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Blowing up railway bridges in Virginia

04 November 2012
Written by: Roger Davies
Standing Well Back

I've found more fascinating US civil war stuff on IEDs.  General Herman Haupt was a Union general and engineer with specific responsibilities for both repairing and destroying railways as the operational circumstances demanded.  His reminiscences can be found in  Here's a description he makes of how to make and place an IED, (a torpedo, in the parlance of the time) and a picture of the said IED.




Here's another interesting extract:




+1 # SS Sultana and coal torpedoPeter in MN 2012-11-05 18:54
Michael, the SS Sultana blew up in April 21, 1865, presumably from a bad boiler. About 1400 soldiers lost their lives, still the largest US maritime caualty. A confederate agent made a death bed confession in 1888, saying he placed a coal torpedo in the coal being loaded on board the paddle wheeler!
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