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December 2008
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The Art of the End of War

The Artof theEnd of War Published: 01 December 2008Zabul Province, Afghanistan(Travel from Iraq to Afghanistan, and needless bureaucratic delays, nearly killed this dispatch.  Though many photos ... read more..


Joseph L. Galloway: The Times drags an honorable soldier through the mud

Published: 04 December 2008 McClatchy Newspapers This week, I'm writing in defense of an old friend, retired Army Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, who was dragged through the mud this week in a 5,000-word ... read more..


Irregular Warfare - JOC

04 December 2008 The following document will have vast consequences for our national defence: read more..



Afghanistan: The War Grows

Published: 08 December 2008 Zabul Province, AfghanistanWhile Americans sleep tight in their beds, this time of year U.S. soldiers sit shivering through the frigid, crystal clear nights at remote outpo... read more..


Sniff Test

Published: 09 December 2008Here is a rare and curious thing: an antique British [WB-57] bomber flying over Afghan skies. These planes flew in the 1950s and 60s, performing top of the atmosphere reconn... read more..


Dumb Signs

Published: 14 December 2008 Soldiers and their humor: living at the edge of civilization requires a highly developed sense of irony. Dumb signs all over Iraq and Afghanistan are always good for a chuc... read more..

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