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British Operations in Helmand Afghanistan

13 September 2008
The Small Wars Journal is an excellent resource.
Dr. Daniel Marston has a good piece up about the area of Afghanistan I am currently in.  Dr. Marston's words reflect the reality I am seeing.


British Operations in Helmand Afghanistan
by Dr. Daniel Marston, Small Wars Journal

I'm going to try to provide an overview of British operations, called HERRICK, in Helmand (HLD) province, Afghanistan, over the last couple of years. The situation in southern Afghanistan (RC South) is widely considered to be worsening, with the Taliban controlling entire districts and launching major attacks. The British, along with the rest of our allies, have faced heavy criticism for their prosecution of the war in the south. I will look at how the British have adapted to changing conditions, and their understanding and application of COIN principles. My assessment is not official in any way, and any errors of fact or interpretation are purely mine. This assessment is drawn from the many conversations which I have been privileged to have with commanders from brigadier down to platoon level on all British operations, as well as from field reports and visits with units.

Click here to view "British Operations in Helmand Afghanistan" (PDF Article)


# Andrew Root 2008-09-15 05:28
I've been a Surveyor for 22 years here in the Eastern U.S. and mostly concerned with construction projects so I reckon I am somewhat familiar with the challenges these fellows face daily ( largest lift I witnessed was 70,000 lbs. ). But I must say I absolutely cannot imagine doing my job properly under fire !

I am entirely awe'd and humbled by their accomplishments . I've always said that anyone that says something cannot be done, just DOES NOT WANT TO DO IT ... yet I would've thought the notion of moving 220 tons of equipment through that environment on their timetable as boderline insanity on the best of days let alone under fire !!

words fail me
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# Joseph J. Smith Jr. 2008-09-21 23:13
Thank you for bringing us the truth. May God Bless and Keep you safe and savvy.
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