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Quick email from Borneo Island:

26 April 2009We just finished day seven of a twenty-one day tracking course.  The instruction started with a little classroom work on surveillance and deception tracking. All of the instructors and ne... read more..


Quick email from Borneo Island II:

27 April 2009We just finished day eight of tracking school.  Part of the day was spent in the hot jungle, but there is also scattered terrain here that resembles Afghanistan.  Needless to say, the Bri... read more..


Scientists Must Get to the Front

27 April 2009Now is a moment when we need the scientists on the frontlines:WHO has declared Public Health Event of International Concern; EU has encouraged Europeans to avoid travel to Mexico or US.Ca... read more..


Veterans vs. Veterans

28 April 2009A quick email from Borneo Island:Day nine of the tracking course was the most interesting so far.  We started with classroom work then headed to the field.  We spent all day in an area th... read more..


A Beautiful Track

29 April 2009 A quick email from Borneo: The fact that the United States Army has not created a large tracker-training program is a stunning failure in our combat preparations.  There is no dou... read more..


The Swamp of Death

30 April 2009Borneo IslandDay twelve on the tracking course was a smoker.  My fingers are tired from the jungle and so this email will be short.It all started with classes this morning, then we headed... read more..


Saving Lives and Winning Battles

Excellent American soldiers visit the folks who keep the Strykers coming.  And look at that!  Captain Brad Krauss and Devon Hoch on the ends.  I knew them from the fighting in Iraq and can verify that... read more..


Ledeen: Who speaks for veterans?

30 April 2009 Their reputations and interests are left undefended The Washington Times By Gabe Ledeen / Thursday, April 30, 2009 Commentary: In its second major misstep with veterans in as many m... read more..

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