that I will finish with both legs.

If the military decides to end my embed, as it did last year, the Army will not end my coverage of the war.  They will merely lose the opportunity to be seen through my lens and heard through my pen.  I will no longer have the opportunity to tell their side of the war.

There will be backlash against me.  There always is.  Typically they will wait until later to put some distance between events.

Please read Battlefield Forensics.

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