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Beautiful Combat Camera on Auction

The Canon Mark III 1ds is one of the finest cameras in the world.  Mine has seen combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and has been used around the world from Nepal, to the Philippines and elsewhere.  The photos from this Mark III 1ds have appeared in my two most recent books, and countless other places.  

These bodies still go for about $7,000 brand new.  Though this body has seen much combat, the camera is in perfect operating condition.  This fantastic machine is rugged.  It has photographed al Qaeda, Taliban and US and British forces in two wars, and come back ready for more.  It has photographed some of the thought-shapers of this generation, such as General Petraeus, and also Sherpas near Mt. Everest, and former guerrillas in the Philippines.

It is with heavy heart that I want to sell this camera to buy two more cameras.  In 2012, Canon will introduce a newer model with fewer megapixels, but it should work better in low light.  If I decide to cover the Mexico issue, low light shooting will be of great value.  The total price of the two new cameras, along with GPS and an IR modification to one, will be about $15,000.

I am in hopes that a buyer will see the potential historical value of this camera, and the great value in bringing two new workhorses in the stable.  And so with that in mind, I am starting the bidding at $10,000.

Thank you for your consideration.


Click here to see auction.

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