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Attempted Fraud Using Ebay and PayPal names

img001-1000Scam Packing slip

05 April 2012

Monday I listed some camera gear for sale on Ebay.  Starting bid was $7,000, but for $7,700 a buyer could take everything immediately.  Soon after came a closing sale from the United Kingdom.

The "sale" "went through" immediately for $7,700, and the buyer took it upon himself or herself to tack on another $170 for immediate shipment to Lagos, Nigeria.

The supposed buyer messaged:


But checking with Ebay, no funds arrived.  We alerted Ebay.

Subsequent the sham packing slip above, came the fraudulent email below:


A glance at the email address reveals that the message had not come from PayPal. There were no pending payments in my account.  We alerted PayPal.


Maybe this was an honest fraud attempt from Nigeria, or it was a dishonest fraud attempt where someone tried to trick us into shipping camera gear to Nigeria.  (Milkooks sometimes hit me with frauds.  One even posed as a dead Soldier.)

In any case, it did not work, and the gear is still for sale.

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