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October 2008
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Some days ago I visited the bazaar at Jalalabad, and took a bunch of colorful photographs and met many friendly people.  Walking through Jalalabad, one could almost forget there was a war.  ... read more..


Life Before Death

Published: 6 October 2008From four Provinces, AfghanistanI left embed with British forces in Kandahar, and flew to Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand Province.  Helmand is the biggest opium source of the... read more..


The Road to Hell

The Wilds, Afghanistan Since leaving the British embed, I’ve gone unilateral.  I flew back and forth between Kandahar and Lashkar Gah, drove around and talked with people down south, then flew up to K... read more..


Jurassic Trailer Park

Road from Kabul to Jalalabad20 October 2008 Afghanistan is like time traveling.  Vast expanses of rugged landscape, mostly unadorned by man-made structures, all framed by stories of savagery and... read more..

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