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Brothers at War -- Screenings

31 March 2009

Gary Sinise has gotten personally involved with helping to promote this movie.  I am in Asia (Thailand/Singapore/Laos/Malaysia) and have not yet seen it, but the reviews are outstanding.  I spoke at length yesterday with the Director/Producer Jake Rademacher, and I asked Mr. Rademacher to send a schedule of film screenings. 

Mr. Rademacher sent the following:
Friends of Brothers at War:
Two days ago, I had the deep honor and privilege of being in the presence of 38 Medal Honor Recipients at Arlington National Cemetery as they and President Obama placed a wreath around the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to celebrate Medal of Honor day.  Next to the Commander and Chief was John Finn on of the oldest living recipients who ran out to the middle of an airfield to man a 50 cal and shoot down Japanese Zero’s at Pearl Harbor.  As the stories of these men and their deeds of valor swirled in my head, I thought, these are our greatest athletes, our warriors, our heroes, those who placed the lives of others above their own at great personal risk and sacrifice… I do not have the words to convey what it means to stand and talk with so many examples of the best in all of us.
As many of you may know, I have been traveling around the country to visit the locations where Brothers at War is playing.  Some of these visits have been planned, others a surprise.
This weekend and the next will be the equivalent of the surge for Brothers at War.  


Columbus, GA (near Fort Benning), Carmike 15 - Carmike
Fayetteville, NC (near Fort Bragg), Carmike 12 - Carmike
Arlington, VA AMC Shirlington - AMC
Chicago, IL, AMC Loews Pipers Alley 4 - AMC
Warrenville, IL (Illinois National Guard) AMC Cantera 30 - AMC
Akron (Ohio National Guard), Regal Interstate Park 18 - Regal Cinemas
Cleveland Heights (Ohio National Guard), Cedar Lee Cinema
Dayton (near Wright-Patterson AFB, US Air Force), Regal Hollywood 20 - Fairfield Commons - Regal Cinemas
Savannah, GA (near Fort Stewart, US Army), Coming Soon
Killeen, TX (near Fort Hood), Hollywood Stadium 14 - Hollywood Theaters
San Antonio, TX - Bijou at the Crossroads - Santikos
Decatur, IL Carmike Hickory Pointe 12 - Carmike
Lakewood, WA (near Fort Lewis), AMC 12 - AMC
Oceanside, CA (near Camp Pendleton) Regal Oceanside 16 - Regal Cinemas
Monterey, CA (near Presidio of Monterrey, DOD), Osio Cinema

Shreveport, LA (near Barksdale AFB, US Air Force) Cinemark Tinseltown 17 - Cinemark
Clarksville, TN (near Fort Campbell, US Army) Carmike Governor's Square 10 - Carmike
Hampton, VA (near Langley AFB, US Air Force), AMC Hampton Towne Center 24 - AMC
Newport News, VA (near Fort Eustis, US Army), AMC Kiln Creek 20 - AMC
Colorado Springs, CO Cinemark Carefree Circle - Cinemark
El Paso, TX Carmike 16 - Carmike
Augusta (near Fort Gordon, US Army) Regal Augusta Exchange - Regal Cinemas

Please send out the trailer today to friends, family, church leaders, co-workers, and especially military members/families to get discussion going as well as excitement. The trailer is found at:  http://www.brothersatwarmovie.com. Arriving at that location, the trailer will automatically begin loading.

The opening weekend of a film is the most important.  Filling the theaters on opening weekend enables theaters to keep the film for further weekends, allowing even more people the opportunity to see this important documentary that celebrates the courage of our soldiers.  If you have seen Brothers at War consider going a second time with a group of friends.

If Brothers at War is not coming to your town, please take a look at the Task Force Commander Packet on the website.  Across the nation, Task Forces are being formed to bring Brothers at War to town, and Elizabeth who was able to help over 100 communities bring Fireproof to their communities is working with these new task forces. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The honest storytelling of “Brothers At War” has received praise from war fighters, veterans, military families, Hollywood celebrities, and now Medal of Honor recipients. Join them by supporting this film which gives a true depiction of our nation’s warriors and their families.

After the Medal of Honor Society’s closing ceremony, Col. Jack Jacobs expressed his feelings about Brothers at War to some of his friends and fellow recipients.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life that something I had done with the help of such an excellent team would draw praise from such an individual.

Next to you or down the aisle this weekend, there just may be a Medal of Honor recipient.

Thank you for your support of Brothers at War, our military families, and our warriors.  Thank you for helping me to tell their truth.
God Bless you all.  God Bless our Nation’s warriors and their families.
Jake Rademacher
Brothers at War

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