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Fighting in Basra reported by Xinhua

I've read Xinhua reports about Iraq since 2005.  Often they are first to report news, and Xinhua always has been accurate when reporting items about which I have firsthand knowledge. ... read more..


What the FBI has been up to

On Friday, dozens of FBI agents and support professionals at our Headquarters in Washington lined up to give blood to the brave men and women of our nation’s military—the first time that the U.S. Arme... read more..


Holy Brothel

On March 2, an American Special Forces team along with Iraqi SWAT (ISWAT) moved on a terrorist cell near Tal Afar. There was specific intelligence that this cell had conducted assassinations and other... read more..


Color of War

Desolate BattlesWestern Nineveh Province, IraqDesert Battles are unfolding in hidden and faraway places. Bullets snapp through air, then splap through flesh and men fall. Bodies crumple onto the des read more..


Heroic Marine Throws Himself on Grenade

"My reaction was, 'My God this can't be real'," said Cpl Lesley. "Croucher had simply lain back and used his day sack to blunt the force of the explosion. You would expect nine out of 10 people to d read more..


Counterinsurgency: Predictions and Prescriptions

Yon also predicted that al Qaeda in Iraq “will no longer exist as a strategic component in this war” by the end of this summer. “Reconciliation,” he said, is now the “proximate challenge” that Petra read more..


General McCaffrey testimony for the Senate Foreign Relations Hearing on 2 April 2008.

For a pdf version of General McCaffrey's testimony for the Senate Foreign Relations Hearing on 2 April 2008 Click Here.... read more..


The Basra Model

The outcome of the Battle of Basra is still unclear. But as things stabilize in that critical city—the southern gateway to Iraq's oil wealth—Basra may well turn out to be Prime Minister Nuri al-Mali read more..


Joe Galloway 02 April 2008

From Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan By Joseph L. Galloway McClatchy Newspapers MCT COLUMN 248 (04/02/2008) The fifth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq sparked many memories of the beginning... read more..


42 Kidnapped Students Rescued

Below is a press release from PAO, Camp Victory. Although the release doesn't say, it makes you wonder who else was involved in the rescue?   Multi-National Corps – IraqPublic Affairs Office, C... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq - Feedback and Downloads

  Reader Feedback and Comment Section: This section gives you the reader a place to leave your feedback on the new book, read other's comments, and to interact with other readers about Moment read more..


Downloads, Banners, and Code

PDF Handout Click Here to download the PDF "Moment of Truth in Iraq" Handout   Please help me get out the truth about what our soldiers are accomplishing in Iraq by helping to get 'Moment of... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq - Reader Comments

Moment of Truth in Iraq Feedback and Comments If you have read Michael's new book or are considering buying and reading it this is the place for you. We have set aside this page as a place for those w... read more..


My Friday Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal

Greetings, I have just landed in El Paso after my latest long trip in Iraq. (This time it was only two months.) The Wall Street Journal published my op-ed article regarding the Petraeus-Crocker testim... read more..


Call to Action

Dear friends, Our soldiers are turning defeat and disaster into victory and hope. But we could still fumble—if the American people don’t hear the truth now. There remain serious perils in Iraq and th... read more..

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